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OFC 244: Parlay REVIEW

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Ah, that bit between Christmas and the New Year where you don't know what day it is, who you are or what you are supposed to be doing. To help you deal, but not like a pusher, the OFC was back with another exciting night of fights which helped us move up 5 positions in the Global Rankings! Maybe it was the fact that, unlike Ronda, our fighters openly spoke with the press all week. *Shots Fired* Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!

GSP. Matt Hughes. Nick Diaz. Robbie Lawler. Last night's main eventers; Andy Barclay and Jack Patton were trying to stake their claim as one of the true Welterweight Greats like the names listed above. No Gold was on the line, but if you're headlining an OFC Event, you know you gotta be close. Patton was the superior Boxer on paper while Barclay's Muay Thai is among the best in the Division, so it was interesting to see who would get the better of the Standup. Patton had a promising start busting Barclay open with a head kick but the blood seemed to wake up the beast much like a Diego Sanchez fight. Barclay connected clean with a right hook early but Patton recovered quickly. Both men came to fight but it was clear Barclay took the 1st round, opening up Patton near the end of the round with a cut of his own.

As both men stood up from their stools for the 2nd Round, you could tell right away something was off. Barclay had a look of Hunger in his eyes while Patton seemed to have doubt in was almost like an obese competitive eater going up against a munchkin with an eating disorder at this point...or maybe I was just reading too much in to it. Either way, Patton was immediately popped by a jab followed by a Superman Punch which would make Soulja Boy proud, dropped like a bad habit. Obvious choice for Knockout of the Night and Andy Barclay now moves to 26-13-1 with his 3rd consecutive victory. The future looks bright for the 5th Beatle here in the OFC!

Our co-main event featured Featherweights; Marlo Stanfield the knockout artist and Julian Reis the submission specialist. Marlo was coming off of the biggest win of his career while Reis was looking to hijack his momentum like the premise for Speed. Marlo came out swinging but was taken down quicker than CM Punk. Doing what he does best, Reis went for an arm like an alligator lunging for someone trying to pet it. Luckily for Marlo, his defensive training began to pay for itself as he got the fight back to the feet and worked some combos. After getting cut and rocked, Reis got the fight to the floor for a moment but at this point, Marlo was too slippery and he was still too out of it. The conclusion came when Marlo bounced Reis off the cage and caught him with a leaping lead hook when he returned. Lights Out...but better than the movie.

Our Submission Performance bonus went to the Underdog feel good story of the night; Jer Bear. Now riding a 3 Fight Win Streak, he took out highly touted Luca Fietsora by way of armbar. Fights like this show just how important masterful slider settings are...Uh Oh, I think I just broke the 4th wall Deadpool style. Knowing he was at a disadvantage in the standup, from the clinch Bear actually pulled guard where he was more well versed and in his element. The risk was certainly rewarded with some extra coin and he now meets another OFC 244 award winner which I am about to highlight in the next paragraph, in what is sure to be a title eliminator fight.

Fight of the Night. A prestigious award which is often presented to those who leave it all out there as they emerge from the battlefield sporting war wounds...and sometimes a Fight of the Night lasts only a matter of seconds. Thus was the case with Heavyweights Cam Newton and Paul Daniels. Sensational Boxer versus Elite Kickboxer. After busting each other open in the opening seconds, Daniels caught Cam with a massive head kick that wobbled him before unleashing a combo of bombs that would make Mike Tyson proud. Daniels' stocks are through the roof at this point, the killer instinct he showed is usually only showcased from the Greats in the Sport...might just be a sign of things to come as he can't be more then a win or two away from a shot at OFC gold.

Speaking of OFC Gold, I love me a good segue...4 Titles will be on the line New Year's Eve for OFC 245: Reclaim. Taking place at the Expo right here in Montreal, this event is going to be a game changer. Then we're back the very next day, to kick 2017 off right! A lot to look forward to this weekend and don't forget UFC 207 is on Friday, obviously they didn't want to compete with our show for ratings. So Happy New Year's Everybody, wishing you guys nothing but the best in 2017! Have fun with your Celebration's, don't drink n drive and I'll be back with a double recap soon. Cheers!

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