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EFA 73 Preview

Org name: Extreme Fighting Association
Fighters signed: 131
Number of events: 93
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Wayne Bruce
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
EFA 85 Punisher vs Andrei 2 2018-08-18 London
EFA 86 Pesonen Vs Egyptian 2018-08-19 New York
EFA 87 2018-09-01 Las Vegas
Weight Name Last Win
135 Takeru Kubota Yang Xinhai
145 Kalevi Koski Jackson Bishop
155 Jallu Pesonen Elgin Turner
170 Philip Farmery Andrei Vasilevskiy
185 Derek Trucks Arthur Pendragon
205 Hendrik Vermeulen Mick Murphy
265 Mark Kerr Nikolaos Prouxontas
265+ Hellas Pankratios Ivar The Viking

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Welcome to the Extreme Fighting Association! Tonight we are in Hayashi's Lounge in London and we have a number of high contention fights tonight! Two former championship of their respective divisions defend their case for title contention, the 170 lbs division is highlighted, and many newcomers have come to show what they got waiting for EFA. Stay tuned for the insanity!

170 lbs. #1 Andrei Vasilevskiy vs. #7 Jarttu Jurmu
Andrei Vasilevskiy, the #1 contender in the 170 division, will defend his spot at the rankings against #7 Jarttu Jurmu. Vasilevskiy recently lost the belt to Stadin Kingi. Jurmu poses a risk for the former champion, with his skill level being pretty similar. This is a main event fight you won't want to miss!

265 lbs. #5 Joe Foreman vs. #9 Jake Sekany
#5 ranked Joe Forman, a former champion, goes up against Jake Sekany, the #9 ranked 205er. Foreman has the superior striking in this bout, but he will need to watch for Sekany's submission game.

145 lbs. Anthony Birchack vs. Chris Chandler
Anthony Birchack is coming off a TKO victory and is looking to add Chris Chandler to that list. Chris Chandler has had a rough time in the MMA world, but don't count him out just yet.

185 lbs. Ayn Rand vs. Allan Kurma
Both, Ayn Rand and Allan Kurma, have been looking for their opportunity to shoot through the rankings, and tonight may be the night for one of them. Rand's impressive grappling has landed him 3 performance bonuses and all of his wins finishes. Kurma just knocked out Yukimura Gomi inside the first round. This one will be explosive!

205 lbs. #7 Splash Wetness vs. Markus Drotske
Markus Drotske is debuting in EFA against a man who is coming off a loss to the 205 champion Hendrik Vermeulen, Splash Wetness. Drotske is a former HFC champion who has been bouncing around different organizations, mostly knocking his opponents unconscious. Wetness will need a sharp defensive strategy tonight!

170 lbs. #9 Mallador Locke vs. Jack Merel
Mallador Locke's most recent win against DH Cadillac, a promising newcomer has gravitated him in the rankings. Jack Merel has been kept away from the rankings by Jarrtu Jurmu, but has he learned from that fight to take Locke's spot?

170 lbs. #3 Alvero Ortaga vs. Sam Assad
Alvero Ortaga is on a bend in the 170 division, taking out competition left and right. He faces Sam Assad, a great boxer and newcomer in the organization. Ortaga will need to show Assad how we do things in EFA.

185 lbs. Vilkas Nuutti vs. Jack Preacher
Vilkas Nuutti was on a tear until Allan Kurma stopped his hype in EFA 53. Since, he has lost again against Ayn Rand. Jack Preacher is a menacing grappler, but can he keep Nuutti in his slump?

170 lbs. Raul Salvatierra vs. DJ Cadillac
DJ Cadillac is a newcomer with a not so promising first fight in the organization. Now he faces a seasoned EFA fighter in Raul Salvatierra. They matchup well on paper so this should be a good test for the new prospect.

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