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Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Fighters signed: 0
Number of events: 182
Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
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Weight Name Last Win
135 Yodsawan Sitsongrit Wayne Williams
145 Petdee Sitsongrit Chief Cheyenne
155 Petdee Sitsongrit Fiyero Lermontov
170 Gideon Navarro Edgar Avetisyan
185 Iso Paa Arthur Menezes
205 Blake Phoenix Jamison Cassidy
265 Hip Hop Ross Barkley
265+ Ross Barkley Maxim Popov

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Ikki Takeda: We have a night of fights in the home of Schooner's Bar on Saturday. Main event is a 170 pound title fight between Gideon Navarro (7-1) and Steve Collins (6-0). On paper it should be short night for the defending champion as he is better than Collins in every way. But in a fight everyone has a boxers chance as the old saying goes which is pretty fitting for the boxer challenger. My pick is and still by KO.

Ikki Takeda: The Co-main is a 170 pound fight that might have some title implications as Kevin Daughtrey(8-1) fights Ingo Butzhammer(5-0). Kevin is a muay thai specialist who's only loss was by submission to former champion Mike Johnson. Butzhammer is also a muay thai specialist who typically takes his opponents into deep waters and wins by decision. My prediction is Daughtrey by KO.

Ikki Takeda: The third fight on the Main Card might quite possibly have title implications as well as Zedidiah Goldberg(4-0) fights Victor Creed(5-0). Goldberg is a striker with the power to get to the toughest chins in the world. He knocks everyone out. Creed is on a quest to find his brother and is savagely destroying everyone as he does it. He also the least hit guy in the division only having a total of 12 strikes land against him through 5 fights and that includes ground strikes.

Ikki Takeda: I have Victor Creed here with me.

Victor Creed: Where is James?

Ikki Takeda: Calm down and let's talk about the fight?

Victor Creed: What fight? All I know is I have someone to beat information out of to find James.

Ikki Takeda: What about your training at Colossus Gym?

Victor Creed: I've already beat people up there they don't know where James is.

Ikki Takeda: Have you heard anything about James?

Victor Creed: He lives here in Sydney somewhere and is fighting in Brazil though.

Ikki Takeda: Well we have someone here for you.

James Howlett: Hi there bub.

Victor Creed: James! So glad to see you brother!

James Howlett: Yes I'm here so calm down bub.

Victor Creed: Now I will beat Goldberg even worse than I have beaten anyone for you James.

James Howlett: Then I will be in your corner and when I say enough you stop got it bub.

Ikki Takeda: Hey this is my show and if I'm not allowed to talk you two must go.

Ikki Takeda: Fourth fight on the Main Card is the return of former champion Jazz Clementine(6-2) coming back after losing his belt and fighting Joca Carioca(4-2-1). Clementine is a world renowned striker that has been known to tap when facing grapplers and it hits the mat almost immediately. Carioca is a grappler that has only won by way of submission. Prediction is Clemetine by KO.

Ikki Takeda: The fight to kick off the Main Card is Sagat Shanti(9-4) who hasn't been doing very well since coming to fight here against Chris Snoky(7-3-1) who also has not been doing well since coming here either. Both of these strikers will be looking to get back into the win column as between the two of them are 0-4 in their last couple of fights. Prediction Shanti by KO.

Ikki Takeda: Time for my undercard predictions The Nightmare by submission, Carneiro by submission, Know by submission, Nurmagbeeb by submission, and Ziskie by KO.

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