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GAMMA: Matt Quin – A true MMATycoon comeback story

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This write up is brought to you by Urban Fighter, the number one clothing store in New York and the official sponsor of Matt Quin.

“If failure had no penalty success would not be a prize.”

― Terry Pratchett

Matt Quin

Comebacks are not just possible, as a matter of fact, they happen quite often. But if we experience a major setback, sometimes a comeback may seem quite an impossible task for us. The reason for that is quite easy to explain. To come come back from a setback, we need one special ingredient: change! Most people are set in their ways, familiarity makes us feel safe. Change can be hard for us creatures of habit simply because it scares us. We are scared of the unknown. To facilitate change we need one thing: a change of heart. We need to be willing to change our ways and have the courage and the will to commit to it. Change your life, change your future. Quite a scary thought indeed but it can undeniably be worth it.


We start our story near the end of 2016, a Belgian warrior with the heart of a lion had fought his way to the top. With ups and downs he worked, harder than he himself had held possible and he not only held the Gamma middleweight title, he was considered one of the best fighters in the world. Once upon a time he had already reached the number one pound for pound position and he craved to regain his former glory … until that day came.


The much-anticipated conclusion to the trilogy with Ed Gennero ended in tragedy for the Belgian champion as Matt Quin was finished standing for the first time in his career. Matt Quin did not want to let lightning strike twice and had quite a spirited performance against Tony Siblas. He knew he needed a victory to get back into the title mix. He had just won the first two rounds, everything was going great until … an overhand right sent his career spiraling down so fast and so brutal that it was simply heartbreaking to watch.

A new opportunity awaited Matt Quin as a new opponent was announced: Taneli Hauki. A solid midcarder with bricks for fists. The power in his hands was not to be underestimated but it was a definite step down in competition for the former champion and it seemed quite possible that Matt Quin would finally be able to snap his losing streak. The hearts of those in attendance were moved by the undeniable passion on display by the Belgian warrior. Two rounds in and Matt Quin didn’t simply win them, he controlled the first two rounds from start to finish. Until that moment came, Taneli Hauki caught the Belgian with a brutal cross punch right on the kisser and never let him recover. Matt Quin was seeing stars and stumbling all over the place but his heart wouldn’t let him take the fall. Many brutal punches he received and he kept fighting until the referee had seen enough. Three standing finishes in a row, the only three losses of that kind in his career.

Next on his path was the veteran Katsu Laoka who was having quite the career resurgence. Katsu Laoka was cleaving his way through the competition on his path toward title contention but Matt Quin only had redemption on his mind. Katsu Laoka landed the first blow and taunted the former number one pound for pound legend, who in turn took him down with a sweet takedown. The beginning of the fight was a prelude to what was to come as the fight was a story of action and reaction. Katsu Laoka’s actions were the catalyst for Matt Quin’s reactions. It was Katsu Laoka who took the lead early on and despite Matt Quin’s best efforts, Katsu Laoka was given the split decision win.

The Joe Murphy fight was another close one where Matt Quin was once again unable to be crowned the victor. On an embarrassing five fight losing streak, the Belgian legend’s career had plummeted from the sky so hard that he was but a shell of his former self. He knew it was do or die for another loss would probably mean the end of his career. A familiar face awaited him on the other side of the cage. Scotty Bennet - the last man he beat when he was still the Gamma middleweight champion - found himself in quite a similar situation. The battle of the dying breed lured many fans who were wondering which legend would find redemption and be able to start his career anew. Matt Quin was the obvious favorite against the living legend who was nine years the elder, Scotty Bennet however had more left in the tank than many saw coming and took home a unanimous decision victory.


As you may or may not know, one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Matt Quin was doing just that and he was going insane by losing over and over again. No matter how hard he fought he kept walking the losing path and he was about to be fired. He was standing on the edge of the deepest, darkest abyss he had ever come across, staring the darkness in the eyes with nothing but despair in mind. Luckily Gamma management gave the fallen king one last chance. What an opponent he was given too, Taneli Hauki who had defeated him not that long ago came back for a rematch. As you may remember Matt Quin took control of their first fight until a lucky punch turned the fight around. This time Matt Quin took a long hard look at himself and made a deliberate change in strategy. He didn’t just control the fight, he dominated! Matt Quin made a statement by knocking out Taneli Hauki in such a brutal fashion, he was a changed man and he wasn’t about to let anyone get the better of him again.

Slowly but steadily he scratched and clawed his way back up the ladder. Blood, sweat and tears it cost him but he had finally come full circle when he got another title opportunity. Russian Obama was the only obstacle left in his path to regaining everything he had lost so long ago. It wasn’t meant to be as the Cinderella story ended in a whimper instead of a bang.

Saul Goodman took hold of the coveted Gamma middleweight title and Matt Quin got back on the winning track after he finished rising star Michael "Young Gun" Cole. A title opportunity came knocking on his door once more and this time Matt Quin rose to the occasion. Matt Quin won the Gamma middleweight title. A six fight losing streak and nearly a year since losing it later, he had finally regained his greatness of old.

His first challenger was announced and it was his worst nightmare come true. Former champion Russian Obama who had defeated him once before in decisive fashion now stood before him once more. Their rematch was a brutal brawl that left both men in limbo as the judges were unable to declare a victor.

A definite conclusion was necessary for one man to move on while the other would get a chance to rebuild their career and thus another rematch was announced. The much-anticipated conclusion to a nail-biter of a trilogy gave an answer to all his doubters as Matt Quin was officially declared the victor and still the Gamma middleweight champion of the world.

Matt Quin is now no longer a shell of his former self but a new and improved version of himself. Will he be able to reach the number one pound for pound spot once more and once again find his place under the sun as he faces his next challenger or has he flown too close to the sun and will he soon burn up and come crashing down harder than he has ever done before?

Find out at GAMMA#684 DaCoca v Bubba on January 6th as he takes on Jutta "Hammer" Hanolla.

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