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MMA Tycoon is a free to play MMA Sim Game, played by thousands of UFC and MMA fans from around the world!

Create fighters, run companies, train at your local gyms, join alliances, work your way to global domination both in the cage and in the business world to become the Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Tycoon!

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Online today: 736
Managers: 35632
Today's Top Event: BLAZE 26 - HULL VS IMANARI 2
MMA Event Poster Org:BLAZE MMA (365k+)
Arena: The Docks (5,000)

Main Card
135 lbs Jamie Hull v Kazuo Imanari
185 lbs Danny Trejo v Newton Diaz
265+ lbs Andrew Rourke v Peter Starline
135 lbs Sean O Malley v Maurits Assndrop
135 lbs Romega Vartanein v Tenshin Nas
145 lbs Clam Licker v Koos Van Asch
MMA Organization
MMA Fight Arena
Today's Top Events
BLAZE 26 - HULL VS IMANARI 2 St Petersburg
Highland 38 The Island
Quick Fight Championship Las Vegas
Da Bosh Sydney
Quick Fight Championship Las Vegas
Quick Fight Championship Las Vegas
Quick Fight Championship Las Vegas
Quick Fight Championship Rio de Janeiro
Quick Fight Championship Las Vegas
Quick Fight Championship Las Vegas
P4P Top 10
Pekka Toivonen
Roli Poli
Dick Caunt
Just Whymer
Conor The Barbarian
Ispa Mfer
Kilo Maluga
Ulysses Blazkov
Scotty Bapp
Hiro Manowaru
Top 10 Kickboxers
Tommy Lee
Jacques Durand
Nero La Croix
Wilson Wills Jr
Butch Killstone
Marty Robbins
Rick Piano
Melankomas Caria
Ray Morrison
Songkom Fairtex
Top 10 Grapplers
Dragan Hozdic
Matvey Pavlov
Ibbe Ribbler
Shane MacGowan
Claudio Ty
Antonio Brown
Dido Vicini
Andy Shifter
Bjj Steel
Manuel Neuer
Top 10 Managers
Theksit Ruengruong Thailand
Bwang Jong Sr Tonga
Chris Karter Jamaica
Andy Down United States
Bjorn O'Donnel Belgium
David Morrison United States
Freako Wimp Liberia
Giuseppe Folioli England
Laz Staz Cyprus
Action Jackson United States
Top MMA Fight News
Bantamweight Division C - Yodsawan Sitsongrit 1 - Mikey Day 2 - Paw Paw Udomprecha 3 - Robin Williams 4 - Domonic Dilbrandt 5 - Lewis Burwell Puller Featherweight Division C ...
Rankings (5/4/21)
Rankings The 155lb rankings are the same as last week with no fights have an impact on the top-15. 135 C: Bardia Farrokhzad (15-4) 1. Dewey Decimal (14-5) 2. Harti Kraus (9-4) 3. Claus Hab...
A Look at the Future...
California MMA is now under new ownership. We are currently merging with fellow 360+ Org, C4 MMA (Montreal) and are absorbing their fighters within the 360-369 ID range. Once the C4 fighters are un...
GAMMA: Dustin Kruger (283032) HOF Induction
Managed by 3 managers while in GAMMA, his most successful run being under Bwang Jong Sr, where he was a multiple time 265+ champion, with a total of 10 title fights. Upon retirement he was ranked #...
Highland 35 Preview - Tycoon Hec
HIGHLAND 35 A very special moment Highland History, we are moving to a newer and bigger stage over at Hayashis Lounge with 2,000 guests expected to be in attendance...LETS GO! Ladies and Gentlemen ...
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