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HFC News 4

Org name: Hardcore Fighting Championship 2.0 (385K+)
Fighters signed: 137
Number of events: 43
Base: St Petersburg
Owner: Aleksey Markov
Website: Hardcore Fighting Championship
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
HFC 33:Mogh vs Njagi 2023-01-28 St Petersburg
HFC 34:Caceres vs Romero 2023-02-04 St Petersburg
HFC Fight Night 6 2023-02-07 St Petersburg
HFC 35:Sage vs Lee 2023-02-11 St Petersburg
HFC 36 2023-02-18 St Petersburg
Weight Name Last Win
135 Worf Mogh Dakota Maynard
145 Rickson Caceres Devon Sage
155 Nico Campbell William Wallace
170 Marlon Raynard Velha Maldita
185 Nazaire Chenevert Jo Monkee
265 The Maan Tony Tight
265+ Stres Fleshou Jr Dick Cummings

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Hello everyone this year! There is a lot of work ahead and I'm not going to stop there. I hope you all rested with your families or drank enough alcohol) or maybe both. In any case, Happy New

Now I will tell you the main plans for 2023 at HFC

1. My goal is to reach the top 7 organizations this year and stay in that range.

2. Fighter ID limit. In order to become top 3 in the world, sooner or later we must become an organization without restrictions, and I am starting to move in this direction. The first stage, we will lower the bar to 385+, this will take place in the near future. In the second half of the year we will become just 380+. This will allow me to sign more popular fighters. In addition, most of the fighters from the roster already have impressive skills and abilities, so the stages will not happen noticeably.

3.Hall of Fame. this year a hall of fame will be introduced and the best fighters will go there.

4.One champion in two weights. I'm also hatching the idea of ​​a double championship (hi conor). For example, we have a champion and he had 4-5 belt defenses in his weight, in which case he can get a fight against a champion in a different weight and if he wins, he will have two belts.

5.Alliance formation. I am considering forming an HFC alliance. If you are interested , you can send a request in private messages .

6. Opening of an elite sports hall. The gym will be closed and only for HFC fighters. I am ready to sponsor the hiring of coaches and the opening of the gym. If you are interested, please send me a private message.

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