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World Combat Association‚ĄĘ (310K+) Grand Opening

World Combat Associationô (310K+), Fight Organization, New York
Company profile by Mr Hughes

Official Opening

The World Combat Association has officially gone live.  The WCA will have its official base in none other than New York City and plan to hold events in New York and occasionally in Amsterdam.

Management have decided that the organisation will be a (310K+) org and are currently travelling New York signing young talented fighters. 

After the roster is built up and we have recruited a suitable number of fighters, we will plan our first event.



Rising From The Ashes

Fighter profile of Viktor Tsoi by Aylib 2.0

On the tail end of a back-to-back losses, with lights being shut off and the last few stragglers leaving the gym, Aylib 2.0 called Viktor Tsoi into his cigar-reeking office in the corner of a gym that has seen better days.

Aylib : "Listen man, it just seems that you have been struggling with average competition. This is business; I like you, but lets look at some numbers. You've been finished 3 times in the last 12 fights. Your record is middling 7-5. What do you want to do?"

Tsoi, his body language signaling defeat and apathy: "Fight, I guess."

Aylib silently looking at Tsoi, who avoided much eye contact, shifting from from leg to leg, clutching his gym bag.

Tsoi: "Alright, give me chance, let me fight few more and see how it goes. I know I can knock some people out, I know I can sub them. Just haven't been able to piece things together, you know?"

Aylib: "Alright, sounds fair. I just want to be upfront about it. I thin

KFC 6 quick recap

Event Review: KFC 6: Kennedy vs Woodley
Kings Fighting Championship 310K+
2017-03-25, London, The Underground - London
Attendance:874, Event Rating:81
Author:King Kendrick

 Fight of the night without a doubt was Booty vs Hassenkamp. Hassenkamp damaged his opponent seriously in round 1, but Booty survived and managed to show his ground superiority in round 2.

Jack Potter managed to surprise Oori Kan by executing a spectacular guillotine from clinch which awarded him with submission of the night bonus.

GAMMA: February 2017 recap By Alika Webb

Global Association of MMAô , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

Finally, superfights have come back to the Global Association Of Mixed Martial Arts! Superfight season is once again upon us and the fans got a real treat as those fights delivered big time!
EVO 295: Perkele vs Joestar ‚

Island Wars

Event Review: Island Wars
Revolution Island
2017-03-22, The Island, Hard Knocks - The Island
Attendance:3,000, Event Rating:264
Author:Jay Tycoon

 Island Wars

Gjalund Saltsage vs Larry Taft

Taft seemed to assure his own doom when he decided to not once, but twice clinched up with Saltsage. The clinch was all Saltsage, as he battered Taft into oblivion. A simple Super Heavyweight opener that won’t affect the landscape of MMA.

James Tucker vs Barbados Slim

Man I thought Taft had it bad. Tucker beat the Crap out of Slim for 2 rounds and strangely enough, it was all Slim’s

GAMT: Young Lions

, Fight Organization,
Company profile by Runt .

The Global Association of Muay Thai (GAMT) proudly brings the Tycoon universe a new unique brand to the game, offering a new type of competition and an exciting opportunity to both veteran and new managers alike.  We introduce to you, GAMT: Young Lions.


Young Lions is a new organization based in Las Vegas that will offer a tournament based system regularly to all interested parties.  This tournament will feature a unique point’s based system, regular fights and exciting match-ups.  I know you’re already frothing at the mouth to know more, so let’s get into it.



overview:  Tournaments will be held in specific divisions at regular intervals on a Swiss Tournament like structure, featuring fights every two weeks, and match-ups based on the fighters score throughout the tournament.  Fighters will not be matched more than once during the tournament rounds and no one will be eliminated until the final round, with each fight running on striking rules only.

At the c


Revolution Island, Fight Organization, The Island
Company profile by Jay Tycoon

NUCLEAR REVOLUTION will be the biggest show to hit the island since Highland games held its last event there

if you asked owner JJ Tycoon he will tell you that it is going to be even bigger !


It is a stacked card that will have pretty much every belt in the org on the line.


At the top of the card is a huge main event 


#1 Brock Lesnar Vs Buck Brown #3




Brock LesnarvsBuck Brown




This fight has a prefight Average Hype/Pop: of  582.6445 and island fight that has a Average Hype/Pop: of dam near 600 is


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