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Global Association of MMA™

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 88
Number of events: 701
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Ranking (Global): 3
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 95% from 29 ratings.
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Humanoid Nutrition (160Q for 180$)
About us: GAMMA is the oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world! We pride ourselves as being the leader in unbiased booking since our creation in May 2009. We have our own site with full historical analysis of all fighters and events, 9 private gyms for elite level training and provide travel to all our events via Las Vegas.
Latest News: GAMMA: September 2017 recap part 1 - By Alika Webb
  GAMMA#659 Defoe v Grigol – September 2

205 superfight - Menace Defoe (GAMMA) Vs Grigol Pandahammer (Synchronicity)

Two of the greatest light heavyweight forces collided in a superfight for the ages as the Gamma and Synchronicity light heavyweight champions go one on one in the octagon. Two of the greatest organizations in the world may compete directly against one another but they know good business when they see it. A superfight of a magnitude that could send shockwaves through the world of MMATycoon can only be good for business and thus this superfight was made possible. One of these elite fighters will immediately be catapulted to the global number one spot in the light heavyweight division and bring with him the bragging rights of defeating the number one light heavyweight from a rival organization.

Menace Defoe looked better than ever in his last fight as he proved once more that there is no quit in the Gamma menace. After going through hell and back to regain his title against Divock Origi, he struggled against the dominant force of destruction that is Hector Verama but a comeback that set the place ablaze helped him retain his title. His latest fight saw the resurgence of the Menace Defoe of old, a machine gun of a striker. An armada of lethal strikes bombarding his foe until he was the only man left standing. Never does he back down from a challenge, he faces anyone who dares to oppose him with his head held high and when he’s facing an obstacle higher than he expected and is backed into a corner he is more dangerous than ever, as surrender is never an option for Menace Defoe. He’s a fighter, strong and brave with a never yielding fighting style, a never say die attitude and with the support of the Gamma crowd fully behind him it was his fight to lose.

Grigol Pandahammer is a bear of a man, like his opponent he loves to strike with vigor and doesn’t back down from a challenge but the difference lies in the details. While Menace Defoe is constantly hunting for a finish, Grigol Pandahammer loves to overwhelm his opponents with an abundance of strikes. He will not rush the finish, he methodically breaks down his opponents with series of punishing blows and snapping kicks and should an opportunity arise he will finish them off but he won’t risk going for the finish if there is still some potential danger ahead. This Georgian bully will make you feel the pain and torment you until the fighting spirit leaves your body before he mercifully ends the fight. In his last couple of fights - that saw him facing the likes of Evil Nixon and the legendary Sotiris Kakoullis - he continued to walk the fine line between his bold in your face style and reckless abandon as he was pushed to the limit by these world class strikers. The question on everybody’s lips remained, would the Georgian sensation be able to keep his cool when he’s being pressured by a fighting machine like Menace Defoe with global light heavyweight domination on the line, in this emotional pressure cooker of a superfight?

The bell rang and Menace Defoe immediately told his opponent what’s up, landing a leg kick with such tremendous force it buckled Grigol’s knee. Menace Defoe followed it up with a brutal body kick right to the ribs and Grigol Pandahammer was more than happy to exchange pleasantries as he planted two thudding kicks right into Defoe’s body. Pleasantries exchanged, these light heavyweight warriors went right to work. The first round saw Menace Defoe dominating with clobbering blows and a perfectly executed combination that sliced open a cut across Pandahammer’s forehead. Gamma’s Menace Defoe took the early lead with his reckless tactics as he was swinging for the fences from the get-go and struck home with a lacerating combination but his recklessness was also part of why he started fading away from the second round on. The reckless swings frequently missed their target and Grigol Pandahammer more than took advantage of his opponent’s lack of caution as he started gaining momentum with a plethora of snapping punches and slapping kicks that struck with near-perfect accuracy. The cut Grigol Pandahammer suffered in the first round proved irrelevant for the rest of the fight as Menace Defoe didn’t pursue it thoroughly and Grigol Pandahammer’s cut man did a wonderful job in keeping the cut from getting any worse in between rounds.

Grigol Pandahammer’s focus rested solely on scoring points and keeping the cut from getting any worse and he did so by keeping a steady pace. Things were looking up for Synchronicity’s light heavyweight champion. Menace Defoe however was unimpressed and when he felt the tides were changing, he broke up the pace by closing the distance. The clinch game and the constant assaults on Pandahammer’s life proved a game changer for Gamma’s light heavyweight champion as Menace Defoe started gaining momentum in the final rounds and ended up getting his hands raised at the end of the fifth and final round.

Winner: Menace Defoe by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#660 Goodman v Obama (884464) – September 9

155 title - Cullen Castrello (c) Vs Randy Springs

"The Great White" Cullen Castrello has swum his way up to the top of the food chain in the lightweight division and like a shark on the prowl he is already looking for his next meal. As was the case in his last fight, Castrello had a significant height advantage and it was interesting to see if that advantage would once again be a big factor come fight night. Indian superstar Randy Springs took out two former Gamma champions in his last couple of fights and now he looked ready for the real deal as he entered his first Gamma championship fight, riding an impressive six fight winning streak.

This was indeed the spectacle the fans expected it to be as both Gamma warriors went toe to toe in a slugfest. Technique went right out of the window as this turned out to be a dirty grinding street fight of a brawl. From a distance they bombarded each other with cannonballs of punches and kicks like bullets fired from a shotgun. From a distance neither was able to gain the advantage and thus the champion closed the distance and got subsequently caught with his pants down as the challenger more than rose up to the challenge.

Winner: Randy Springs by unanimous decision.

185 title - Saul Goodman (c) Vs Russian Obama

Saul "Slip The Jab" Goodman had just successfully dispatched KnockOut FC graduate Bruce "B A M F" Diehard but another KnockOut FC graduate had already taken his spot. Former openweight champion in the famous KnockOut FC organization, Russian Obama made his promotional debut and what a chance he had to make it a great one. Facing an unfamiliar foe in unfamiliar territory gave him a chance to perform in the underdog position but sometimes being the underdog can take the pressure of your shoulders, it can allow you to spread your wings and fly higher than you’ve ever gone before. Was that the case in this fight though? Read on and find out …

The battle for the coveted Gamma middleweight title took off with a tentative exchange but the action changed gears in the blink of an eye. Fists and kicks were flying about as the champion tried to establish his dominance from the get-go while the challenger refused to back down in his promotional debut. Both competitors were headstrong in their resolve to walk away with the title and in a tit for tat battle of attrition, only one man got to walk away the victor.

Winner: Russian Obama by split decision.

GAMMA#661 Keenan v Citizen (884465) – September 9

170 title - Ilya Mstislav Volkov (c) Vs Musta Laine

Ilya Mstislav Volkov took Tim Pierno to school in his first defense since regaining the welterweight title. The Russian kickboxing bulldozer steamrolled right over poor Pierno and he made the message clear that he would do the same to any who would dare stand in his way. New arrival to Gamma’s main event scene Musta Laine was the one to rise above his peers and answered the champion’s open challenge with gusto as he was sporting a three fight winning streak.

Both parties came to play as they started swinging wildly from the get-go. Ilya Mstislav Volkov was hell-bent on keeping the streak alive and he didn’t go back to his corner empty-handed as the crowd had come alive, roaring with excitement from the action they had just seen. But after the opening round it was the challenger who started coming alive. Strike after dangerous strike, exchange after exchange, Musta Laine was slowly gaining the upper hand and the champion did not like it so he put his wits to work. A clever plan developed in the mind of the sly fox named Ilya Mstislav Volkov. The champion looked to break the pace with fast clinch attempts, slipping in and out of danger faster than the speed of light as he clearly respected the notorious ground game of the challenger. Musta Laine didn’t really get to put his ground game to work but when he did get the champion on his backside he put an exclamation point behind the round, telling the fans and the judges straight up that he won the round.

Winner: Musta Lain by unanimous decision.

145 title - Gareth Keenan (c) Vs Nico World Citizen

Gareth Keenan "Investigates" put his sleuth skills to work in his last fight, he found the clues, cracked the case and found the path to victory against Lukasz Wolek. Now the newly crowned and still undefeated champion faced another former champion in Nico World Citizen. A striking affair was expected as both champion and challenger are known for their elite kickboxing ability.

Gareth Keenan didn’t waste time and set the bar high as he pushed himself to the limit with a dire pace and kept it up until the final bell had rung. Nico World Citizen followed suit but he had a hard time climbing to the top of the mountain as Gareth Keenan defended his mountain with a seemingly bottomless barrel of strikes. The challenger used his clinch skills to elevate his chances of winning but the elusive champion proved a hard target and the multitude of failed clinch attempts eventually cost the challenger more than he had hoped to gain.

Winner: Gareth Keenan by unanimous decision.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 2 31 244726 352 No Minimum weight
145 9 33 228352 203 No Minimum weight
155 15 33 236704 231 Minimum weight 155lbs
170 14 33 224310 252 Minimum weight 170lbs
185 15 31 230551 269 Minimum weight 185lbs
205 12 31 241706 266 Minimum weight 205lbs
265 0 0 0 0 Minimum weight 230lbs
265+ 21 33 226417 261 Merge between 265lbs and 265+lbs. Minimum weight 230lbs
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Gerbert Bryant 2
2 Menace Defoe 3
3 Russian Obama 13
4 Lao Shin 23
5 Bubba Gumption 27
6 Musta Laine 28
7 Randy Springs 29
8 Saul Goodman 32
9 Matt Quin 45
10 Nico World Citizen 62
11 HL Mencken 64
12 Mathew Ridgeway 74
13 Bruce Diehard 76
14 Orpheus Boagrius 85
15 Cullen Castrello 89
16 Vladimir Emelienko 91
17 Michael Cole 92
18 Hector Verama 94
19 Arthur Curry 110
20 Jimmy Dias Jimenez 128
Weight Name Last Win
145 Gareth Keenan Nico World Citizen
155 Randy Springs Cullen Castrello
170 Musta Laine Ilya Mstislav Volkov
185 Russian Obama Saul Goodman
205 Menace Defoe Hector Verama
265 Gerbert Bryant Gunnar Steigelmann
265+ Gerbert Bryant Arthur Curry

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Owner:   Mentor Guru Corleone
Manager: Gunnar Pleysa
Manager: Kevin Edwards
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Manager: Badal Kumar
Manager: Damian White
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Manager: Ryan Maile
General Manager: Gerbert Bryant
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