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Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada and an internationally renowned major resort city for the gaming industry, shopping, and entertainment. Las Vegas is billed as The Fight and Entertainment Capital of the World. The City has hosted some of the biggest events in MMA history, is the training home to several world-class fighters and is headquarters to the largest MMA promotion in the world.

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Fighters 3595
Managers 2654
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The Iron Palace - Gym 
Elite MMA Gyms (space) Elite MMA Gyms (full) Basic Gyms
Roosters Coop
Aspire Fitness
Kalashnikov MMA Gym
Parko Ludos
Rabid Dog
The Iron Palace
Tayne's 4d3d3d3 Gym
Bi-Polar Asylum LV's #1 Public Training Center
Iron Fist Gym
Wooten Jiu Jitsu & Boxing

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Elite MMA Gyms (invite only)
Valhalla MMA
Machine Fight Gym
Skulls house of pain
McElias (Russian Bears TM)
Ganja Ninjas
LOD: Strike Zone KT
Bully Busters
Academy of Arse Whoopers
Hart Family Dungeon
Touch-butt with that dork in the park
Ultimate Gangbang Academy
Elite Training Facility
Aspire Academy™
Forever Free Gym
Aspire Fitness
The Devil Dogs
Real Beast MMA
Vegas Campania
Malmi Aitta
Samran Muay Thai
Guerrilla MMA
LOD: Lightning Kicks (MaxID280K)
Forcefield Ludas
LOD: Better Alternative
The Charles Martel School of Greatness
Miletich Xtreme Fighting Systems
LOD Gym of the Gods
Urban Achievers
LOD: Top Team
Mary Gracies Jiu Jitsu
LOD: Xtreme MMA
Marijuana Gardens
Winds of Winter
LOD: Legion's PIT Fight Club
The Shark Tank
LOD: Ground Zero
LOD: Contenders (Max ID280)
PUBLIC 1 on 1 Coaches
Globo Gym
Beach Resort
Mr.Js crib
Bare knuckle Fighters
All In MMA
Cozad MMA Las Vegas
Global Association of MMA™
KnockOut FC (300K+)
Dissolution Fighting Championship (290k+)
Powers Fighting Championship (250k+)
GAMMA: Contenders (ID less than 269k)
GAMT: Young Lions Kickboxing Org
Forever Free Promotions (310K+)
Bravado Productions (280k +)  (Inactive)
Sin City XC (310K+)  (Inactive)
Legacy Fighting Championship  (Inactive)
Clothing Companies Shopping Tools
Hellbent 7 day clothing sales
MayheM sportswear Clothing search
E Corp
Elite Fightwear [82%]
Gentlemens Laundry - 10 %
90 % Laundry
Nutrition Companies Shopping Tools
Humanoid Nutrition (160Q for 160$) 7 day nutrition sales
Voodoo Nutrition Nutrition search
Sin City Allstars
Nuggetori's Nutritionals
Kalashnikov Nutrition & Supplements (160Q)
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MMA Grand Capacity: 17157
Wandalay Bay Capacity: 12000
Sparta's Palace Capacity: 7000
The Parisian Capacity: 5250
Hard Knocks - Las Vegas Capacity: 3000
The Palmtree Capacity: 2200
Hayashi's Lounge - Las Vegas Capacity: 2000
The Underground - Las Vegas Capacity: 1000
Wild Bob's Bar - Las Vegas Capacity: 750
Paddy O'Malleys Bar - Las Vegas Capacity: 700
Micro Arena - Las Vegas Capacity: 400
Convicted Inc
The Money Team!!!
Nordic Warrior Alliance
Fighting championships
Gentlemens Club
Polish Top Team
Hybrid Fighting Alliance
Introverts United
Kalashnikov Alliance
Fart Farm For Fun
Forever Free
The Officials
Real world shopping

MMA Warehouse - MMA Clothing, round 5 figures etc.
Cafe Press - Enormous clothing (and other items) store. Millions of designs.
Bad Boy MMA - Official sponsors of Lyoto Machida, Diego Sanchez and Shogun Rua
Amazon Store
Bet US - Full odds for all major sports, including MMA

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