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SyFi Weekend Preview

Welcome to a look at the most important fights of the SFC week, with 3 title fights schedules Sydney is looking for some earth shaking Kos and Smashing submissions, let's begin with the big ones:

Title Fight at 205: (c)Mister McNasty v #1 Pablo Spezziale
The 21yr old McNasty is unbeaten in 6 fights at SyFi, bringing an overall record of 10-3, he swept through Sydneys Light Heavyweight corps in unbelievable fashion. All wins have been TKOs and Kos, but some at very late stages, making his 4th defense, he won the belt from Damatang Camara, by a TKO in Round 3, his last 2 defenses went to Round 4 and 5. Especially against Melvin Comeau, he was down on points and forced a TKO stoppage in Round 5, while some thought Comeau deserved an immediate rematch, it was Spezziale, that was already brought up as the new champ. Spezziale went 6-3 in the NYFN legends Tournament, who developed several fighters now at SyFi, here he went through two tough opponents, beating Lars Hard and Blake Phoenix(another NYFN Legend). The later by a forceful Decision, comparing the two we can expect a stand up war, while McNasty needs the clinch to demolish, Spezziale want to keep distance and box his way through, expect a great fight.
Prediction: McNasty by TKO

Title Fight at 265: (c) Rick Piano vs. #1 Bill Shorton
A banger of a fight sees unbeaten Rick Piano face a rematch with Bill Shorton. Both faced each other at SyFi 22 in March, that day, Shorton found no weapons, and was KO ed cold by the Champ Piano. Since then both have won their way through the division, while Piano was tested by Ross Barkley and for the first time taken to Round 2, Shorton since then never let an opponent out of the cage in less than 3 minutes. Not facing the elite level that Piano faced in his title defenses, Shortons wins, where enough to give him another title fight. As in the first fight Piano will look to show his dominance in boxing, and keep some distance, while Shorton is dominant in the clinch game. In their first encounter, Shorton was able to clinch, but couldn't keep it on, let's see, if he got enough training to dominate.
Pick: Piano by TKO

Title Fight at 135: (c) Daichi Kishimoto v #1 Glass Joe
Another rematch, with likely similar presets, but different in style as it could be. Kishimoto is perhaps the most talented submission specialist in SyFi and makes his 3rd title defense at 135 against the man he got the title from. Glass Joe, a 26yo veteran, couldn't be more different, solid in boxing, he fought his way to a couple of decisions, in his recent outings, but against top talent, both Dieselnoi Pramuk and Pinched Nerve had challenged for the title before, and Kishimoto beat them by submission, and that shows the biggest difference, Kishimoto finishes fights, Glass Joe grinds out decisions. In their first fight, Glass Joe couldn't keep it standing, and was submitted, once the fight was on the ground. The two fighters showed a lot of respect for each other afterwards, and the rematch will bring back this respect. However comparing the two a win by Glass Joe would perhaps be the MMA sensation of the year.
Pick: Kishimoto by Submission

Other big fights:
265 #2 Ross Barkley v #8 Sergey Korotkiy
Barkley is on the way to a rematch with Piano, and would love the posterboy champion to face him again for the belt. Barkley was the only one to bang out a full round with the Champ, and almost made it to Round 2, being 7-3 he has won his 2 other fights at SyFi beating talented Dillon and Fujimoto, both talented youngsters. Korotkiy has won all 3 of his fights with SyFi, all by KO or TKO, and beating talents like Weinstein and Ulvesson. His strength is core wrestling, while Barkley is a tough alrounder.
Pick: Barkley by TKO

155 Fiyero Lermontov v #7 Akimbo Spice
Rumours are, that this may be the last fight for the former 155 champ, Akimbo Spice is a story line by itself, won the champ under a fake Thai name, back to Jamaica, to be reborn, and gettin another title shot, winning the belt with a new name. After that his last 2 fights showed big weaknesses, being submitted by Sane, and afterwards TKOed by Deklek Sitsongrit, the champ may call it a day early. So look at his opponent, Lermontov perhaps is the biggest talent at 155, all TKOs in less than 2 minutes, he's 4-1, but 4-0 at SyFi, beating former contender Pat Williams, who lost a title fight to Spice, when he was still a Thai, was his first test. Now perhaps we can witness the passing of the Torch.
Pick: Lermontov by TKO

On Saturday, At 185 watch out for Nils Ragnar and Corey Mercer, unranked Mercer(4-0) will face Iso Paa #7 at 185, those two could make a big impact on the division and put their sights on the title, prediction sees both winning, and perhaps facing each other next.

On Sunday watch out for the opening fight Tenshin Segawa v Trai Prugsanapan, both make their SyFI debut, and both seem to have incredible talent, with the right management perhaps a few months down the road we may see a rematch for the title.

A quick look at Friday:
155 #4 Murphy Brown v Gennady Golovkin
Brown comes fresh off a loss to champ Sane, being his first SyFi defeat, he is 8-4-1 overall. The 28 yo veteran looks to rebound fast, and would like another shot at the belt, before his decrease starts, Golovkin, also a former title challenger, lost to Evan Page in an eliminator lately, he's 28 also, so while the winner can move on and dream of another title fight, the road would be downhill loosing here.
Prediction: Golovkin by TKO

#6 Ivashin Dmitrievich v #9 Kurt Wagner
Dmitrievich just made his SyFi debut winning against Unknown Combatant, a tough 21yo, interested to bang it out, he so far faced tough challenges going 5-5 at IFC.
Well Wagner may be a different challenge, just earning his black belt, the youngester is on a 3 fight win streak. Let's see if he can keep it going against a more experienced fighter.
Prediction: Wagner by Submission

Pick of the Undercard: 205 Tsuyoi Kakuto v Dickon Tarly a 20yo Brown Belt Kakuto may be a fighter to watch for the future, but look great built 19yo Dickon Tarly to give him a fight.

Well folks, thats it for today, enjoy the fights.

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