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GAMMA: July Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham

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GAMMA: July Part 2

by James Isaac Abraham


Welterweight Title

Pablo Maracon vs Robin Yount

Former UGD star, now your GAMMA welterweight champ Pablo Maracon took challenge for his first title defense against a homegrown talent in Robin Yount. Robin Yount spent most of his career in GAMMA, with 80% of his career fought in a GAMMA affiliated org, including a time he became a lightweight champ way back in 2016. Yount hit rock bottom a year ago with a series of losses but now heís back after clinching the GAMMA Contenders middleweight belt. He faced the streaking champ Maracon and the champ didnít go easy on him.

It was a closely fought match and both fighters pushed even if they acquired a cut mid fight. Iíd give Maracon credit for his brilliant striking against the challenger. The champ was more accurate with his hits. Yount on the other hand wanted to bring it to the clinch. Yount was more accurate in clinch striking but the champ was far more aggressive, probably earning him more points in that aspect.

The match ended with 3 judges scoring the match to the champ. Great battle and I hope Yount finds his way back to the title scene again for another shot.

Result: Pablo Maracon retains Welterweight Title via Unanimous Decision

Middleweight Bout

Razmig Grigorian vs Matt Quin

Another episode of recent GAMMA superstar acquisition going against a homegrown veteran. The former GAMMA Middleweight champ Matt Quin goes head to head against the former Dare Middleweight champ, a top 5 middleweight of the world.

Grigorian was by far the better striker here and it was evident that Quin was smart enough to try and take the match to the ground given his excellent grappling skills. However, Grigorianís defense on the ground is tremendous, doing a great job defending against the black belt Quin. As Quin tries to take Grigorian down again, Grigorian just keeps on hammering Quin from distance, punching through his chin bit by bit. Quin got rocked early in the 2nd. He tried his best to hold on but the damage was too much. Grigorian doesnít waste his time and putís Quin to sleep with an epic uppercut followed by a series of strikes. The referee had no choice but to stop it.

Result: Razmig Grigorian wins via 2nd round TKO (Strikes)


Light Heavyweight Title

Menace Defoe vs Ghazi Okah 3

Familiar faces atop our 205 rankings, Okah and Defoe go head to head for the 3rd time. When these 2 fight, you always get a good show. Both competitive, highly skilled, experienced and have excellent chin. When Okah came to GAMMA, it was Defoe who was in the way for the title. Defoe showed him that it was his turf but GAMMA 713, Okah came back with a statement that he is the better fighter. Okah was so aggressive dominating the match early but the champ didnít back down. Defoe staged a comeback but it wasnít enough as Okah earned the scores for the 3 rounds.

In this 3rd encounter, Okah is the champ and Defoe is now the challenger. As expected, it was another closely fought match. Outstanding performance by both fighters. Almost evenly matched in striking and in the clinch. It was a mere battle that anyone could win. However, in the end, it was the judgesí job to call a winner and this time, the belt remains to the champion Okah. A fight of true champions. Will go down as one of the best rivalries in GAMMA. I hope to see a 4th battle though. Letís see if Defoe finds his way back up or if Okah keeps the throne long enough.

Result: Ghazi Okah retains Light Heavyweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Featherweight Title

Gareth Keenan vs Karol Mirowski 4

When you talk about a rivalry, you can never forget about the featherweights of GAMMA, Mirowski and Keenan. This is the fourth time they fought this year. Itís not like they are the only good guys in the division. Itís just that they beat their way into the top of the division and end up battling each otherís hearts out. These guys were born to be champs and seeing a match fought by these two is plain luck for us MMA fans.

Keenan was the reigning champ when his top ranked manager David Brent went on a hiatus and released him. Now, heís with a new manager and will make his debut under Lance Templetonís command (also a top ranked manager).

When you see rivals like them going at it, and you are the judge, youíd definitely go crazy trying to score the match. It was so tightly contested all throughout. Both fighters are absolute beasts in striking and they never hold back, specially when they fight each other. Another 200 strikes thrown per fighter match between the two. It was so close until Keenan almost KOíd Mirowski. Mirowski got rocked late in the 5th and he was wobbly. Keenan was this close to a KO win but Mirowski kept evading until he regained control of his body!

I honestly didnít guess the winner until the judges revealed it. Even the judges had a hard time, with 2 judges favoring the challenger Mirowski.

Result: Mirowski wins Featherweight Title via Split Decision

Super Heavyweight Title

Dustin Kruger vs Bubba Gumption 2

Not long after losing the belt to the new guy Kruger, Bubba is back to challenge his former throne. He destroyed Saric and Heimendahl in a 1st round finish, proving that he wants the belt back right away. Kruger on the other hand has his own feat, defending the belt against contenders Glozman and Pagnozzi.

Now they met again for the second time. This time, Kruger was the champ. Their last match was a closely contested match until a splendid KO came in via Kruger. Just like the first outing, Bubba wins the first round. Great striking from both fighters but Bubba gets the lead.

However, just like the first match, it was Kruger who kept his cool and keeps punching blow by blow. Bubba wants to clinch but it seems Kruger wants to keep it in distance. It was another close match only until Kruger got a clean shot to knock the former champion down. He wants Bubba back up and he does! But here comes another blow by the champ and Bubba goes down again.

As expected of a former champ and future legend Bubba, he wonít get KOíd easily. He once again stood up and quickly regained his senses. Excellent heart and chin right there. It wouldíve been an early KO for anyone. But it was the champ Kruger in the end who prevailed. After damaging Bubba with a body kick, he puts him to sleep with a nasty hook in the closing seconds of the round. Great win by the champ Kruger. I expect Bubba to be back in no time.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains Super Heavyweight Title via 2nd round KO

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