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Kentaro Noburu vs Raiden Stewart (265+lbs)

In this fight Noburu has a 8cm height and 5lb weight advantage. With him being the much better striker, one could assume he will try and keep this fight standing and enjoy his reach advantage from the outside.

Round 1:
Instead of touching gloves, Stewart charges Noburu shooting for a takedown! Within the first minute of the fight Noburu shoots for three takesdowns with each one being stuffed by Noburu. As one could suspect, Noburu is just piecing up his opponent. About one minute into the fight, Stewart missed with a wild as hell body shot which allowed Noburu to land a huge left hook, then a right uppercut which opened up a nice cut rather close to Stewart's eye.
The next few minutes are basically Noburu landing whatever punches he wants as Stewart is just trying to get in close to clinch and eventually takedown Noburu. Finally around the 4 minute mark Stewart manages to grab ahold of Noburu and pull guard. Noburu lands a few shots from the top before Stewart trys to lock in a triangle... I'm not much of a fighter myself, but I could have freed myself of that triangle lock...
Complete domination from Noburu in round 1!!!

Round 2:
Noburu opens up with some kicks, then scores with an amazing 4 punch combo. I had to laugh when I heard the commentator mention that Roy Jones Jr. respects the hands of Noburu... No offense young buck, but you are not on that level yet...
Stewart finally gets close enough to shoot and lands a great double leg takedown. I thought Stewart was going to have the advantage on the ground, but it's like he has the strength of a two month old otter. After about of minute of the two battling for control with literally nothing happening, the ref stands them up. Tons of boos from the crowd here...
The next few minutes are just Stewart trying to get takedowns and being stuffed. I might fall asleep watching this one and judging by the boos of the crowd, they are not happy at all. In the last minute Stewart pulls guard again and attempts to lock Noburu into a triangle again, with 0 success.
Boring round who noone should be the winner of...
Round 3:
A bit more action during the opening of the round. Noburu getting back to landing shots while stuffing takedowns. Honestly, the whole round is basically Noburu picking and landing shots whenever he wants. I'd guess about 60% of his shots are landing this round, yet Stewart has yet to land a strike. A lot more action this round, but it's completely one sided...
Complete domination again from Noburu this round. Should be an easy call from the judges.

Scores: 30-26, 30-26, 30-25
Kentaru Noburu W by Unanimous Decision

Demontravius(You are a jackass for naming your fighter the N word)Iv Jr vs Dominik King (265+ lbs)

I guess it is time for a circus fight... King is 65 cm taller than his opponent and 25 lbs heavier. I suspect Demontravius (Whom will just be called Jr the rest of the fight) will just go for a takedown and try and end it there? Who knows...

Round 1:
Well butter my biscuit and call me Santa, Jr comes out swinging and King is shooting takedowns and getting stuffed. You'd think the giraffe would stand and jab the midget? After about a minute and a half, 4 stuffed King takedowns and a dozen big swings and misses by Jr, Demontravius finally lands a huge right hand which knocks King down and damn that cut looks vicious! King jumps right back up and shoots another takedown, which once again has 0 success. Jr lands a Cross which rocks King, then follows it up with a few jabs then an uppercut straight from hell. King slumps and the ref jumps in!

Shocked me the guy who comes up to an average man's shoulders comes in boxing and the guy with a towering height advantage came to wrestle...

Demontravius (Like really, you are a jackass and I don't like you) Iv Jr by KO punch (2:17 rd1)

Xander Walls vs Artyom Kozlov (265+ lbs)

Walls is 9cm taller but 20 lbs lighter than Kozlov. Looks like it's going to be a good boxer in Kozlov vs a good muay thai fighter in Walls.

Round 1:
As soon as the bell rings Kozlov clinches up with Walls. Kozlov tried to pull guard but just basically fell onto his back looking stupid. A few minor strikes and a couple failed takedowns from Kozlov, but nothing exciting. Walls landed a great body kick and a few small strikes while stuffing takedowns and keeping Kozlov away and during the last 10 seconds lands an amazing flying knee!

Round 2:
One minute in and Kozlov has failed 4 takedowns. Walls misses most of his strikes, but lands a few kicks here and there. Kozlov missed another takedown and landed a pretty good counter hook, but he is worthless this fight overall. The rest of the round is Walls stuffing takedowns and landing a few shots.

Round 3:
Can't lie, I went and grabbed a drink and snack during most of the third round but I bet you can guess what happened. Yup, a bunch more stuffed takedowns and Walls landing some mediocre shots while missing a lot of shots.

Xander Walls W by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Stevan Micic vs Yao Ming (265+ lbs)

Micic is about 3cm taller and 25lbs larger than Yao Ming in this next match up. Both of these guys look to be good boxers so I think we are going to see fists flying!

Round 1:
Micic quickly closes the distance and clinches up. He is landing shots left and right while Ming struggles to try and get free. One minute in now and it's been all Micic, Ming is 1-0 so this isn't his first rodeo. Who was his last opponent because he has to be a can!??!? Two minutes in and it's all Micic, Ming looks discouraged, somewhat hurt and getting tired. Still in the clinch Micic lands a couple small head shots then the perfect right hook which drops Ming. Ming tries to stand but wobbles and the ref steps in.

Stevan Micic W by TKO (right hook 2:13 rd 1)

Deebo Drummond vs Kelvin Harvey (265+lbs)

Harvey is 4cm taller and 15 pounds heavier than Drummond. Classic boxer vs wrestler matchup, although Drummond has some hands too go along with his superior wrestling.

Round 1:
Harvey comes out swinging, misses and Drummond clinches up. Deebo lands a left hook to the body, then goes up top with a right which cuts open Harvey. Another left, then an uppercut from Drummond rocks Harvey. This guy has a chin made of jello! Deebo lets Harvey stumble around before clinching back up and going to town with a few more shots and a huge uppercut to top it off, dropping Harvey. The ref jumps in to save captain jello chin!

Deebo Drummond W by TKO (Combo to Uppercut 0:28 Rd 1)

Josef Stallin vs Chibuka Stilera (265+ lbs)

Chibuka stands 23 cm taller and outweighs Stallin by 51lbs. I guess Stalin couldn't find a HW matchup or wanted to test himself out, because he is giving up a lot of size to Chibuka in this one. Stallin is the much better BJJ artist, whereas Stilera is a better wrestler. Both of them are average at best when it comes to striking.

Round 1:
The bell rings and Stillera instantly closes the distance and clinches up. Stillera misses a body shot, then the two continue to fight for position. Stallin able to pull guard and damn it I always think that is the most boring thing to do in a fight, but he is the submission artist...
The fighers are struggling for position when Stallin goes for a triangle. No luck with the sub and Stillera lands a couple weak shots. Stillera out of nowhere locks in an anckle lock, Stallin might be done here!!! And Stallin some how breaks out and ends up in top control. Stillera trys to lock in a triangle but Stallin pushes him off and takes side control. Stillin has his arm and is starting to crank an Americana. Stilera trying to wiggle free but just puts himself in a deeper crank, he screams in pain as the ref steps in. Good move by the ref calling it before the tap, Stillera could have lost his arm there.

Josef Stallin W by Submission (Americana 2:59 rd1)

Freaky Travis vs Lucas Wilson (265+ lbs)

Travis stands 12cm taller than Wilson, but both of them are a gigantic 300lbs each. Travis (who has a really strange green beard) is a pretty good muay thai fighter whereas Wilson is more well rounded but doesn't really thrive anywhere.

Round 1:
The bell rings and Wilson instantly throws a huge left hand. I guess it's a warning of his power or something? The two finally get within striking distance and Travis lands a huge right which drops Wilson to the ground. Wilson jumps up but doesn't quite have his legs under him completely. Wilson comes back with a huge cross and gets Travis attention. It looks like Wilson has a little cut above his eye. The two throw back and forth with nothing big landing before Travis finally lands a good Straight which opened up the cut on Wilson pretty bad. About a minute and a half in and Travis lands a huge uppercut dropping Wilson to the mat again! The ref almost steps in but Wilson looks alright Travis waves him back to his feet not wanting any of Wilson's ground game. Wilson stands back up, his cut bleeding really bad now and he walks right into a monster right hook. Good night Mr. Wilson...

Freaky Travis W by KO (Right hook 1:58 Rd 1)

Roger Lamont VS Genyo Takeda (265+ lbs)

Lamont is 5cm shorter and 2lbs lighter than Takeda here. We have 2 good wrestlers but Takeda has the advantage in strinking. Hopefully another action filled fight as we are getting closer to the end of the night.

Round 1:
In the first minute Lamont is just looking for takedowns. I think it took 5 before he finally gets Takeda down. The next few minutes is all Lamont landing ground a pound. Around the 3:30 mark a huge ground punch opens up a cut on Takeda. As Lamont continues to land GnP shots, focusing pretty hard on that cut, Takeda can't do anything about it. He's only got about 30 seconds left to survive. A huge elbow lands for Lamont with about 10 seconds left and thats round 1 folks, all Lamont there!

Round 2:
Takeda opens up with a nice combo, but it doesn't have any power. Lamont instantly looking for takedowns again, getting a few stuffed before the two clinch up. Takeda is landing shots in the clinch, some of them landing pretty good. Already in the first minute Takeda has done more than all of round 1. Takeda lands an uppercut, then a right, he is dominating the striking in the clinch. Lamont is trying to get the takedown, but Takeda isn't having it. 2 minutes in and Takeda lands 2 huge jabs followed by a right uppercut from hell. Lamont is slumped and the ref jumps in!

Genyo Takeda by KO (Uppercut 2:13 rd 2)

Nathanial Burch vs Virgunlino Lampiaun (265+ lbs)

Burch is 2cm taller and about 10lbs heavier than Lampiaun. Both of these two are great wrestlers and not very great strikers. We should see two guys hugging each other a lot.

Round 1:
The bell rings and Lampiaun instantly clinches up with Burch. He lands and uppercut then starts working the takedown. He trips up Burch and is now on top in guard. Lampiaun postures up in full guard and lands a huge hammerfist that knocks burch out cold. Holy shit, that guy has some power.

Virgunlino Lampiaun W by KO (Hammerfist GnP 0:39 rd 1)

Tommy Wilander vs Soren Lozano (265+ lbs)

The two fighters are almost the same height, with Lozano being 1cm taller but he gives up 25lbs of weight. Lozano is the better striker and a decent wrestler, but Wilander is a dominate wrestler. If this one stays standing Lozano should have an easy night.

Round 1:
Once again, I heard the ding ding ding and a clinch. Lozano lands a few shots and Wilander drops back trying to pull guard. He looks like a f'ing idiot landing alone on his back. Lozano smirks and Wilander stands back up. Wilander finally gets the takedown he wanted about 45 seconds into the fight. The following 4 minutes is all ground and pound shots from Wilander. None of the shots are too crazy, it seems he is just fighting to control and win the round.

Round 2:
As soon as the bell rings Wilander closes the distance. He throws out a overhand then shoots and scores another takedown. Unsure where in there but Lozano looks to have picked up a cut. If Lozano doesn't get to the feet he's going to lose this fight. About a minute of weak ground and pound and Wilander passes into half guard. He postures up and lands a huge shot which had to rock Lozano. Wilander follows up with huge shots on a defenseless Lozano and the ref jumps in.

Tommy Wilander W by TKO (GnP strikes 1:58 rd2)

And that wraps up the night folks! Tonight's card was full of super heavyweight prospects looking to make a name for themselves. I hope you all enjoyed the fights as much as I did! Here is a list of the next few upcoming shows which are for sure to be a step up competition wise compared to tonight! I'm Catfresh aka Mr. Freshington aka your favorite managers favorite manager, have a good day folks. And don't forget to drink more water...

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