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Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
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205 Blake Phoenix Jamison Cassidy
265 Hip Hop Ross Barkley
265+ Ross Barkley Maxim Popov

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Weekend Recap:
It was a weekend with 3 title fights, more than 6500 on both the Saturday and Sunday Event and a Sunday Event of a 222 Rating to close it out.
This brings SyFi back into the Top 20, currently spotting a 15th rank among Orgs.
But let's go day by day.

Certainly the lowest in name quality and rating, nevertheless Friday showed some quality young talent, we likely will see more of in the future.
The Main Event put two veterans, that both already challenged for the 155 title against each other. Gennady Golovkin (7-4) made short work of Murphy Brown, Golovkin, who lost the title to Akimbo Spice in April will look to give it another shot challenging for another title fight. His Boxing power was simply too much in this fight.A TKO after 2:34.
In the CO-Main Event the talk before the fight was all about Kurt Wagners black belt, however, Ivan Dmitrievich had the better of the 2, just fighting in his second fight at SFC at 205, he put a big punch out to get a KO just over a minute into Round 2.
In the undercard Cat Fhin and Ivar the Boneless scored wins at 265+, while Kento Ban Gbus showed great class in his move from 155 to 145, winning against star talent DeMArio Valdez, whom he TKOed in Round 3. While Ban Gbus will face Akimbo Spice, the former 155 champ next, Valdez will move down to 135.

Fight of the night: Cat Fhin vs Voshon Daniels
KO of the night: Kento Ban Gbus
Sub of the night: Roy Jones Gracie

The 205 title fight was in the spotlight of the Saturday, Mister McNasty and Pablo Spezziale made their way towards the ring, and it was obvious McNasty was not at 100%, holding his champion belt, it was almost as if he wanted to say good bye to it. And Spezziale stormed out dominating the fight early, Spezziale took down McNasty early and dominated Round 1. It was another go for Spezziale in Round 2, however McNasty settled in, rocking Spezziale around the 3 minute mark, but still Spezziale showed more class in the Round overall. But the signs were clear, the champ was ready by now, and in Round 3 he put on the clinch, dominated for a full 4 minutes and put on the TKO with the Round running to a close. Mc Nasty defended the belt for a 4th time, and now is waiting for the winner of the No.1 Challenger fight between Comeau and Carnera, who both had been beaten by him earlier, but would love a rematch.
In the Co- Main Event veteran Alexis Anderson got his 2nd win in SyFi, when he fought his way to a decision over former Challenger Sergei Bumanov, who looked out of shape. Anderson struggled in Round 1, when Bumanov was still able to put on a clinch, when he wanted. But in Round 2 the tide changed, and it was Anderson rocking Bumanov and dominating, in Round 3 Anderson put the finishing touched on, dominating in the clinch himself, winning the fight.
In the Undercard at 155 Akimbo Spice, former champion and much talked about character, was ready to face his final challenge, facing 4-1 Fiyero Lermontov, who many spotted as the greatest talent SFC has on offer. However Akimbo was not ready for retirement, he dominated Lermontov for 3 minutes before being taken down, and bravely keeping Lermontov off. In Round 2 Lermontov showed his class, taking down Spice and showing a gazzilion of Sub Attempts, but Spice hang in there. In Round 3 a tired Lermontov got rocked, and couldn't manage another takedown, being hit by Spice , who took the round and the Decision. Spice will live another live, and already confirmed he'll move down to 145, for a revenge fight against Kento Ban Gbus, who beat his teammate DeMario Valdez recently. Well, SyFI Management sure hopes Akimbo Spice, would give a shot at the 145 title, if he wins.
In other undercard action at 185 Iso Paa and Nils Ragnaar showed lots of class, Paa beat slightly favoured previously unbeaten Corey Mercer, and now the talk outside of Paas camp is about a championship fight.
At 145 Remi Dacourt showed his class, after being featured on Ikkis Preview show, he kept his words, and beat Christian Cyborg, already confirmed he'll face Phillip Zieske next, in a showdown of 145 super talents.

Fight of the night: Luiz Santos vs Nilo Putsok
KO of the night: Killian Armstrong
Sub of the night: Marcos Santana

A day with 2 Championship fights awlways brings excitment, however, today, the fireworks were the Champions only, with both title fights ending in Round 1 defenses.
The Main Event saw the rematch of Rick Piano and Bill Shorton, and when it started, people might think they were shown a replay of their first fight back in March. Shorton put on the clinch in the first minute, but Piano succesfully broke it, and from then on hammered a helpless Shorton. At the 2:39 mark it was a brutal KO for Piano. Shorton lasted 40 seconds longer than in the first fight.
Piano stays unbeaten, and will move on waiting for better challengers.
At 135 Double Champion Daichi Kishimoto also faced a fighter again, he beat in brilliant fashion before. Kishimoto won the 135 title against Glass Joe in Early April by a submission in 3:21 against Glass Joe. Since then both went unbeaten, and so the rematch was setup. Veteran Glass Joe brought his boxing gloves, but was taken down early in Round 1, and submitted even quicker today. At the 2:35 mark the Submission was on, and Kishimoto could celebrate. Next up likely a 145 defense also against the man he won the title against (Jazz Clementine) is up for Kishimoto.
The Undercard brought the 265 Challenger spot, Ross Barkley faced young Russian Talent Sergei Korotkiy. And Barkley, the only man to go into Round 2 with Rick Piano showed his class. Barkley failed to get Korotkij in the clinch, however his punches from a distance were enough to finish the russian, who got KO ed at the 1:38 mark. Barkley may hunt for Piano again next.
At 205 Corey Smith jr. Made it 4 wins in a row, with a TKO of former Champ Damatang Camara, who looked out of shape and far away from championship form. In other action Gooti Kuusta got a TKO win by a cut to Bear Stevenson.
Two big talents showed their class, at 265 Machiavelli Restin Peace beat Ben Elliot, and at 135 the debut of Trai Prugsanapan was a cracking one.

Fight of the night: Machiavelli RestInPiece vs Ben Elliot
KO of the night: Trai Prugsanapan
Sub of the night: Daichi Kishimoto

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