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GAMMA: Jebba HOF Induction

Global Association of MMAô , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

Jebba is one of the most consistent GAMMA managers in our history with almost 100 fights to his name, 42 of which were wins. He has a total of 6 title fights during his time with us. His highest in game all time rank is 37. He has a total of 286 accumulated ranking points, that ranks him 20th all time among all managers.   His greatest success inside GAMMA was without a doubt submission specialist Jimmy Snuka. Jimmy ranked joint 2nd all time in the total submissions category. Willy Wonk, also managed by Jebba is ranked #1 among all GAMMA fighters with 10 total submissions, so you could argue that Jebba is the top "grappling" manager to ever compete among GAMMA managers.     

Future star?

Fighter profile of Stefan Stefansson by Crissy Teranova

Hello Readers.

This interview is brought to you by freelancer Hunter Thompson.   Today im sitting down talking to the new and hopefully upcoming fighter Stefan "The Snake" Stefansson, He insisted on meeting at the gym he calls his second home "Tayne's 4d3d3d3 Gym" as he is prepearing for his first fight in just a few days. First thing i notice is that this is a guy full of confidence and that he seems very calm.   Thompson: Thanks for letting me have this little talk. Ii understand you will have your first fight very soon? Stefansson: No problem. Yea its my first fight. My first win in what will become a long streak of wins.   Thompson: You seems to have alot of confidence. How come? Stefansson: i lways have had that. I know that i can achive anything i set my mind on as long as i work hard and stay focused.   Thompson: Tell me abour yourself. Where are you from and how come you started with MMA? Stefansson: Im born in a small town in the middle of Sweden but we

EFA 55 Vermeulen vs Power Preview.

Event Preview: EFA 55 Vermeulen vs Power
Extreme Fighting Association
2018-04-25, Tokyo, Hayashi's Lounge - Tokyo
Author:RenÔŅĹ Rogue

 Location : Hayashi's Lounge - Tokyo (2.000 seats).

Date : 25th April 2018 at 06:05 AM (UTC+9) ¬† Now it¬īs time again to an Extreme Fighting Association¬†event ¬†at Hayashi¬īs Lounge in Tokyo, last time EFA held an similar event here was 1st April 2018 and there was a full house with 2.000 attendance and an event-rating at 203.31. ¬† This time, we are looking forward to 10 fights divided into following weight classes : ¬† 3 fights in Middleweight (170-185lbs) 5 fights in Light Heavyweight (185-205lbs) 2 fights in Heavyweight (205-265lbs) Tonights last fight is a Light Heavyweight title fight between the champ Hendrik Vermeulen - Bothaville, South Africa with a MMA record on 16-4-0 against "The Power" Geordie Power from Stanhope, England with a MMA record on 8-1-0. ¬† I has been told by an insider from Geordie Power team, that "The Power" is having trouble with cutting his weight down to the required 205 lbs. At the moment his fighting weight is a

Kevin Thompson: Path to greatness

Fighter profile of Kevin Thompson by Coach MinePlay

 Kevin Thompson, 18, is a young bright boxer. Born in Beijing, China, Thompson was born to American Parents. His parents were in China when his mother is having a baby. Thompson was trained by his father, Frank, a 37 year old star boxer. Thompson is expected to fight Chrisopher Bell in 3/10/2018. Thompson is expected to be a legendary MMA boxer with lots of potential but will he overcome that. We will find out soon.


The Sydney boom

Editorial by Mac Little

After going through a slow period the Sydney fighting scene is once again bustling with activity. In short order it has seen the establishment of a new MMA organization, the SFC, as well as a number of new businesses and gyms. After being starved for live MMA action australian fans has recently been able to enjoy several events per week. To a large extent this has been attributed to local fighters and aspiring tycoons in the business pulling together to provide all the parts required for a healthy fighting scene.

Latest news however is that there could be trouble on the horizon. Mac Little, the owner of Knockdown Clothes and main sponsor of SFC fighters, is rumoured to have had a fallout with the Sydney king of matchmaking himself Bob Lineman. While at first only a rumour after their fighters were pitted against eachother twice in short order there now seems to be some substance in this as it has been confirmed the partnership between the SFC and Knockdown is coming t

Pulse Fighting Championship The Place You Wanna Be.

Pulse Fighting Championship , Fight Organization, Tokyo
Company profile by Noah Liamson

 Pulse Fighting Championship 280K+  is truly a place fighters and managers wanna be. Based out of Tokyo, Japan they are currently ranked #1 in city and #7 globaly. With an ever growing roster of top level fighters such as #14 Kai Kai Yamaguchi (283036) and #45 Bryer McGuire (290390) along with many more globally ranked fighters. Do you enjoy the rush of winning the big money on a well researched bet? Here at Pulse we have our own bookmaker that profiles each event, check out Pulse Betting with American odds and a $1,000 max. Pulse presents our fights and fans with big time style, with us your fighter will look at good as he fights! Check out our merchandising partner Rags of a Rowin (5206) Tokyo's # 1 clothing store # 6 globaly.  Here at Pulse we strive for greatness in all aspects of MMA Tycoon; The Pulse staff strives to bring you unpresented coverage of our events; previews and reviews of every event in a timely manner, fighter interviews, complete rankings that are updated ac

GAMMA: Alika Webb Steps down

Global Association of MMAô , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

 I would like to announce that our long term employee, 2 time writer of the year Alike Webb has stepped down from his role as the official GAMMA writer. Alika is arguably the best writer this game has ever seen and he held the position within GAMMA for over 15 months (also a GAMMA record for a writer). His quality of work over this period is second to none, so he will be greatly missed. 

¬† Taking his position will be James Isaac Abraham, a long time veteran with top notch articles in some of the smaller orgs. He started his work in 2015 and restarted recently after a hiatus from the game, so we are eagerly awaiting his first articles for the company.¬†  


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Tyler Grenoble: Path to Greatness

Fighter profile of Tyler Grenoble by Manager MinePlay

 It's no surprise to see Tyler Grenoble trying to be the G.O.A.T. The 18 year old is born in LA to Diesel Grenoble and Erica Grenoble. Diesel is a 39 year old wrestler in the WWE and won 3 belts in his career. Tyler is trying to be in a MMA as he preparing to be in the WWE. He is a great wrestler and hold a blue belt in terms of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He currently fights in the island. With this potential of his he will be a elite MMA fighter with hope in being a WWE Superstar.

Rookie Manager Got 1st Win!

About Me: Utha Jr. Utha

 A Rookie manager from Lampung, Indonesian got his 1st win in his debut.

His fighter name is Rave Utha.

Rave Utha beat Houston Russell by KO (Punch) in Quick Fight Championship (2018-04-19) in round 1 (01:55).

Its like a lucky punch in a lucky debut.

But Whatever~

Win is win right?

Congratulation for Rave and his Manager.

Editorial Staff
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