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Aspire 65: McGee vs Lee

Event Review: Aspire 65: McGee vs Lee
Aspire MMA
2017-08-06, Los Angeles, LA Memorial Colossuseum
Attendance:91,523, Event Rating:761
Author:Adam Holland

Aspire 65: McGee vs Lee - Live from the LA Memorial Colossuseum (93,607) : Attendance - 91,522 : Event Rating - 761.24 : PPV Sales - 169,664

Betting: Aspire Casino

Thoughts from the CEO: Tonight, I'm pleased to announce two more upcoming inductions into the Aspire Hall of Fame set to take place at our final LA Memorial Colossuseum event on the 27th of August before we make our permanent residence in the Wombley Arena in London, England.

Induction into the Aspire HoF will take place only three times per calendar year with scheduled dates of the 27th of August 2017, 27th of December 2017 and 8th of April 2018 for the next three ceremonies with a class induction limit of just five combatants per induction, each new addition must meet the caliber and standard set by all previous inductees to ensure the lasting legacy and prestige of the honour going forward.

It is with great pleasure I announce joining Aspire 185lbs champion Casper Timme

GAMMA: July 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb

Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

July 2017 recap part 2

By Alika Webb

GAMMA#648 Bryant v Grumption – July 22

265+ title - Gerbert Bryant (c) Vs Bubba Gumption

"President" Gerbert Bryant cemented his place in GAMMA history when he conquered the GAMMA heavyweight title and in doing so became a two division champion but there is no rest for the wicked as another super heavyweight collision was already in the works. Considering the domination of the global phenomenon, throwing some new blood into the mix was more than welcome. A product of GAMMA’s developmental organization GAMMA Kids in New York, Bubba "Shrimpin" Gumption is a dangerous kickboxer with a killer instinct. He is no stranger to title fights either, capturing the heavyweight title in his promotional debut for GAMMA Kids put him on the map and the title picture was never far removed from the experienced striker duri

Aspire Nutrition

Aspire Nutrition, Clothing Company, London
Company profile by Tom Bickle

Aspire Nutrition is going strong at the moment, constantly fluctuating between #1 and #2 hyped worldwide. That’s all down to our loyal customers and we can’t thank them enough for their continued support.

We have just released our latest product, ‘Aspire Gluttony’, a 160 quality weight gain supplement, which is fantastic for helping your fighter move up a weight class.

The release of our new product comes at the same time as a rebrand of our 160 quality energy recovery supplement, formerly known as Prin… I mean ‘Aspire Energy 160’, which will now be known as ‘Aspire Adrenaline’.

We at Aspire cannot thank you guys enough for your support the past few months. You have all been amazing and we could never have made our dream of reaching the #1 spot for the first time a reality without your continued loyalty to our brand.

I hope to see

Dynasty K-1 Grand Prix

Dynasty K-1, Fight Organization, Tokyo
Company profile by Grant Brophy

 DYNASTY K-1 Grand Prix 



A Tournament which will be spoken of in the Annals of time.




We are Proud to announce here at DYNASTY K-1 our 64 man epic creation tournament.


OFC 305: Wyatt vs Jah REVIEW

Event Review: OFC 305: Wyatt vs Jah
OFC: Ontario Fight Club
2017-08-12, Amsterdam, The Beer Garden
Attendance:5,047, Event Rating:325
Author:King Justus

OFC 305: Wyatt vs Jah REVIEW http://mmatycoon.com...php?EvID=889712

This past weekend, the OFC made the trek to Amsterdam for the 1st time, where everything is legal...except soccer kicks to the head of a downed opponent. Over 5000 fight fans filled The Beer Garden arena, along with weed smoke and anticipation for an exciting night of fights. And that's exactly what they got with big finishes under the big lights, that would bring joy to the heart and a tear to the eye of Cro Cop, reminding him of earlier days, simpler times. Right Kick hospital, Left Kick Cemetery...but more on that in just a bit. OFC 305 is now the 7th Highest Rated Event in org history, so you know the stoners got their money's worth with this one. And before we get in to the results, for anyone planning a trip to the Red Light District, I highly recommend the Blueberry and Bruce Banner strains of their finest but...Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!


Marty Robbin's Fight Ranch™

Marty Robbin's Fight Ranch, Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Buff Minion

Welcome to the first season of Marty Robbin's Fight Ranch™!

Over the course of this season you will see 32 Mixed Martial Artists duke it out at the Robbin's family ranch right here in Agua Fria, NM (For legalities sake our official paper work says we're in Las Vegas.

Also, for those of you asking, who is Marty Robbins? Let me answer that, Marty Robbins became a superstar overnight through the social media platform, Buzz, with his hashtag #PaSays capturing all the hilarious opinions of his redneck, cowboy Dad he calls Pa.

With his do or die attitude, he’s had some exciting fights in his young career already. However, Marty aspires one day to become an actor and avoid all the CTE.

Anyway, back to the show, the fighters will stay in the breath-taking Casa de la #PaSays were they will be training, sleeping, eating, etc. for the next half a (tycoon) year. Contestants will do general chores on the ranch but will also participate in all sorts of challen

Mikael - The Documentary (Part 5)

Fighter profile of Mikael Brophy by Grant Brophy

“Mikael” - Part 5 of the critically acclaimed documentary by Eugene Jarecki.

Following Mikael’s monumental victory over James Adams to become the Aspire Interim Light Heavyweight champion, we were in attendance at the Post Fight Press Conference as Mikael made his way into the room, 15 minutes later than scheduled. Carrying his interim title, he put it down on the table in front of his microphone, drained an entire bottle of water in one go, before settling down in his seat to address the media.

MB: Sorry about the delay guys, knocking out undefeated fighters in just over one round is tiring work, you gotta understand. I’m here now anyway, so feel free to fire away with your questions.

Reporter: Mikael, you have just come out of the fight relatively unscathed compared to what most people who face Adams end up like. How important do you feel your gameplan was for this fight?

MB: Well to be fair, most people who face him lose so no surprise t


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Contact: Alika Webb

Contact: Justin Ass
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