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GAMMA: July Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

Editorial by James Isaac Abraham

GAMMA: July Part 1

by James Isaac Abraham



Super Heavyweight Title


Apology to my Clients

Doherty's Gym, Gym, Sydney
Company profile by Steven Hanks

On behalf of Doherty's Gym and it's illustrious trainers, we would like to apologise to all current and previous talent affected by our training sessions. For those who don't know, earlier this month a 2 year veteran manager decided to join his 16 fighters to Doherty's Gym.  The 16 fighters then joined near full sessions and expanded them to 6-8 people per session.

At Doherty's we strive on professionalism for a premium gym, where results are guaranteed. However such a manager compremised these standards, this forced us to call out to this trainer to remove his fighters from these sessions. This message was recieved though ignored.

We then had to come to the near crippling decision, to remove his 16 fighters from the gym. This meant a loss of $16,000 per week for the gym! So I'd like to reassure everyone, this saga is over and would like to welcome back any fighters to the gym.

Steven Hanks


Scott Minerva

Fighter profile of Scott Minerva by P J Jones

Sydney’s Far – Q- Gym has got their first champions belt up in the cabinet

Scotty “Moose’ Minerva, the 26yr Toronto native was one of Far-Q’s first free agent signings. After becoming frustrated with his management, Moose made the move to Bondi to join PJ’s new team of up and coming kids. Moose became a hit at the gym instantly and rave reviews from the Sydney media.


Aussie legend Buster Hymen was quoted as saying “with the right guidance and Scotty’s work ethic in the gym, I think this boy can go places.


On the 14th of July at the smoky Micro arena in London, Moose began his climb, knocking out incumbent undefeated Destructive Fighting Championship Heavyweight Champion Hunter Smith in 23 seconds.


After the fight Moo

League of Leagues - Reboot

Editorial by Louie DePalma

 Are you bored with the game? Do you feel you need a spark to get your interest level back up? Do you like to be creative and outspoken? Do you like a challenge? What better way to challenge yourself then in a 64 man free for all! This is the tourney for you!! The League of Leagues - Reboot is in the sign up phase and there is plenty of room for your name! Currently we are almost halfway to our goal of 64 entries, and our Prize Pool continues to grow!!  We are closing in on $10M for the winner of this amazing Tourney!!  Please see below for more information on this tourney. If interested in joining please either contact Louie DePalma (17180) via in game mail or post your interest in the following forum thread!


BANDAI 1: Origins OFFICIAL PREVIEW by Brian Fujitsu

Event Preview: BANDAI 1: Origins
2018-07-27, Los Angeles, Wild Bob's Bar - Los Angeles
Author:Jacob What

 BANDAI 1: Origins is finally upon us. With ten fights across four divisions and six fights in the illustrious Heavyweight division, BANDAI™is sure to kick off with a bang. Excitement levels in the world of MMA are at an all-time high and it’s easy to see why. But just in case you need reminding, let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights. I’m Brian Fujitsu. And this is BANDAI™:

Jake “Franek” Frankowski (0-4-0) vs. Quen “40" Whookey (0-0-0) 
Welterweight @ 170 lbs
I know what you’re thinking. Why is a fight between two fighters with no wins a highlight? Well I’ll tell you why.
Jake Frankowski is a modern day superstar. Just ask the paparazzi that follow him around the streets of Gdynia, Poland. If you know anything about MMA, you know that he has the ability to win. You know that he has the skill, the talent. But you also know that he has struggled with personal issues in the past. Sex, drugs

JAG Battle League Title Night

Event Preview: JBL 1 - Sedlacek vs Dada
JAG Battle League
2018-07-14, London, Hayashi's Lounge - London
Author:Setanta King

JAG Battle League are hosting a fantastic night of fights in London this coming Saturday night with 3 titles up for grabs.  This is an exciting nights for the new up and coming organisation and a great fight night is expected

Preview of the toip 4 fights on the night are as follows:

Main fight of the night despite the title of the event :) is Budo V Shoemaker battling for the Heavyweight title


Thay "Sleeping Pill" Budo         "Air" Jordon Shoemaker

Record 4-0-0 (W-L-D)             Record 3-0-0 (W-L-D)



Rio's Newest Fight Org - GAFF: Rio

GAFF Rio (325k+), Fight Organization, Rio de Janeiro
Company profile by Yamashita Craven

 Today (July 17, 2018) a new era in Rio de Jenerio fighting has begun. The next big fighting orginazation, GAFF: Rio - has been created, and is ready to take Brazil, as well as the world of MMA fighting, by storm.

The orginization's title, GAFF, stands for the company's mission. "Global Association of Fair Fights." 

GAFF was created upon the premise that no matter what level a fighter is at in his career, he should be able to fight an equal opponent. Of course there is always an underdog in any fight - but at GAFF, you will never have to worry about your new fighter being put up against a 14-0 stud who is seven years older, and holds the orginization's title belt in three different weight divisions.

Similarly, you won't have to worry about your 14-8 vetran being put up against a  30-4 champion who has higher skills than your own. 

At GAFF, all fighters can expect frequent and fair fight offers, and the opportunity to begin their career - as well


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