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GAMMA: Dougal HOF induction

Org name: Global Association of MMA
Fighters signed: 164
Number of events: 1145
Base: London
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
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GAMMA#1080 Milo v Janko 2024-07-20 London
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Weight Name Last Win
145 Alphonse Fuguego Charles Mesquita
155 Surianglek Sitsongrit Richard Mesquita
170 Gunner Bond Adrian Rose
185 Milo Andrianakis Janko Godwin
205 Wusan Ritori Kollaa River
265+ Kurt Zweihander Hawk Fleximario

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Dougal McCraken (320702) is a retired MMA fighter who competed in GAMMA from 2020-03-28 until 2024-06-29 under 2 different managers, Christian Johansson and Carlos Castenada (84794), with his longest and most successful run being under Carlos. His run of over 4 years has to be up there as being one of the longest, although he did have a period from June 2023 until November 2023 of inactivity.

His overall record in GAMMA was 33-21, a total of 54 fights, which is ranks #10 all time. He is also #7 in the all time title fights list, with 20 in total. He also has 7 Fight of the nigh awards. He is a 4 time 155lbs champ and a 2 time 170lbs champ, making him one of the very few fighters to be a 2 division champ AND also a multiple champ in both divisions.

Some of his most significant wins were over legends such as Grey Ape, Roland Weudke, Hans Hermann Hoppe, Edward Conan, William Spud, Mario Benedetti, Julio Regueiro, Joy Rones, Tyler Wrexham, Afeef Isa Baba and these are just the former champs and top 10 ranking fighters.

His total of 300 points, puts him joint 24th in the all time fighter list.

This induction is the 5th for Carlos Castenada (84794), which is significant, as it puts him above Gale Hawthorne (22636) as the 3rd greatest GAMMA manager of all time.

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