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KILL : End of Island Season Prizes

Kickboxing Island League of Legends, Fight Organization, The Island
Company profile by Hunter Johnson

 We welcome all KT fighters on the Island to join the Kickboxing Island League of Legends!

The following prizes will be awarded after the last event of The Island season :

155 lbs Champion after last event : 1 year of VIP to manager

205 lbs Champion after last event : 1 year of VIP to manager

265+ lbs Champion after last event : 1 year of VIP to manager


Most wins : $150 000

Most KO wins : $100 000

Most decision wins : $50 000

Most losses : $30 000


Most active Smack Talker on thread : 60 da

3 Reasons To Become A UFC Fan

Editorial by Mike Tycoon

UFC is a relatively recent creation. It was founded in 1993, which is now 26(!) years ago. While that means there are fans who have been following for over two decades, there is still no long-running UFC tradition. Unlike football, where your father, father’s father, and father’s father’s mother, were all fans.

If you aren’t yet a UFC fan, you might be wondering why you should bother. Getting involved in a new sport can be exhilarating, but it takes emotional investment. Those who aren’t in the US may even have to use a VPN to watch UFC online.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! Here are 3 reasons why.


The Ultimate Reality TV

Reality TV has changed the world over the past couple of decades. From Survivor to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, TV shows have been trying to convince us that reality is more interesting than fiction.

However, we all know that reality TV generally strays very far from the actual reality. Creative editing a

Birth of a new MMA KING

Fighter profile of Dodong Santiago by Dodong Santiago

Hello everyone ill leave it to you guys SHORT. IM DODONG SANTIAGO from the PHILIPPINES im a Manager / fighter amd i got 3/wins i a row and im feeling it going to 💯  reaching to the top for me is easy im PUMP UP AND HYPED  so im Calling all the  COMPANY or ORG and fighting club to sign me up or SPONSOR ME. So as i go 🔝  you go also that means more profit so just inbox me to anyone who's READY TO DO BIG THINGS..   Im the perfect MAN for you . 


KILL opens on The Island

Kickboxing Island League of Legends, Fight Organization, The Island
Company profile by Hunter Johnson

 Kickboxing Island League of Legends opens on The Island


Good news for all the KT fans!


We are looking for the best kickboxers the Island has to offer this season.


Standing Alone

Ultimate Pit Fighting (345K+), Fight Organization, New York
Company profile by Dale Saw

Green Lotus Fight Club in New York is the one and only QFC fight club in the tycooniverse. They are the only org that challenges the players of MMATYCOON to actually understand the sliders and the hierarchy of them. And as it has only hosted 10 events thus far, but we can already see which managers have a better understanding of the sliders.

One of those managers is Jungle Lord (125683) whose fighter Jungle Prince (339866) has an impressive record of 10-0 and winning QFC Tournament 878 prior to joining GLFC. 

However, that doesn't mean that GLFC is the best org out there, it just mean that they have another thing to offer the managers to keep more diversity within the tycooniverse. So I hope to see more fighters join the ranks of QFC.


Zenith Nutrition

Zenith Nutrition (160q/$200), Clothing Company, New York
Company profile by Kyle Moore

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS SALE! Through January 5th, all products will be reduced to $100!

Unlock your highest level of potential! Our 160Q products are tested and proven...and used by many of the managers you see tearing up the top 100! Zenith Nutrition has been in buisness for over 4 years providing some of the best suppliments on the market. Please feel free to contact us for sponsorships and laundry opportunities, which have a return of 90%! You can find us in New York in Times Square, or visit us on our webpage to start getting the upper hand on your competition!


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