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SyFi 67 - Preview

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Base: Sydney
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ikki Takeda: As always your host Ikki Takeda is here to give you the 411 on Saturday's night of fights in the beautiful land of Sydney Austrailia.

Ikki Takeda: The main event promises to be an exciting title match between Mister McNasty and Pablo Spezziale for the 205 pound strap. McNasty is the reigning defending champion with a 10-3 record. Not much to say about the champ that isn't already known; like he has never been finished and all except for one of his wins have come by the way ok KO. The challenger Spezziale is on a two fight winning streak inside the cages of Sydney Fights. He is 8-3 and all losses have come by the way of KO and is a KO artist as well. This is a fight that promises to have someone getting a cat scan in the morning. My prediction is and still by way of KO.

Ikki Takeda: The co-main event is 185 pound fight that promises to be a war. As Alexis Anderson takes on Sergei Bumanov. On paper this looks to be about as one sided a fight as you can get but Anderson 5-3 has won all of his by KO and has never been KO'd before. He has proven he has the power to test the chins of any mere mortal. Bumanov 5-1 only loss comes from the current champ Big Asznee by his favorite way of submission. Bumanov doesn't pack the biggest punch as he is mainly a point style fighter. My pick is Bumanov by decision.

Ikki Takeda: The third fight on the main card is between Fiyero Lermontov who has been on a complete tear since moving from the local circuit to Sydney Fights not losing a single fight and the well known Akimbo Spice who has been having some trouble as of late. Lermontov 4-1 has had nothing but finishes by KO rather it's getting it or doing it. Spice 5-2 has lost two in a row. So he will be coming out with guns blazing for sure. My predicition is Lermontov by KO.

Ikki Takeda: The fourth fight on the main card is between the sick psychopath Corey Mercer and Iso Paa. Mercer unbeaten at 4-0 has to take an aids test before every fight and pass it before being allowed to fight as he bathes in blood before every fight. Needless to say blood does not bother this guy. Paa 4-1 has some of the best stand up this side of the equator and like Lermontov has only lost on the local circuit and is unbeaten here. My pick is Paa by KO.

Ikki Takeda: The fight to kick off the main card is between I couldn't finish a paper bag Nils Ragnaar 3-1 all wins by decision and Man Itizer 8-6 all wins by KO. Ragnaar is a point fighter with a karate style much like Josh Thompson just not the power. Itizer may have hit the wall in the chin department as he is coming off two straight losses by KO. My pick is Ragnaar by decision.

Ikki Takeda: Underard prediction time and then an interview with one of the guys on it. Daucourt by submission, Armstrong by KO, MO by decision, Santana by submission, and Santos by KO.

Ikki Takeda: I'm here with Remi Daucourt a great new talent that well known in the bjj world as he is an Abu Dhabi Champion. Welcome Remi.

Remi Daucourt: Thanks Ikki.

Ikki Takeda: So how good is your bjj?

Remi Daucourt: Well I'm a champion in it for a reason. I'm the best for a reason. I have the best bjj in the world unlike the fake champion Kishimoto.

Ikki Takeda: What are your thoughts on being on the undercard?

Remi Daucourt: It's absurd. I'm definitely a main card talent. Heck I'm the best with a submission game that no-one can stop the champ included.

Ikki Takeda: Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Remi Daucourt: With that belt around my waist. I didn't come here after winning the Abu Dhabi Championship to not show the world that bjj is king and I'm the king of kings.

Ikki Takeda: How do you see your fight with Christian Cyborg going?

Remi Daucourt: No way he can stop my takedowns and no way he can stop my bjj. So without a question I win by submission. Who's next!?

Ikki Takeda: Well thank you for your time with us Remi.

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