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OFC 243: Black Christmas V preview (from Cause McDubree)

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Ho, Ho, Holysheet Night! The OFC is back in Montreal on X-Mas, encouraging some of our most hardened combatants to give their opponent the beating of their lives while the rest of us dish out the lowest priced pieces of jewelry we could find at Winners or Walmart. It’s feast or famine at Ontario Fight Club’s dinner table tonight for a number of talented veterans who may not carry a lot of name value but do present a number of challenges to those looking to take them out. Let’s take a quick peek at the turkey (lookin’ good) and then who’s most likely to do the dirty deeds this evening (never dirt cheap with us). Odds courtesy OFC Official Bets.

145 lbs (-144) ‘the Versatile’ Gurney Halleck (6-5) vs (+108) Kano ‘The Kamikazi Kid’ Hokichi (6-3)

Just got my keyboard functions back with a second reboot, after finding my Enter key was calling up the Sound control panel for some strange reason, end result being we need to make this shorter if not sweeter to make the 6 pm deadline. Two very talented looking fighters facing each other in this top of the heap although recent results would tell us that hidden abilities are hiding from both of these fighters who may be too lanky to find real success in the division. Lean towards Hokichi when they’re standing with the tide turning for Halleck should they get to grappling, though neither appears to hold a significant edge in any facet of the game.

185 lbs (+108) Judge LaCrosse (4-4) vs (-144) Modes Ponens (12-7)

Another interesting dust-up provided to the paying public, with the upstart looking like a fairly shiny darkhorse to these eyes. Ponens may have a big edge if this fight goes to the mat but I’m not convinced he’ll be able to dictate that option before Judge throws the book at him. Should I be wrong on that account, it doesn’t appear his ground skills lend themselves to dominating the younger LaCrosse where he needs to. The kid should be able to weather the German’s mostly GnP storm before an opportunity presents itself to scramble back to his feet or force a referee stand-up due to a lack of effective action.

170 lbs (-163) Jay Hunter (39-28) vs (+122) ‘King of Quick Fihhts’ Rab Rehab (42-37)

Can’t say I’ve seen two ancient warriors with such extensive records go at it before and excited to see who’s got more left in the tank as we head towards a new year. I recall recruiting Rehab to Aggressive Damage ages ago and like all but the best, he was met with mixed results there before moving on and finding more of the same. Now he tries to right the ship against a similarly well rounded finisher who’s three years younger and with 20 fewer fights, much less damage taken. Hunter’s been owned by some highly regarded managers in the past so you’d think there must be something there but then you see the W/L record and wonder what that might be. As for Rehab, he doesn’t look to be as well taken care of and may take a fall as a result.

That’s a wrap on our Main events for this latest card from the New Era of Ontario Fight Club; please be sure and let King Justus know why you don’t want to take a fight in the dialogue box if/when declining. It really helps him not waste anyone’s time in future when sending out offers if you can simply say ‘not looking for high-hyped fighters yet’ or whatever the case may be. On a sidenote, some will see tough fights and while others get walk throughs in the early stages due to a shortage of available opponents but there’s an excellent chance the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction the next time, so please bear with us. We will level the divisional playing fields as the cream rises and we bolster them with new recruits.

Three more Events coming your way between now and New Year’s so hang onto your hats and enjoy the Holiday ride with your pals at OFC!


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