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Global Association of MMA™

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 88
Number of events: 710
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Ranking (Global): 1
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 98% from 35 ratings.
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Urban Fighter
About us: GAMMA is the oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world! We pride ourselves as being the leader in unbiased booking since our creation in May 2009. We are the only org with full historical analysis of all fighters, managers and events with 8 private gyms for elite level training for all our fighters.
Latest News: GAMMA: November 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb
  CEC 551 – November 1

155 Superfight - Serge Spectre (Claymore Elite Combat) Vs Gareth Keenan (GAMMA)

Gamma’s featherweight champion Gareth Keenan successfully recovered from the first loss in his career when he not only defeated Kira Miyata but he actually made the submission grappler tap out to a wicked armbar heard round the world. Now he thought the time was right to get back on the horse and take another shot at global domination. Next on the list was Serge Spectre who is the CEC lightweight champion, meaning that Gareth Keenan actually needed to fight in a higher weight class, a weight class he has frequented before.

Serge Spectre came to play and did a great job of keeping up with the interpromotional invader in the stand-up. While Gareth Keenan struck with force and relentlessness, Serge Spectre struck with the intention of taking the fight to the ground. The takedowns of Serge Spectre were the tale of the fight as Gamma’s featherweight champion found no answer to the CEC lightweight champion’s rough and tumble grappling approach while Serge Spectre took a lot of punishment while setting up his takedowns.

Winner: Serge Spectre by split decision.

GAMMA#671 Bubba v Bryant 3 – November 4

135 title - Cullen Castrello (c) Vs Karol Mirowski

Cullen Castrello took Nico World Citizen by surprise and took home the bantamweight title in the process. Considering Cullen Castrello had just lost the lightweight title in his previous fight, many wondered why he would choose to drop two weight classes at once but the results could not be argued. His first challenger was the one man Polish wrecking crew, Karol Mirowski.

The best way to describe this fight would have to be ruthless aggression as both guys went at it guns blazing. Neither man pulled any punches but Karol Mirowski’s seemingly unlimited source of energy was an amazing thing to watch as he kept blasting the newly crowned champion with an incredible selection of strikes that had the fans sitting on the edge of their seats as a finish was never far away in this explosive battle for bantamweight supremacy.

Winner: Karol Mirowski by unanimous decision.

265+ title - Bubba Gumption (c) Vs Gerbert Bryant

No introductions necessary as these two goliaths go at it for the third time in their respective careers. Last time these two giants collided, the earth was shook to its core as it resulted in one of the biggest upset victories of the year.

He was a powerful machine and relentlessly mean.

He was the best damn heavyweight champion we had ever seen.

Bubba with all his might, outworked him in his last fight.

Now the rematch is upon us, will he find back his stride?

Receiving more than his share, he was fighting for air.

Trying to close the distance while he was already there.

Because the cage started shaking, the fight was breathtaking.

History, they just made it

and Gerbert Bryant shook Bubba Gumption’s world … all night long!

Winner: Gerbert Bryant by KO (strikes) after 2 minutes and 36 seconds in the fifth round.

GAMMA#672 Goodman v Quin – November 11

185 title - Saul Goodman (c) Vs Matt Quin

Saul Goodman recaptured the Gamma middleweight title in a brawl that concluded the second part of his feud with Russian Obama. When two dogs fight over a bone, a third one carries it away. That is a thought that must have crossed the legendary Matt Quin’s mind as he made his way back to title contention. Belgium’s pride and joy personified and a former number one pound for pound fighter to boot. Matt Quin’s stock may have plummeted since losing the Gamma middleweight title and a few more fights that followed but he never let it get to him. With an iron will, nerves of steel and takedowns like thunderbolts, he has clawed his way back to the top.

The champion did a great job of mixing up his strikes, keeping the challenger on his toes and scoring some very important points along the way. Matt Quin might not be the most diverse striker but who needs pulverizing strikes when you have takedowns seemingly faster than the speed of light? Every time the challenger put the champion on his back you could see the light in the champion’s eyes fading as he had already given up on the idea of standing up for the rest of the round.

Winner: Matt Quin by split decision.

205 Superfight - Menace Defoe (GAMMA) Vs Alex John Conor Burns (Claymore Elite Combat)

In a superfight for global domination and interpromotional bragging rights, Gamma’s light heavyweight champion Menace Defoe took on Claymore Elite Combat’s light heavyweight champion "Scotia Bear" Alex John Conor Burns. This is the second superfight of the month between CEC and Gamma with tension running high as CEC won the first interpromotional superfight.

The crowd was restless to say the least with all the pressure on Menace Defoe’s shoulders to defend Gamma’s honor and remain the best light heavyweight fighter on the planet. It was a slugfest to say the least with both fighters throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other. These legendary warriors brawled as they struck blows so vicious that they could have finished the fight against any old ham and egger but these are no ordinary men. Like gods in the clouds above they bombarded each other with lightning as the impact from their strikes culminated in a thunderstorm of explosions that drowned out the sounds of the roaring crowd in the jam packed LA Memorial Colossuseum.

The bell rang after the fifth and final round and the crowd was furious with the result as Alex John Conor Burns earned his bragging rights and then some by outworking one of Gamma’s best, Menace Defoe.

The CEC champions then came seemingly from out of nowhere and stormed the cage to celebrate their fellow CEC champion’s successful campaign for global domination. Their celebrations rubbed the tens of thousands of fans in attendance the wrong way and the CEC championship mafia gladly took their exit from the Gamma cage, leaving the defeated Gamma champion behind. CEC super heavyweight champion Timur Rubin lifted up his badly bruised brother in arms on his broad shoulders on the ramp and the restless crowd started to get closer inch by inch, an infuriated mob with only ill intend in mind for the CEC champions and CEC lightweight champion Shogun Iron Tyson had seen enough as he punched a fan who had come to close. The crowd tried to retaliate but as soon as the punch was thrown, music blasted the LA Memorial Colossuseum and the Gamma champions came spilling out of the backstage area, flooding the crowd with mixed emotions of joy while still carrying a burning hot desire for vengeance.

The battle lines were drawn as the champions from Gamma and CEC were lined up against each other on the entrance ramp near the cage. Face to face they came except for Alex John Conor Burns who was still perched on the shoulders of his supersized friend. Timur Rubin soon came to regret carrying his fellow champion on his shoulders as Gareth Keenan still had a bone to pick with the CEC gang so he used his speed to race towards the bulging brute and leapt into the sky, soaring like an eagle but striking like a burning hot phoenix. His right arm stretched out and stiff as a plank hit its target. Seemingly paralyzed from the dagger-like blow to the throat, the lifeless corpse of Alex John Conor Burns broke contact with the broad shoulders of Timur Rubin and came crashing down to the metal surface of the entrance ramp. The crashing body signaled the beginning of the end as both groups of champions ran towards each other and collided with a vicious example of gang warfare as a result, that sent the bloodthirsty crowd into a frenzy.

As the champions on the ramp were fully engaged in beating each other to a pulp, one man had just climbed to the top of the cage. Looking over this newly formed battleground, the battered and beaten down Menace Defoe stood tall like a superhero scanning the scene of the crime before he comes to the rescue. A target he found and with vigor he sprung from the cage with a senton and landed right in the middle of the group of warring champions. His body came crashing down from such a height that the impact of his landing was like a massive explosion, sending shockwaves in the group of the fighting elite, breaking up the fighting once and for all as the shockwaves pushed the champions down to the floor, giving security some time to separate these battling brutes.

Winner: Alex John Conor Burns by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#673 Diehard v Shin – November 11

170 title - Bruce Diehard (c) Vs Lao Shin

Bruce Diehard had just captured the title but it wasn’t his to keep as former champion Lao Shin "To Chin" came at him with a passion that rung his opponent’s bell in the very first round. With Lao Shin standing in his way, he knew he would not pass so with the burning hot fury of a Balrog he started whipping out some strikes to get back on track but the judges gave the victory to the magical offense of the challenger.

Winner: Lao Shin by majority decision.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 2 31 259475 308 No Minimum weight
145 7 31 245475 240 No Minimum weight
155 14 33 235196 237 Minimum weight 155lbs
170 14 34 224310 247 Minimum weight 170lbs
185 17 32 230551 262 Minimum weight 185lbs
205 13 32 243185 227 Minimum weight 205lbs
265 2 33 244587 377 Minimum weight 230lbs
265+ 19 33 238641 250 Merge between 265lbs and 265+lbs. Minimum weight 230lbs
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 HL Mencken 6
2 Menace Defoe 11
3 Matt Quin 13
4 Lao Shin 15
5 Gerbert Bryant 21
6 Russian Obama 22
7 Randy Springs 23
8 Bubba Gumption 27
9 Saul Goodman 41
10 Bobby Shamrock 42
11 Ravi Shankoli 50
12 Gareth Keenan 54
13 Mathew Ridgeway 55
14 Bruce Diehard 67
15 Charles DaCoca 79
16 Karol Mirowski 80
17 Arthur Curry 81
18 Vladimir Emelienko 89
19 Gunnar Steigelmann 95
20 Ludvig Ericsson 105
Weight Name Last Win
135 Karol Mirowski Cullen Castrello
145 Gareth Keenan Kira Miyata
155 Randy Springs Vladimir Emelienko
170 Lao Shin Bruce Diehard
185 Matt Quin Saul Goodman
205 Menace Defoe Hector Verama
265 Gerbert Bryant Gunnar Steigelmann
265+ HL Mencken Gerbert Bryant

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