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Carnage 33 review

Event Review: Carnage 33
2017-03-25, Las Vegas, The Parisian
Attendance:4,396, Event Rating:165
Author:John schneebly

Carnage 33 review brought to you by Dugguu hazarra. Now unlike other carnage events there were not many upsets in the event as Jamaal clements knocked out Rick Northcut and became the #1 contender for the (welterweight championship) of carnage and unbeatable Cedric Lancaster defended his (middleweight title) once again against by knocking out chris johnson in the very first round.So the winners were pretty much what we expected so the rest of the card were.


1. Radoslav "Prodigy" Petrov defeated Alvaro "Junior" Dos Santos ( (UNANIMOUS DESCISION)(155 lbs)

The fight was pretty much totally dominated from star to finish by Radoslav Petrov. In the first round Dos Santos on almost every attacking move tried to take Petrov down but petrov avoided every takedown attempt from Santos and landed stiff jabs,uppercut,hooks on Dos santos.In the second round Dos santos ma naged to shoot one takedown but due to very less activity on the ground the referee called for a stand up and then again Petrov kept on attacking on Santos with hooks and uppercut among the two lethal moves.And in the third round Petrov slowed the tempo of the fight as he knew he won the first two rounds but in a last ditch effort Dos santos tried to up the tempo with many takedown attempts but petrov defended well and ultimately won on all 3 scorecards 30:24

2. Alexi "Warheart" Laiho defeated AJ "THE ICON" Skills by (knock out = round 1)(135 lbs)

Although this was not the most exciting fight it has a great moment when Laiho knocked out skills.This fight started with laiho struggling to connect a punch on his much taller opponent skills and skills trying to throw a takedown much like the last fight but once Laiho got his range of punches right he first rocked skills with an overhand right but skills managed to recover quickly but in the third minute of the first round skills was again rocked by another vicious overhand right by laiho but this time skills could not recover and he was knocked out cold in the ground thus Laiho won by knockout.

3. Malachy "IRA" Carey defeated Frank "Frankson" Irrozios (submission round 1)

One of the quickest submissions in carnage history saw Carey submitting Irrozios in 27 seconds of round 1 by [Kneebar].It was a very quick fight which started with carey scoring a takedown on his very first attacking move and then as a BJJ specialist does, without wasting any time he went for the knee of Irrozios and locked the kneebar tight due to which Irrozios tapped and Carey won by submission.

4. Knutr "inn riki" Sviensson defeated Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko by (knockout round 1)

This fight was not the most hyped fight but it had some good boxing from both the fighters that got the crowd going nuts.At the start emelianenko was landing stiff jabs and good left and right hand punches in sviensson's face and sviensson was just looking to land the odd jab which was connecting and clinching emelianenko at every possible turn but in the third round sviensson suddenly picked up the tempo and started landing hooks and overhand rights and uppercut on emelianenko's face and stopped clinching this continued until the fourth minute when a vicious sveinsson uppercut landed on emelianenko's face and he went to sleep thus giving the win to Knutr sviensson by knockout.


5.Cartel Lopez defeated Cos "Balls Out" Crypt by (submission round 1)

One of the most anticipated fights on the card saw the clash of Cartel Lopez and Cos Crypt and the fight certainly lived up to the billing with lopez submitting crypt in 30 seconds of the first round.The match started with crypt landing some vicious blows to the head of lopez but then after lopez got a takedown courtesy of a trip he did not look back and slowly gained side control and from there locked a tight kimura due to which crypt tapped giving lopez the victory.

6. Bjorn "Ironside" Ragnarsson" defeated WE ""ta"" Bix by (knockout round 1)

Another one of the onesided bouts saw ragnarsson knocking out Bix in 1 minute and 17 seconds of the first round.The match started by ragnarsson clinching with Bix and until the first minute both of them were aggresive in the clinch with ragnarsson with more strikes most of which were hooks, right hands and uppercuts but just 17 seconds after the 1st minute ragnarsson hit a vicious uppercut which but bix to an early sleep and then ragnarsson threw some more hammerfist in mount position to finish the fight and win by knockout.

7. Rhys edwards defeated "Cross-Eyed Assasin" Ting Kai Chan by (knockout round 1)

This fight was not at all what everyone expected when it was announced but sometimes one mistake is all it taked to get knocked out and thats what happened to chan. At the beginning of the fight chan was the aggressor as he tried to take this fight to a clinch and he was pretty much successful in doing that in the first minute or so with only rare counters from coulthard consisting of hooks and head punches but after a good right right hand from coulthard chan was rocked and he never really recovered from there and then when he made the mistake of looking at the clock coulthard took full advantage of it and hit chan with a vicious right hand thus knocking chan out cold and giving coulthard the win.


8.Jamaal clements defeated "Tiger" Rick Northcut (KNOCKOUT ROUND 3)

A fight between two submission specialist and it showed during the fight with both fighters mostly staying on the ground.In the first round Northcut was very aggressive with a lot of hooks punches and elbows thrown by him but after the takedown by northcut clements tried many submissions from bottom position but was not successfull .In the second round after an early takedown by northcut clements reversed the position and took control of the fight from there on with some ground and pound which rocked northcut and some submission attempt.And in the third round northcut again scored a massive takedown but after that clements again tried some submission attempts and in the third minute freed his hands and hit some ground and pound which knocked northcut out of his senses thus giving clements the win.


9. Cedric "Bomber" Lancaster defeated Chris "CJ" Johnson (knockout round 1)

In the fight that everyone was eagerly waiting to see, i have to say the best man won as it just did not look like johnson can fight with this guy in the clinch.At the start lancaster want for a clinch,johnson then tried to take lancaster down three times but in vain. As after the efforts of johnson lancaster got to his work as he hit many uppercuts hooks and punches in the clinch but still johnson was holding up until a hook and an uppercut rocked johnson, and then another uppercut again dropped johnson on one knee and then lancaster finished the fight with a flurry of punches thus knocking out johnson and retaining the title.


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