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March 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb

Global Association of MMA™ , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
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We promised our fans a second part of the march recap and here you have it folks. Does the sequel match up with the original? Can the sequel live up to the hype or does the attempt to revisit the original formula of success turn a smile upside down?

Syn 513 Belliveau vs Rutherford – March 17

185 Superfight - Steven Rutherford (SYN) Vs Steve Belliveau (GAMMA)

Gamma middleweight champion Steve "Bells" Belliveau was so successful in his last superfight against the Claymore Elite Combat middleweight champion Bronson Steam that the boxer turned mixed martial artist felt confident enough to take part in another one. The Synchronicity middleweight champion Steven "The Redneck Assassin" Rutherford, this former professional kickboxer knows his way around the cage and doesn’t back down from a fight, no matter who’s standing in front of him. In Hickville, USA born and raised, on the fields is where he spent most of his days. Chilling out while watching the cattle, relaxing all cool. Riding on his lawnmower to school. When a couple of rednecks, who were looking to throw down, challenged him to fight thinking he was a clown. But I digress …

From the get-go it was clear that both were going for the same strategy, striking with the intention to create an opportunity to close the distance. Belliveau was not successful in closing the distance while the rugged redneck proved a little quicker when trying to clinch up with his opponent. In the clinch neither fighter had a real advantage and thus the war had to be contested from a distance. Steven Rutherford is no doofus and he realized this in time, he upped the tempo and managed to win a closely contested stand-up bout.

Winner: Steven Rutherford by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#620 Fjera v Jordan – March 18

205 title - Kai Kha (c) Vs Menace Defoe

Fresh off another come from behind win in typical Kai Kha fashion, the champion was set for another title defense. Menace Defoe has been on a terminator-like rampage, knocking people out left and right and it seemed only right that the Las Vegas menace was next in line for a shot at the title. Menace Defoe has shown the ability to hurt his foes with a plethora of different strikes that his opponents struggle to see coming and this fight was no different as he boldly kept going forward, unafraid of the champion’s offense. Once again Kai Kha was fighting an uphill battle but he was unable to find an opening as the challenger kept bull rushing him and when the challenger closed the distance, the champion looked like a fish out of water as he had no answer for the relentless offense of Menace Defoe.

Winner: Menace Defoe by KO (Head Kick) after 1 minute and 46 seconds in the third round.

GAMMA#621 Lamb v Sito 3 – March 25

155 title - Darren Lamb (c) Vs Robert Sito

After a superfight expedition to Claymore Elite Combat that didn’t go as planned, the lightweight champion came back home to GAMMA to defend his title once more. This time against a familiar face. Another day in the office, business as usual you might think. The former champion had other plans though. Robert Sito is no stranger to the lightweight title scene as Darren Lamb won the title from Sito just a few months ago and he steadily worked his way back up to the top.

Considering their familiarity with each other it was no surprise to see that there was no feeling out process in the beginning of the fight. As soon as the bell rang these two were going at it. The champion was not like a lamb going to the slaughter, he knew exactly what kind of war he was stepping into when he made his way to the cage. Just because you know what’s coming that doesn’t mean you can stop it. Darren Lamb knew he needed to take the fight to the ground as the stand-up would be controlled by the kickboxing sensation Robert "Sitek" Sito. Every punch Darren Lamb threw had the intention to set up that game changing takedown but those strikes were expertly deflected by the challenger. While the champion swung like a madman, his punches were mostly hitting nothing but air. The challenger had a lot of hurdles to jump over as well as it is not easy to hit a target that is constantly on the move and always ready to take you down to the ground where many dangers lurk from the shadows.

Winner: Robert Sito by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#622 Williams v Volkov 4 – March 25

170 title - Stanly Williams (c) Vs Ilya Mstislav Volkov

Facing each other for the fourth time in their respective careers are the eternal rivals Stanly Williams and Ilya Mstislav Volkov. Volkov lost the first two fights while the ageing Williams lost in their last encounter. Though they have faced each other so many times, neither man has ever had the other man’s number as all fights were very closely contested. Volkov really got into his stride lately with only a very split decision loss sullying his record in the last couple of months and he came into this fight with confidence to boot. Stanly Williams on the other hand is fighting time, scratching and clawing wildly around him as he is doing everything he can to hang on to his belt and he is doing so by the edge of his fingernails. In their fourth and possibly final fight Volkov once more proved himself superior over Williams as he dominated from start to finish. After rocking the champion early on, he went on a hunt like a lion stalking its prey, viciously waiting for an opportunity to strike a lethal blow.

Winner: Ilya Mstislav Volkov by KO (Punch) after 3 minutes and 58 seconds in the third round.



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