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OFC 250: Glorious! REVIEW

Event Review: OFC 250: Glorious!
OFC: Ontario Fight Club
2017-01-14, Montreal, The Expo
Attendance:5,410, Event Rating:277
Author:King Justus

As the crowd gathered in, concession lines filled, show programs were handed out and Glorious Domination blared through the arena speakers; Fight fans from around the world knew they were in for a treat and about to witness something special! How could they not when an event features four Title fights and high stakes Title eliminators out the wazoo! Final numbers are still coming in but early reports from Dave Meltzer are declaring this event achieved the 2nd largest attendance and 4th highest rating in OFC History! On top of this, the OFC made waves once again jumping 17 spots in the Global Rankings but hey, it's not like we pay attention to that sort of thing. So...Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!

What better way to start then with the Main Event, OFC Middleweight Champion Darren "Hurt" Lock

DFC Las Vegas 46 Event Preview

Event Preview: DFC Las Vegas 46
Dissolution Fighting Championship (290k+)
2017-01-13, Las Vegas, Hard Knocks - Las Vegas
Author:Master Po

 DFC Las Vegas 46 (876602)

On: January 13, 2017 At: Hard Knocks - Las Vegas  In association with: THE END 32     Foreword:  Before I got into breaking down the fights on this event I thought I would quickly introduce myself. I started building my own stable of fighters in August of 2016, so I am a very new to MMA Tycoon. I have a lot to learn, but hope that I can help DFC build upon the success that is has already enjoyed. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns for me feel free to send me a message. To keep this short and sweet I just wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity. Thanks for having me good people!      Gustav Gustavsson vs Franco Micheli - 155 lbs Kicking things off is a fight in the 155 lb division between Gustav "Big Gus" Gustavsson and Franco Micheli. Big Gus has a KT record of 1-3. He started training at 18 under Crissy Teranova. For reasons unknown he was released. Now at 20 years old he has teamed up with a new manager "

4Kings . 002 - Small recap

Event Review: 4Kings . 002
The Four Kings (305k+)
2017-01-07, Helsinki, The Underground - Helsinki
Attendance:795, Event Rating:64


A solid night of fights guys! We had a bunch of cool finishes and couple real barn burners. The org is still not making any money but that doesn't matter because I know that if it continues on this track the money will soon come (to you aswell!). :D

OTN bonuses were $1000:

- Fight of the night : Bhullar vs Riner - This fight didn't last one

Kings Fighting Championship opens doors at 310k ID

Kings Fighting Championship 310K+, Fight Organization, London
Company profile by King Kendrick

After months of solid preparation, Kings FC owner David King and CEO Krum Koev announced that the fight organization is funded and ready to open its doors as soon as the game reaches 310k ID. The news, which were embraced as a present by the MMA fans around the world, came exactly on Boxing Day when an initial announcement was posted on the company’s website. Here is a short briefing on what important information we managed to gather from the announcement and other sources like the company’s website and rumors from people close to King and Koev:


 Kings FC

HFC 34 Event Review and Results

Event Review: HFC 34
Honour Fighting Championships (300k+)
2017-01-14, London, Wild Bob's Bar - London
Attendance:750, Event Rating:106
Author:Master Po

 HFC 34 (877372) Event Review and Results

Honour Fighting Championships is keeping on keeping on. Partnered up with Vandal & Laundry the 300k+ ID organization is steadily putting together one great event after another.

In front of a sold out crowd at Wild Bob's Bar this up and coming organization did not disappoint. 
Renato Ibanez vs Grzegorz Gorski - 155 lbs
The first fight of the evening was the only fight to go the distance. I try to find something positive about every fight to point out in a review, but this one is giving me a hard way to go.

I guess the positive is that it was the first fight, and it was over and done with early, allowing the other more entertaining fights to take over.

Ibanez came out trying to take the fight to the mat which he did. On the ground the pace was slow and the crowd was noticibly displeased. Ibanez did just enough grounding and pounding to win all rounds and the fight as a whole.

On the feet Gorski did better with striking at range, but couldn't prevent Ibanez' takedowns or do anything to score points on the ground. 
Prediction: Ibanez Subm

yearly aWARds 2016

About Me: Alika Webb

Once upon a time in a land called MMATycoonia, the admin god Michelangelo decided to take a well deserved break after having fought off the Aaron wolves of darkness who roamed his land with powers they stole from the MMATycoonia deity himself. Relieved he may have been trouble was still brewing in the world that he created …



yearly aWARds 2016

a clusterfuck parody by the mentally unstable mind of Alika Webb



Tribes were competing and at the end of the year 2015, I mean 2016 (change the name on the forum already!), they decided to award prizes to those who achieved greatness in that year. Thus the yearly awards were created and members of those tribes got the chance to cast their vote. But some tribes were concerned that they would get dominated in the votes by one of the biggest tribes

GAMMA: Fighter of the year award

Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

We finally have a winner of the fighter of the year and it is Gunnar Steigelmann!!! I did an update of the rankings on the 22nd of October, updated until GAMMA#590 Lewis v Williams and at that point Gunnar was in 2nd place behind Rufus McTearson, but i predicted that Gunnar would probably end up winning the award, due to the extra fight, plus the fact that he was holding the title at the time. Well, i ended up getting it right as Gunnar completed the year with a total of 100 points tipping Rufus McTearson for second place. It did not help that Rufus had a poor run of form to end the year, but end of the day, it would not play much of a role on the final standings. Prado dropped down to 4th, something i did not expect, Viv sent him down 1 spot. There was some movement in the lower positions, with Joe Jordan making the biggest late season push, but overall there was not massive changes in the positions since October.

Interesting to point out here is the fact that both


Fighter Kaganoga "The Wolf" Tamayaka is looking for a company and sponsorship! Inexperienced but eager to make a name for himself! Please contact Lance Greenwood for more info.http://www.mmatycoon.com

Contact: Lance Greenwood
if someone looking for poster designer. please contact me i can do that for you also all of my fighter is not eat anything in last three days so if you want to help them just let me work for u :-(

Contact: Satriyo Wibowo
If anyone one is looking for a contract for 185 and 265, SFC out of London is looking for fresh talent. Eventually we would like to open up some smaller divisions.

Contact: Mr. Manager
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Talk To Taco

Fighter profile of Brock Lesnar by Jay Tycoon

  Talk To Taco

with the man himself MR.Brock Lesnar 265 lbs champion -of rev island

best heavy-weight on the island this season



Taco: Brock are you ready to talk to taco?

Brock: Shit let's just get this over with.

Taco: How has island life been treating you Brock?

Brock: Listen hear i am white boy and i am jacked it 

UGD 39: Gallagher v Westlund

Event Review: UGD 39:Gallagher Vs Westlund
2017-01-07, London, Knights Court
Attendance:18,000, Event Rating:323
Author:Northern Ninjas

In news released earlier this week, Underground’s CEO, Mr. McKenna, announced that the promotion would be moving into new territory by eliminating their long-time 260k ID restriction. After a carefully planned breakthrough in 2016, this next step was a logical progression for an organization looking to be on top.  In the first card of the year - and the first after this announcement - UGD wasted no time moving forward.

A promotional record 18,000 fans piled into Knight’s Court on Saturday night in an event that would go on to break the Event Rating, Fighter Pay and Ticket Revenue high marks for the organization. The entire card featured a number of fun back-and-forth scraps, but here’s how the main card broke down:

Main Event – Lightweight Title Fight

Philip "Lip" Gallagher v Loke "Laughing Agony" Westlund

In our main event, 2-time lightweight champion Phillip Gallagher looked to make his first successful title defence when he took on an undefeated Swedish challenger in Loke Westlund. The skills and physical attributes appeared to be pretty much even in this one, so it’s no surprise how tightly contested the fight would play out  -

at least for a while. Gallagher came out aggressive with punches to open the contest, eventually trapping the challenger against the cage in a tight clinch. Westlund would hold is own, howev

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