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Org name: Global Association of MMAô
Fighters signed: 103
Number of events: 746
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
GAMMA#710 Bubba v Kruger 2018-05-26 Los Angeles
GAMMA#711 Goodman v Verama 2 2018-05-26 London
GAMMA#712 LA 2018-06-02 Los Angeles
GAMMA#713 LA 2018-06-09 Los Angeles
GAMMA#714 LA 2018-06-16 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
135 Karol Mirowski Kira Miyata
145 Gareth Keenan Karol Mirowski
155 Jeff Gower Randy Springs
170 Musta Laine Daniel Mosby
185 Saul Goodman Hector Verama
205 Menace Defoe Ghazi Okah
265 Hennan Hoyce Charles DaCoca
265+ Bubba Gumption Gerbert Bryant

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he world is changing,
there is tension in the air tonight.
Those now ruling
will get a chance to greet new challengers and fight.

Seven belts were forged in the fires of doom,
one for every class, divided by weight.
Champions were crowned and their look was gloom
as they have to defend their belt for it is their fate.

One organization was created to rule them all,
one cage to find them.
One Mentor to bring them all
and under the GAMMA banner bind them.

Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen as the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts is going to take you on one heck of a ride on march 18th. While the light heavyweight champion looks to continue his joyride on the clouds, the rest of the card will be racing for a spot on the fast track to the title. Will they crash and burn on their way to glory or will they pass their opponents as they vie for the pole position? Itís reaching for the sky or die trying as the GAMMA highway continues to be crowded by the best fighters in the world.

Main event:
205 lbs - Kai Kha (22-7) Vs Menace Defoe (12-1)

Kai Kha managed to restore his credibility after another exciting comeback. He may have been unable to rise to the occasion in a superfight but he once again claimed leadership of the division by defending his title. Standing in front of him is fellow youngster and rising star in the light heavyweight division - Menace Defoe - in what will no doubt be a grand standup war.

The GAMMA light heavyweight champion may have lost a superfight but he has experience getting back up from a beating. Come from behind victories have become his type of fight and in typical Kai Kha fashion he did so once more in his last fight to defend his title for the very first time. Veterans might say that they became so overconfident from controlling the fight that the champion managed to catch them by surprise. But donít think thatís just a lucky shot, it is no coincidence but a well executed strategy. High risk psychological warfare seems to be the explanation for his success. Kai Kha walks across a very thin tightrope when he fights, letting his opponents dictate the fight. Even going as far as to let them think they are in complete control of the puppet show that is their fight while heís in the background pulling all the strings. When the time is right and his opponent is relaxed and thinks he has the fight won, thatís when the champion pounces and launches his assault.

The challenger Menace Defoe hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, heís only 26 years old and his youthful enthusiasm paved the way for his route to greatness. Heís made a name for himself in GAMMA Kids NY and is now on the verge of breaking through to stardom and fame in GAMMA. The aggressive kickboxer puts the pressure on his opponents, he stands, trades and takes no names when the cage door closes. His fearlessness has been a blessing for his career, even in defeat heís never been broken and he is always ready for another round. Menace Defoe is 2-0 in GAMMA and both fights ended by knockout. Considering the championís streak of come from behind victories will this result in a more tentative approach or will Menace Defoe throw caution to the wind and stick to his guns?

Co-main event:
265 lbs - Nick Fjera (20-4-1) Vs Joe Jordan (35-16)

Itís a heavyweight collision with some serious title implications as former champions collide with another shot at the gold possibly hanging in the balance.

Nick Fjera put the heavyweights on notice when he was crowned the heavyweight champion in his promotional debut but his first defense did not go well for the newcomer. Nick Fjera has been in more championship fights in his career than not. He has been used to fighting in championship fights for so long, perhaps Fjera will now have to adapt his game to suit three instead of five rounds. Can the change of pace actually prove to be good news for Fjera as it can reinvigorate his career and once again catapult him into a new title opportunity? While he has a big right hand that can stop the fight at any time, this heavyweight is a force to be reckoned with on the ground and that diversity in possible tactics elevates his chances of winning the fight.

Also looking for another shot at the gold is knockout artist Joe Jordan. While challenging superheavyweight champion Gerbert Bryant proved too much to handle for the former heavyweight champion, he is still 4-1 in his last five fights and he has recovered with style from that loss. He will have to be very wary of Fjeraís takedowns and he can not be too cautious standing as the power of Nick Fjera should not be underestimated. Joe Jordan might be fighting an uphill battle but he has a puncherís chance to end the fight quickly and without question he will be looking to do so.

205 lbs - Ivar Lodbrok (26-16) Vs Al Hallick (20-6)

In a kickboxing showdown, a fallen champion looks to get back on his feet while a new recruit looks to make his mark on the division.

After losing the light heavyweight title to Kai Kha, Ivar "The Boneless" Lodbrok came back strong with a victory over Joe Gage. Now that he has once again been defeated by the champion heíll have a hard time pleading his case as heís looking for another title shot. But every little bit counts and a new winning streak has to start somewhere, should Ivar Lodbrok prove victorious against Al Hallick he could be halfway there already.

All twenty of his victories have come by knockout and his nickname is symbolic of his winning ways. Al "KO" Hallick is hyped up out of control as the former Duel Fighting League champion and he has made quite a spectacular promotional debut against Medium Hardon. While on paper he may possess the strongest punch, should Ivar Lodbrok close the distance he could be in a world of hurt.

205 lbs - Callum Pagnozzi (17-10-5) Vs Charles BatzCastelmore (17-9)

Another light heavyweight showdown features the Aussie Callum Pagnozzi and the French Charles BatzCastelmore as they try to break through the ceiling to the top of the division.

Callum Pagnozzi has been doing quite well lately but is still looking for a career making performance. A hard worker through and through, he likes to put the pressure on his opponents, doesnít mind changing levels and if he can he will go for the finish but he wonít take any unnecessary risks. He is defensive by nature and has never been finished in the cage. Truly impressive but the best defense is a good offense and while he has finished people before perhaps it would be worth the risk to go for a spectacular knockout or submission to really put him on the map.

Charles "DíArtagnan" BatzCastelmore was on the verge of breaking through when he ran into a stop sign named Menace Defoe. That loss means that he has to watch the title fight on the sidelines while he is still stuck in the middle of the division. He needs to get back in the mix and a win against the scrappy Callum Pagnozzi should be enough to warrant a high profile fight. Unlike his opponent heíd rather not let the fight go to the ground, having already been finished there once. He should be on the lookout for those pesky takedowns while trying to lay down the law in this intriguing striker Vs grappler matchup.

145 lbs - Gonna Spanked (43-16-2) Vs Nico World Citizen (14-8-2)

Gonna "Get" Spanked is currently riding a four fight winning streak and he doesnít intend to let it end there. Although itís been a while since heís finished a fight, heís always down to brawl. He tailgates his opponents never letting go and heís got enough skills to keep going on until the break of dawn. While heís experienced and well-rounded, heís been focusing more on his standup skills as of late. That could be in the favor of Nico World Citizen as he too loves to stand and trade. Nico World Citizen does have a three fight losing streak to snap though and a new manager to impress so heís going to be under a lot of pressure.

185 lbs - Scotty Bennet (48-21) Vs Sergio Aguilar (18-13)

Scotty Bennetís career has been amazing to follow over the years, but it seems his heydays are long gone. His career seems to plummeting to a catastrophic ending. Perhaps he can finally get back on the winning track against promotional newcomer Sergio Aguilar. Sergio Aguilar has to be careful of Scotty Bennetís strikes but if he can take the fight to the ground he could settle himself into quite a nice position to start from as he looks to climb the ladder in the middleweight division.

145 lbs - Uncle Creepy (16-8) Vs Sher Shah Suri (23-13-1)

Uncle Creepy is a kickboxer on the rise, he graduated from GAMMA: Contenders with flying colors and is now ready to get to work in the GAMMA cage. Can he keep his three fight winning streak going now that heís facing an established veteran in the big leagues? Sher Shah Suri is eight years the elder of Uncle Creepy and his experience could be enough to pull him through this tough fight. Now under new management Sher Shah Suri is not only fighting time but also trying to keep his head afloat in the featherweight division as he is coming from a loss.

155 lbs - Tatsuya Kawajiri (27-16-2) Vs Kay Ector (29-22-1)

Japanese veteran "CRUSHER" Tatsuya Kawajiri just got his three fight winning streak snapped and he is not amused. At 39 years of age, his Japanese pride is still as strong as ever and his ego wonít accept defeat easily. Even as his skills are declining his Japanese warrior spirit still holds its head high and he continues to remain a force to be reckoned with, even on the highest level. "Sir" Kay Ector may occasionally struggle but he also does his best to remain relevant in the division. He had a two fight losing streak snapped when he edged out a split decision victory in his last fight and is now looking to continue driving on the winning street. This should be a high level bar room styled brawl as these two veteran strikers collide!

155 lbs - Roger Cantor (22-17) Vs Alexandr Kuznetsov (17-15-1)

Well-rounded mixed martial artist Roger Cantor is struggling to regain his composure, he is on a four fight losing streak and he is now driven into a corner. But a cornered animal is a dangerous animal and Roger Cantor says he still has enough gas left in the tank to orchestrate a comeback. His opponent - Alexandr Kuznetsov Ė faces a similar predicament as he finds himself on a two fight losing streak. While the Russian prefers to close the distance, he also knows how to handle himself from a distance and if he can keep the fight from going to the ground he should be the slight favorite.

205 lbs - Danny Ciprianni (15-13) Vs Stew Sauced (12-12)

At the bottom of the Totem pole are the British Danny "Cyclone" Ciprianni and the Irish Stew Sauced. Danny Ciprianni will be looking to stay alive in the division as he is currently on a three fight losing streak. He has a tough as nails attitude and doesnít back down from a fight. If the Cyclone can take the fight to the ground it could spell trouble for his opponent but even if he doesnít heíll still give it all heís got. Stew Sauced had a falling out with his previous manager and is now in unfamiliar territory as he will be making his debut in the GAMMA cage. Will this dangerous striker be able to rise to the occasion or will the Cyclone be able to stop him in his tracks?

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