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155 Edward Kenway Farboleous Ricard
170 Cheik Imbula Tyler Wrexham
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265+ Dustin Kruger FannyPack SissyPants

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We are coming to the end of the year and we now have the Fighter of the Year candidates! Before we talk about this year, here is the winners over the past 8 years:

===Fighter of the Year 2009===

1st Mikhail Yudovich
2nd Nikon Holm
3rd Lennon Lewis

===Fighter of the Year 2010===

1st Raz Matazz
2nd Alexander Khalifman
3rd Mikhail Yudovich

===Fighter of the Year 2011===

1st Jeremy Tonal
2nd Trent Pope
3rd Karl Denke

===Fighter of the Year 2012===

1st Anton Chigurh
2nd Jeremy Tonal
3rd Raz Matazz

===Fighter of the Year 2013===

1st Renan St Juste
2nd Simon Williams
3rd Keith Green

===Fighter of the Year 2014===

1st Jesse Custer (183716)
2nd Russ Rutger (62373)
3rd Ein Stein (182566)

===Fighter of the Year 2015===

1st Renan St Juste (102580)
2nd Krystian "Wojna" Wojnasiewicz (159688)
3rd Ein Stein (182566) + Gunnar Steigelmann (196145)

===Fighter of the Year 2016===

1st Gunnar Steigelmann (196145)
2nd Rufus McTearson (186694)
3rd Viv Richards (168454)

Here are this years candidates based upon the following scoring system:

1 Per Loss
2 Per draw
3 Per title fight/Super fight
4 Per win

Note: Only title winners are eligible and i totally disregarded fighters with under 6 fights in GAMMA in total.

"President" Gerbert Bryant (241590) ***
Menace Defoe (268296)
Gunnar Steigelmann (196145)
Lao Shin "To Chin" (256055) ***
Saul "Slip The Jab" Goodman (271572) ***
Ilya Mstislav Volkov (228159)
"The Great White" Cullen Castrello (224163)
Lukasz "Wally" Wolek (255001)
Stanly "The Rooster" Williams (174422) ***
Robert "Sitek" Sito (255000)
Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten (235659) ***
Matt Quin (239220) ***
Gareth Keenan "Investigates" (272458) ***
Darren "Landmine" Lamb (243991) ***
Mathew "Deep Waters" Ridgeway (249406) ***
Randy "Fuckn" Springs (258713) ***
"Snake In The Grass" Dillashaw Junior (230204)
Vladimir Emelienko (250054) ***
Musta Laine (255882) ***
Nico World Citizen (265289)
"Captain" Geoffrey Barbossa (251663) ***
Hennan Hoyce (247583)
HL "Black Flag" Mencken (274048) ***
Karol "Bearded Midget Man" Mirowski (251500)

Note: *** indicates they will have at least one fight till the end of the year.

I have to say that Gerbert's performance was legendary this year, he pretty much has already wrapped up the award and he still has one fight left. Defoe is also pretty much guaranteed the 2nd spot, even though he is not have any fights left for this year. All the other spots can change for sure, some fighters could jump up 3-4 places, so it will be interesting.

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