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Q&A with Chris Karter

About Me: Chris Karter


The man you hate to love and love to hate. The Knockout King. The Messiah of Tycoon. White Jesus. Regardless of how you know him, he's undeniably the most polarizing management figure in the MMA landscape. We had a chance to sit down for a quick Q&A with MMATycoon legend and this is what he has to say.

You've been notorious for capturing headlines and making noise you entire career. Has anything changed?

Yeah, I've toned it down a bit.

Any particular reason?

My opponents aren't worthy of the publicity and exposure I bring to the table.

You've had your share of rivalries over the years: Broken Halo Pride, Estefan Chiscano, Jacky Chan, BrainSmasher, International Cocksmen, Vendetta, Qlimax...

I've conquered and defeated every one of them. It's a war of attrition.

Nowadays it's the likes of Ryan Epicity, G Wad, and what is quick

GAMMA: April 2017 recap part 1

Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Alika Webb

April 2017 recap part 1

By Alika Webb



Spring is in effect and the Easter Bunny brought us Easter eggs aplenty so let us rejoice in the festivities as GAMMA keeps the good times rolling with another fresh batch of amazing fights!



GAMMA#623 Bryant v Rutten – April 1



135 title and superfight! - Underestimated Dillashaw Junior (c) (GAMMA) Vs Sean Tallon (EVO)


Bow to the king as true MMATycoon royalty graced us with his presence, o

Keys to Success

About Me: Chris Karter


Chris Karter is a lot of things. He's the face of Convicted Inc - the greatest alliance ever. He's the GOAT in the Hall of Fame. He is the KO King. He's a Los Angeles Sex Symbol. One thing that goes unnoticed, is the amount of charitable work that he brings to the table. He is giving, wise, borderline omnipotent. His mentees succeed under his leadership. Today the GOAT is outlining the keys of success for a tycoon manager.

Hire the KO King as a mentor. Read his Beginner Manual. Emulate his style. Listen to his advice. Buy VIP management license. Open a private gym. Eat your protein. Be persistent. Scout your opponent. Know thy enemy. Read Sun Tzu's Art of War. Piss Excellence. Persevere through adversity. Let your opponent know you are going

This Girl's First Fight

Editorial by Sammi W

 Ok, it’s my first fight.  I’m just a normal girl from the beach.  Most of my kind like surfing and shopping and tanning.  I like to taste blood.  No, I’m not a vampire or some weirdo; I’m now a professional fighter. 

Fight night is here and I’m sweating, my nerves are going crazy, and my stomach hurts.  Ok, I just went to the bathroom and now my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.  It’s my first MMATycoon fight and I’m stoked.  I don’t want to win by decision or some lame submission.  I want victo

Sydney FC 2: Dugan vs. Lard Recap

Event Review: SFC 2: Dugan x Lard
Sydney FC (310k+)
2017-04-15, Sydney, Paddy O'Malley's - Sydney
Attendance:582, Event Rating:56
Author:Theksit Ruengruong

Sydney FC 2: Dugan vs. Lard - Recap

If SFC 1 was a technical affair with more decisions than finishes, the second Sydney Fighting Championship card was a homage to the Just Bleed God, with six knockouts and eight finishes overall. Ringside doctors and cutmen had a busy night, we even wonder if there was enough vaseline and medication backstage to take care of all the wounded...

170 lbs - Dmitri Dravinski vs. Jack Rustern

In the first fight of the night, the wonderful boxer Rustern made a puzzling decision and took it to the ground within the first seconds of action, which would prove to be his undoing. Dravinski quickly reversed position and started working on submission attempts. He ended up on the bottom again after trying an ankle lock, but his active guard kept Rustern in trouble. Dravinski tried a triangle and finally an armbar, f

Abraham Donowitz

Fighter profile of Abraham Donowitz by Chris Karter

Division 1 Tycoon World Grappling Champion. EPL Gold Medalist. Synchronicity Featherweight Champion. #1 Featherweight fighter on the planet. He's a decorated veteran of the sport with a record of 36-13-1. Standing at a massive 5 ft 6 inches and 148 lbs, this bearded Jewish giant walks in the room a grizzled vet, booming with confidence, sporting two championship belts. We're introducing Abraham Donowitz training out of Convicted Fight Club.


Donowitz... Sound familiar? Well it should. His older brother was former #1 P4P fighter Donny "The Bear Jew" Donowitz, one of the greatest Lightweight fighters of all time. Abraham's had big shoes to fill his entire career. He started his fight career off in Insanity, capturing the 145 lb title in his 6th fight. His career looked promising and his future bright as he compiled a 10-0 record and defended his belt in 4 co

Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 33 Review / Weekly Update

Event Review: Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 33
Aspire MMA
2017-04-15, Los Angeles, Venice Beach
Attendance:6,500, Event Rating:234
Author:Adam Holland

Hello all,

I'll keep this week's update short but I wanted to let you all know Dale Mac the former owner of Synchronicity has joined the team here at Aspire MMA and will be providing guidance to me going forward so that I can make the right moves to provide all of you with the best possible organisation, I'm excited to work with him but I wanted you all to understand I'm not going anywhere since it's been asked, I'm here to stay so theirs no concern at all on that front.

Some fight offer I sent out last we


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Contact: Rob Roy
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Syn Supernova Event Preview

Event Preview: Supernova VII
2017-04-21, London, Wombley Arena
Author:Louie DePalma

 Event Preview prepared by Dag Pruego


Welcome to the marque event of the evening and in all of MMA! Synchronicity has always been to give quality events year and year out over the years, and Supernova VII will be no different. Known to have the brightest budding stars duking it out or the veterans settling their rivalries over title matches, to be on this stage is a great honor for every fighter within the organization.

There will be five fights on the main card with five fights on the preliminary card and I will cover the main card for the most part. There are two title fights and plenty experience across the

GAMMA#626 Wolek v Donowitz Analyzing key points to victory

Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

In a featherweight collision for the ages, the best featherweight fighters on the planet are set to face off on the biggest platform they could hope for as the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts proudly presents GAMMA#626 Wolek v Donowitz! My name is Alika Webb and I am here to analyze the historic main event between the number one and number two featherweight fighters on the planet as they will put it all on the line for a chance to solidify themselves as the best featherweight fighter of the world.

Lukasz "Wally" Wolek

1) Be aggressive! BE Aggressive!

While the Polish superstar has enough firepower in his hands to finish the fight early, lately he’s been more focused on keeping the pressure on his opponents from start to finish and the results have been phenomenal. The fact is that his opponent has never been knocked out so it would be a high-risk gamble for the Polish kickboxing sensation to go for the finish. But somet

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