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The Inept Manager Who Runs Tycoon Times Without Reading It

Profile of Not Skenoj by James McCarthy

In the world of MMA Tycoon, where success is often dictated by strategic brilliance and meticulous planning, Not Skenoj (116348) has carved out a reputation for all the wrong reasons. Known for his dismal management record and his role as the head of Tycoon Times, Not Skenoj’s biggest failing might be his blatant disregard for the very articles he’s supposed to oversee. With a historic MMA record of 301 wins, 261 losses, and 13 no-contests, Not Skenoj's career is a testament to mismanagement and missed opportunities.

A Record of Mediocrity

Not Skenoj's record reflects his struggles as a manager. With 92 wins by TKO/KO, 23 wins by submission, and 186 wins by decision, his fighters have managed some success. However, the staggering number of losses—131 by TKO/KO, 45 by submission, and 85 by decision—reveals a consistent pattern of failure. This record suggests a manager who is either unwilling or unable to adapt and improve.

The Tycoon Times Irony

Adding to the irony of his situation, Not Skenoj runs Tycoon Times, a key resource for MMA Tycoon managers filled with expert advice, strategic tips, and insights. One would expect that overseeing such a publication would give him an edge. However, Not Skenoj is infamous for not reading the articles submitted to him. This neglect not only hampers his own managerial effectiveness but also undermines the credibility of the Tycoon Times.

A Misplaced Rank

Despite his questionable performance, Not Skenoj maintains a rank of 447 out of 40,417 managers, placing him in the top 1.11%. This rank, however, is more a testament to his persistence rather than skill. His past peak rank of 14 is a distant memory, overshadowed by his current struggles and inability to capitalize on the wealth of information at his disposal.

The Bum of MMA Tycoon

Not Skenoj’s nickname as the "bum" of MMA Tycoon is well-earned. His mismanagement is not limited to his fighters but extends to his role at Tycoon Times. The fact that he oversees a publication designed to help managers succeed, yet fails to read and implement its advice, is a striking example of his incompetence.

Community Perception

Within the MMA Tycoon community, Not Skenoj is often seen as a cautionary tale. His career serves as a reminder of the importance of continual learning and adaptation. Managers look at his record and his role at Tycoon Times with a mix of disbelief and pity, recognizing the squandered potential.


Not Skenoj's tenure in MMA Tycoon and at Tycoon Times is marked by a glaring disconnect between potential and performance. His failure to read and apply the very advice he oversees is a critical flaw that defines his legacy. As he continues to manage fighters and run Tycoon Times, the community watches with a mix of amusement and frustration, knowing that his plight is largely self-inflicted.

In the end, Not Skenoj stands as a stark example of what happens when one ignores readily available resources and fails to learn from their mistakes. His story is a testament to the importance of engagement and continuous improvement in the highly competitive world of MMA Tycoon.




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