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Sydney Fighting Championship 2 Preview Show

Org name: Sydney FC (310k+)
Fighters signed: 116
Number of events: 24
Base: Sydney
Owner: Billy Deegan
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
SFC 18: Hanley x Straterloo 2017-07-28 Sydney
SFC 19: LOS ANGELES 2017-08-03 Los Angeles
SFC 20: TBA 2017-08-10 Sydney
Weight Name Last Win
135 Quincy Hanley Palaktingpuet Payakarakatong
145 Tyler Bate Jake Robin
155 Finn The Human Harry Wilson
170 Rudolf Kleinschmidt Vito Andolini
185 Roman Divac Nestor Ataucusi
205 Captain Gonza Chuck Lesnar
265 Richard Kuklinski Cai Mao
265+ Great White Sajad Gharibi

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Main Event - 205 lbs - Darcy Dugan vs. Larry Lard

Dugan is a reformed small time criminal who was spotted fighting amateur boxing where his ability to take and dish out punishment impressed local promoters. He has a big edge in muay thai and is coming off two TKO wins in under 1:30 minutes combined. Lard scored a KO win of his own in his debut but will definitely look to take this one to the ground where he'll have the advantage with his proficient wrestling and purple belt in BJJ. Standing 5'2" tall with 210 lbs, Lard has a weird body shape and might be coming into the fight with low levels of energy.

Co-Main Event - 145 lbs - Taulua Fautanua vs. Jouzee Alddo

A battle of grapplers here - Fautanua is a rare physical specimen with outstanding natural strenght who won two QFC fights in the same day to start his MMA career, showcasing impressive takedowns, submissions and ground and pound. Alddo is a superb wrestler in his own right, but younger and only making his debut tonight.

185 lbs - James Twinkle vs. Charles Vance

Twinkle has an impressive combo of muay thai + wrestling skills and will be facing a younger, less experienced foe in Vance. Twinkle is coming off a KO win in QFC while Vance is making his debut. They're about the same size, and Vance has a small advantage in BJJ.

Sydney Fighting Championship 2 Preview Show (cont.)

205 lbs - Chuck Lesnar vs. Matt St. Pierre

Two big LHWs making their debut. Lesnar is older and has a clear path to win here by using his wonderful boxing and respectable wrestling to keep it standing. St. Pierre has well rounded skills but none that stands out. His biggest advantage is in muay thai. Chuck Lesnar is fighting at home while Matt "Push" St. Pierre is flying across the world from Rio de Janeiro to Sydney.

205 lbs - Bon Bones vs. Hulas Kanodia

Another matchup featuring two debutants, with the two warriors being absolutely evenly matched in experience, size and skills. The only apparent gap in skill is Kanodia's edge in boxing, but frankly, it's a really small advantage. This one will be a toss up and a real test for the sliders skills of managers @TheOutsiders@TheOutsiders and @Judobill@Judobill

265 lbs - David Campbell vs. Tim Arlovski

Two MMA virgins again, but this one features a more distinct tale of the tape with David "The Magician" Campbell being older and having a huge edge in grappling skills. Arlovski will certainly use all his stenghts to keep the contest on the feet, but Campbell's superb wrestling and BJJ purple belt will be tough to deal with. If Arlovski manages to avoid the ground though, it can be trouble for his opponent as Campbell's striking skills are useless.

Theksit Ruengruong (117485)

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