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Aspire MMA: Weekly update 2nd July 2017 (Aspire 48 & Aspire

Event Review: Aspire 49: Zaitsev vs Slice
Aspire MMA
2017-07-01, Los Angeles, University Park
Attendance:12,977, Event Rating:337
Author:Adam Holland

 Hello all, it's been a couple week's since I did a weekly update myself with our head of talent relations Shiv Redux filling in for me in recent weeks!

I just want to start by saying how proud I am of all of the managers at Aspire MMA who have helped us achieve so much in a short period of time, always supporting me and been willing to really build an atmosphere were the very best in the ID range are willing to combat each has fostered a roster brimming with main event talent

we are now at a point where we are putting clear main event fights in the third and fourth slots of some of our cards and that's no loss at all, with the move to PPV this is leading to fantastic levels of initial PPV sales for a new organisation breaking into

Mörmate Obiwani interviews IFC top talent

ISLAND FC, Fight Organization, The Island
Company profile by Kalle Derlude

 Mörmate Obiwani interviews IFC top talent - the Island's finest



With the Island competition fielding the finest (and some not so fine) up and comers, that the world of MMA has to offer, Island FC is currently regarded as the biggest org on the Island. As this season is starting to take shape and some dominant figures have emerged, yours truly, Mörmate Obiwani, is having a sit down with some of the top ten ranked fighters of the organization. Who knows? Maybe this series of interviews will have the first public appearances of future Hall of Famers? Only for us to look back at them fondly and with utmost sentimentality some years down the way.



Let's start at the very top of the rankings. Mörmate Obiwani is sitting down with the two top ranked fighters of the entire Island: "Born Again" Ben McHough (#1) and "Goth Kid" Robert Hurt (#2).


#1 Headband

About Me: Chris Karter

Chris Karter has obtained the #1 Headband. The K.O. King has successfully reached the top of the ranks of managers in every era of the engine, sealing his status as the GOAT. He reached #1 boasting the #1 P4P fighter (Kajun Puno) and the #3 P4P fighter (Abraham Donowitz) in the game - a feat that the majority of the Hall of Fame cannot claim. He's the all-time leader in wins, knockouts, and has guided 3 different fighters to the top spot of #1 P4P.

"I used to be excellent at finding talent. Now talent finds me. There isn't a fighter on the planet that doesn't want to train with my guys at Convicted Fight Club. It's the best damn gym on the planet and produces the best fighters too."


The Convicted Inc President has recently focused on the rejuvination of K-

The Final Battle

Event Preview: The Final Battle
2017-07-16, New York, Hard Knocks - New York
Author:Justin Ass

This is where we part our ways,

goodbye my friend.

Nearing the end of our days,

we’ll be defiant till the end!


This is the final battle

where there can only be one winner.

We drove the fighters in like cattle,

now their ranks seem a lot thinner.


We tried our best

and gave it our

GAMMA: Happy 8th Birthday!

Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

8 Years ago, the historic organization by the name of Global Association of MMA was born, since then GAMMA has went on to lead the game in various categories such as being the all time leader in events held (640) and fights booked (6390). During that period we are also the longest running org with a single owner and 2nd oldest active organization. We have had 135 fighters hit top 100 rank and in total, 4 of which hit top spot.

GAMMA is probably in it's strongest position ever, with 21 top 100 ranked fighters, 36 top 200 ranked fighters and 103 in the top 1000, all current game records. We are also running 2 second and 3rd tier organizations for well over 3 years now and also have a sister presence in MT with GAMT run by Runt . (108617).

We also have had a pretty good run against other top orgs in the game with a record of 139-74-3 in our super fights and i would like to thank owners of Ascension, Syncronicity, TTFC, Nordic Fire Championship, Versus, Steel Penn, Aggressive Damage in particular for organizing the largest majority of those super fights.

I cannot leave out Mega Jug as being our all time super fight partner with a total of 28 super fights arranged to date, we have had our differences over the years but still get things done when necessary.

We have had serveral top level managers participate in GAMMA, but i need to send out a special thanks to our HOF managers Gale Hawthorne (22636),
Whymer Van Mastodon (40116), Boondock The Destroyer (503), Mr Gutz (3074), Igor Psycho (6994), Dom Jaehnke (20196), Face Kicker (2965), Pawel Ufcowski (52087), Gerbert Bryant (84742), Paulie Walnuts (79001), Seppo Koskinen (2820), Fart Master (102643), Richard Davenport (10647), Grund McGrunderson (3341) as well as future GAMMA HOF managers Digga Dogman (91254

Syn' 527 Aftermath

Event Review: Syn 527 - Scorched
2017-05-26, Los Angeles, LA Memorial Colossuseum
Attendance:92,177, Event Rating:1,003
Author:Chris Karter


It was an event that seen two new contenders of completely opposite sizes and proportions, emerge as newly crowned champions in the most prestigious and historical organization in the game - Synchronicity. It was a night that will go down in history, one that the true fans of MMA will remember forever.



Puno vs De Gaul

Kajun "Pinoy Savage" Puno, from Chris Karter's Convicted Fight Club, knocks out Obelix De Gaul in the 2nd round of the main event with a punch that rocked the world. An early knockout of the year candidate, Puno was dropped early in the first round but never seemed to be in trouble. He showed the heart of his father as he fired back to score a knockout of the ages capturing the Syn' Heavyweight title and the #1 Pound for Pound world ranking. This was an event that will seal his name and legacy in the MMATycoon Hall of Fame.

Result: KO (Punch) / RD 2 / 2:42



About Me: Alika Webb


By Alika Webb



This is where we part our ways,

goodbye my friend.

Nearing the end of our days,

we’ll be defiant till the end!


This is the final battle

where there can only be o


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