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GAMMA: June 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb

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June 2017 recap part 2

By Alika Webb

The first part of June was action-packed from start to finish, letís keep the good times rolling as we take a look at the second part.

GAMMA#641 Hanolla v Jimenez Ė June 17

185 title - Jutta Hanolla (c) Vs Jimmy Dias Jimenez

Jutta "Hammer" Hanolla came into GAMMA with a bang as he dethroned middleweight champion Steve Belliveau in his promotional debut. The former USFC and Trinity middleweight champion knew from first-hand experience that you arenít really recognized as a true champion until youíve defended your belt at least once. Set to spoil his Hanollaís first reign as champion in GAMMA is Jimmy "BrokeBack" Dias Jimenez. Never been crowned a champion at 36 years of age really weighed heavy on the mind of Diaz Jimenez and he figured the time was right to try his hand at another title shot before time ran out on him. Both men are veteran strikers and they arenít known for pulling their punches as they have a combined 41 knockouts on their resume.

Title opportunities donít grow on trees and at the age of 36, Jimmy Dias Jimenez knew that this could be his last shot at greatness. He knew that he had to pull out all the stops and went for broke as he came storming out of the gate. Jimmy Dias Jimenez started out strong, blasting the champion with an armada of clobbering blows that had the champion tucking tail right from the start. The challenger closed the distance and the champion pulled guard faster than his own shadow. The tides turned and now Jutta Hanolla was putting the hurt on his challenger as he had the challenger in some nasty looking submissions. The challenger however survived the round and appeared to be unscathed as the brutal assault of the challenger started all over again. Jimmy Dias Jimenez closed the distance once more and started unloading on the champion with everything he had in his arsenal. Hanolla kept trying to jump into guard but the challenger is not your average joe and he was able to keep the fight standing until the champion dropped to his knees in defeat.

Winner: Jimmy Dias Jimenez by TKO (strikes) after 3 minutes and 32 seconds in the third round.

GAMMA#642 Shin v McTearson Ė June 17

170 title - Lao Shin (c) Vs Rufus McTearson

Considering that Rufus McTearson dominated the welterweight scene for a long time in his heyday and Lao Shin has been mixed in the title scene for what seems like an eternity, it is surprising to see that the current and former championís paths have not yet crossed. When Rufus McTearson lost his title and saw his career plummeting into a dark abyss, Lao Shin had just worked his way up to the top. When Lao Shin kept going back and forth with living legends like Ilya Mstislav Volkov and Stanly Williams with welterweight supremacy hanging in the balance, Rufus McTearson had his own demons to battle as his struggles inside the cage kept pushing him further down the card. Somewhere along the way something snapped inside the former championís head and Rufus McTearson at 39 years of age, the old veteran amassed a four fight winning streak to prove he still had something left in the tank. Fighting time, Rufus McTearson has clawed his way back to the top and he made it known that he would stop at nothing to gain back what he once lost so long ago. With two elite fighters with such vast experience at the top, people were expecting fireworks.

The champion Lao Shin did not take the former champion lightly as he went swinging for the fences right from the start, undoubtedly trying to take out the veteran as fast as possible. While he did do his fair share of damage by swinging like a madman, his aggressive strategy did see him striking air more than once. Rufus McTearson on the other hand - the veteran that he is Ė took on a more cautious approach, focusing more on accuracy rather than damage as he was undeniably looking to outwork the champion and possible softening the champion up before going in for the kill in the championship rounds. The chin of Rufus McTearson, who has never lost by strikes was put to the test as the grazing blows of Lao Shin had him seeing stars and a glancing head kick even put him on his backside. But no matter how hard he was struck down, Rufus McTearson got back up to his feet and went right back to changing blows. Both fighters put in a tremendous effort and had the crowd on their feet multiple times throughout the fight.

Winner: Nobody as the fight was ruled a draw.

GAMMA#643 Wolek v Sackett Ė June 24

135 title - Underestimated Dillashaw Junior (c) Vs Nico World Citizen

One thing we know for sure is that Nico World Citizen did not overlook Underestimated Dillashaw Junior. The champion brought the fight to the challenger and the challenger responded in kind. Nico World Citizen did a good job keeping up with the champion but at times it looked as if he were fighting an uphill battle. The champion set a relentless pace and Nico World Citizen regularly interrupted the championís rhythm with a clinch attempt. The champion eventually learned the hard way that sometimes itís worth slowing things down to get a better perspective of the situation you find yourself in. Nico World Citizen managed to get a good grasp of the championís timing over the previous four rounds and when he saw an opportunity to strike, he uncorked a huge combination that sent Underestimated Dillashaw Junior crashing to the canvas.

Winner: Nico World Citizen by TKO (strikes) after 3 minutes and 25 seconds in the fifth round.

145 superfight - Mordecai Sackett (EVOLUTION) Vs Lukasz Wolek (GAMMA)

The current number two pound for pound fighter in the world wanted to prove himself a force to be reckoned with and thus he keeps on boldly challenging the best opposition the whole wide world has to offer. Mordecai "Golden Boy" Sackett is the Evolution lightweight champion but he gladly dropped eleven pounds to take on the Gamma bantamweight champion Lukasz "Wally" Wolek. A warrior that goes to amazing lengths to meet a challenge not many dare to undertake, one can only respect the heart of the Evolution champion.

When they stood toe to toe they went all out and brawled all over the arena. Despite Lukasz Wolek taking the lead in their little dance, Mordecai Sackett did not dance out of step. He traded every strike back in kind. Every clobbering blow Lukasz Wolek launched, was thrown back with lethal force by Mordecai Sackett. Every wood chopping kick Lukasz Wolek attempted was reflected back to him by Mordecai Sackett. The timing and accuracy of Lukasz Wolek gave him a small advantage but eventually the difference maker turned out to be the clinch game. When Lukasz Wolek managed to close the distance, he reduced his opponent to minced meat.

Winner: Lukasz Wolek by unanimous decision.

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