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SyFi 65 - Preview

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SyFi 66 Preview

With no title fight on the card, at least we get the next best thing, a No. 1 Contender Fight as the Main Event, tonight at 155.

155 lbs #3 Xavier Merlin v #2 Deklek Sitsongrit

With still no confirmation of the Sane vs. Page fight, the rumours about a title strip have appeared, whomever wins here is guaranteed a title fight.

Xavier Merlin is solid in stand up, but on the ground is the black belts real strength, submitting Pit Canthropus jr. Recently. He also has two decision wins against veterans, however, his only loss at SyFi came against Justin Sane, and to get a shot at the now champ(if he returns), the way is through Deklek Sitsongrit, no longer with the Sitsongrit camp, he was DSOF Champ, and under new management won both SyFi fights by TKO. While Muay Thai is his strength, his ground game seems sub par and untested at SFC.

Pick: Merlin by Submission

170 lbs #3 Mike Johnson v #8 Akira Harada

Two fighters coming of losses, with Johnson, making his first fight since loosing the belt. Johnson an all-rounder, that sees Wrestling as his core, was undefeated, until in his 3rd title defense Gideon Navaro submitted him. Harada recently lost a title Eliminator to Steve Collins, while Harada is a wonderful Boxer, with solid all-round qualities, in a common opponent fight he lost to Daugthrey, who was then beaten by Johnson in a title fight.

Pick: Johnson by Submission

265 lbs #7 Stefan Harpik v Angel Childress

Two veterans fight here, none may have a great long time future, but short term they impressed, Harpik coming of QFCs , won both his SyFi fights, and is a purple belt with solid wrestling, Childress is 4-1 at SyFi, and this is a rematch, as Childress only loss came against Harpik, who Kod him badly. Childress, may want to turn on his submission skills, which brought him to 3-0 earlier in his career.

Pick: Childress by Submission

155 lbs Max Luther v Bernardo De Barros

Luther recently changed management, after starting 4-0, he fell to 5-2. loosing to Akimbo Spice and Bob madden, now Boble Lineman manages him himself, so the question is, will his future really be at SFC, well, he faces a tough challenge from more talented Bernardo de Barros, a Black Belt, who just recently snapped a 2 fight loosing streak, which included a title shot against Golovkin. Submission or defeat is his game.

Pick: de Barros by Submission

265+ lbs #3 Jim Bob McDonald v #8 Jason Imbert

Champion at MLC Bob Mc Donald came to win the SFC title, well he fell short in his first try, but after beating Voshon Daniels, this fight is supposed to make his claim fore another title shot stronger, being strong all-around, he faces boxer Jason Imbert, who switched from 265 2 months ago, and wants to stay unbeaten at 265+, after 2 wins against gatekeepers.

Pick: McDonald by KO

Now a short view of the undercard:

155 lbs Chief Eyes v Robb Stark

SyFi debut by Robb Stark, Chief Eyes a SyFi veteran, can challenge, if he keeps it upright.

Pick: Stark by TKO

265 lbs Randall Cobb v #8 Isaac Arthur

Randall Cobb is a well travelled veteran making his SyFi debut, Arthur now 21 is 2-0 at SyFi and a well kept secret, very tough call, but going with the trend.

Pick: Arthur by TKO

205 lbs Kevin Durant v Dukey Tots

Durant is on a 2 fight win streak, after starting 0-3, Tots a 7-1 veteran,-

Pick: Tots by Submission

155 lbs Teem OReilly v Philip Moore

Torcida veteran Oreilly vs. Super talented Moore, who is on a 2 fight win streak, pick by the trend.

Pick: Moore by TKO

265 lbs Billy Bobkins v Markus Hammarstrom

Bobkins the veteran of a loss faces debutant Hammarstrom.

Pick: Debut KO for Hammarstrom

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