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TWGC 1 (265+lbs, D1): Helsinki Qualifier - Round 1 PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a super heavyweight Tycoon World Grappling Championship rules bout between Ben Gatho and Nestor Anderton. Gatho kept the crowd waiting but all that was forgotten when his ring entrance music started. The incomparable musical genius that is 666 - Bomba!. Anderton is bobbing his head along to his entrance song: Better Believe It. Nestor Anderton is staring across the cage at his opponent, tweaking his nipples.

175 cm
30 yrs
176 lbs

179 cm
36 yrs
195 lbs

This TWGC bout is 1 fifteen minute round in the super heavyweight division. Introducing today's competitors. In the red corner, competing out of New York, with a TWGC record of 0 wins and 0 losses; Ben Gatho! And in the blue corner, fighting out of Helsinki, with a TWGC record of 0 wins and 0 losses; Nestor Anderton!
The judges for this bout are Matti Vanhoillinen, Anni Minnemäki and Ben Zyskovitsi.

Let's get this grappling contest under way! Who will be victorious?
Gatho wants to clinch

and Anderton counters by moving into the clinch.

Anderton is fighting off a takedown attempt but Gatho is just too persistent for him and manages to trip Anderton to the mat. Anderton regains guard as soon as the fighters hit the mat.
Gatho wants to pass the guard but Anderton is keeping the position.
Gatho is looking to advance position but Anderton has hit a scissor sweep - now he's on top in mount!
Anderton looking to control and managing it successfully.
Gatho is looking to improve his position but Anderton isn't that keen on the idea.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Gatho tries to improve his position but instead Anderton has taken his back!
Gatho is defending well here and trying to improve his position.
Anderton has the hooks sunk in and you can see the will to fight slowly draining out of Gatho's body.
Gatho is in bad spot here.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
Gatho trying to control but not successfully.

Anderton is looking for the choke from the back position but Gatho is controlling his hands well.
Anderton biding his time, controlling Gatho.
Anderton controlling well, preventing Gatho from escaping the position.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Gatho is very frustrated here, being controlled quite effectively by Anderton.
Gatho is defending well here and trying to improve his position.
Gatho is working hard here to advance position.
Anderton wants to control but Gatho is keeping busy.
Gatho tries to escape but Anderton has the hooks in and won't let him break free.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
Gatho wants to control his opponent's hands but Anderton gets his hands free.
Gatho manages to reverse the position and now he's in Anderton's guard. Nice work there by Gatho.

Anderton isolates an arm and boxes in a triangle. Gatho stacks Anderton on his neck as he steps over and passes to the side. He's now in a much more dominant position where he can look to do some serious damage. Nice move by Gatho!
Anderton can't do much from the bottom here.

That's five minutes gone in the round.
Anderton gets one leg under and gets the fight to half guard.
Gatho wants to lay and pray for a moment but Anderton keeps working.

Anderton looking for submissions off his back.

Gatho is sneakily working for an arm triangle but Anderton sees it coming and defends easily.
Anderton is trying to control but Gatho passes into side control!

That's six minutes gone in the round.
You can see the frustration on Anderton's face, being in this tough position on the bottom.
Anderton is moving his hips around well on the bottom and has managed to get back to half guard.
Gatho looking to pass the half guard. Not this time.

Gatho is working for an americana but Anderton has been sneaky and has managed to get back to half guard, whilst Gatho was thinking about the submission.

Gatho got a little sloppy there for a moment and Anderton has worked his way into a loose triangle - can he finish it?! No, Gatho has managed to get both his arms back between Anderton's legs - danger averted.

Gatho postures up as if he's going to throw some strikes but drops back for an ankle! Anderton is in big trouble! He looks ready to tap! But no, he's escaped and dives on top of Gatho, into his guard.
This has been an exciting period of action!
Anderton's corner is telling him to maintain position.

That's seven minutes gone in the round.
Gatho is working an open guard here, looking to improve his position. No doubt that will leave him open to counters but at least he's being more offensive.

Gatho looking for submissions from the bottom but instead Anderton passes into side control.
Anderton tries to advance to mount but Gatho denies him.

That's eight minutes gone in the round.
Anderton trying to control the action but Gatho is working from the bottom.
Gatho looking for a sweep but Anderton has passed into full mount! Oh no!
Anderton takes a little breather and maintains the position. The referee will be looking for him to stay active from such a dominant position though.

That's nine minutes gone in the round.
Gatho is squirming around, avoiding Anderton's attempts to control the action.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.
Anderton content just to control the position here.

That's ten minutes gone in the round.
The crowd are showing their displeasure at the lack of action as loud boos ring out around the arena.
Anderton moves to the back.

Anderton has both hooks in and is working for a choke. Gatho is in real trouble here. Anderton gets an arm under the chin and tightens the submission attempt... is this the end? Yes, Gatho is tapping out! Anderton wins by rear naked choke!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 10:44 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (RNC). Nestor Anderton!
A very excited looking Nestor Anderton made sure he remembered to thank all the fans both in the arena and on the internet. He said all the coolest people spend all day on MMA websites, which got a big reaction.
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