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DUEL#54 Hardy vs Hanak PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a welterweight MMA rules bout between Simon Morgan and Fredrik Fredriksson. Morgan kept the crowd waiting but all that was forgotten when his ring entrance music started. The incomparable musical genius that is Sherry Monocle. Fredriksson has chosen Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard - BEAST as his entrance music. Well, the cameraman is lingering on a pretty young lady for a bit too long there. Keep your eyes on the prize buddy or you'll miss the fighter intros!

160 cm
171 lbs
26 - 18 - 0
185 cm
180 lbs
8 - 6 - 0
Good wrestling
World class boxer
Insanely flexible
Good wrestler
Excellent boxer
Good gas tank


Sin City Allstars

Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the welterweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 26 wins, 18 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of London, Simon Morgan!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 8 wins, 6 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Las Vegas, Fredrik Fredriksson!
The judges for this bout are Jorge Garcia, Reed Andrews and Columbo Gatti.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
A solid leg kick lands there for Morgan.
Morgan lands with a kick to the ribs.
A punch combination from Morgan misses.
Fredriksson is trying to avoid his opponent's strikes and get into the clinch.
Morgan pushes forward with a 1-2 combination that forces Fredriksson back to the cage. Morgan follows up with a solid lead hook to the liver.
Morgan throws the kick towards the body but Fredriksson avoids it.
Morgan uses good footwork to avoid the strikes from Fredriksson.
Simon Morgan seems to be the more aggressive standup fighter in this bout.
Morgan lunges in with swinging rights and lefts but Fredriksson circles away quickly and effectively.
Good exchange - Morgan coming out on top.
Morgan pulls out of a head kick attempt.
Fredriksson takes a step towards his opponent and connects with a left hand, before circling away.
The crowd are loving this. Great action here.
Morgan throws a body shot but no joy.
Good leg kick by Morgan there. It's the ones that make that thud noise that hurt and that was an almighty thud.
Fredriksson avoids the head kick by Morgan.
Fredriksson is the aggressor but that punch slipped nicely by Morgan.
Morgan rushes forward with a series of wild hooks but Fredriksson moves out of range and avoids them all easily.
Fredriksson uses decent footwork to sidestep a right hand from Morgan.
Morgan misses with the combination.
Fredriksson looks like he wants to counter punch here.
Morgan looks to have improved his striking defense since last time we saw him fight.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Morgan misses with a series of wild punches.
Morgan throws a combination that misses
and Fredriksson makes him pay by landing a nice hook to the body before moving out of range.
Morgan throws a left and a right that both miss
and Fredriksson counters with a stiff right hand.
Morgan lands a nice hook to Fredriksson's body. Fredriksson takes it in his stride and looks to land his own strikes.
Morgan lands with a head kick! That's gotta hurt.
Morgan looks to land a combination but Fredriksson avoids it well.
Morgan is breathing heavily.
Fredriksson misses with a body shot.
Morgan misses with an uppercut
and Morgan takes a counter punch right on the button for his troubles.
Morgan throws a head kick that half lands.
Fredriksson tries to clinch up but Morgan circles away and keeps his distance.
The fans in attendance giving it up for the two fighters, who have really let it all hang out in the last minute or so!
Morgan will need to tighten up his combinations if he doesn't want to gas himself out, swinging at thin air.
Fredriksson keeping his hands up high there, blocking the jab from Morgan.
It seemed like Fredriksson was going to counter with the hook but didn't fully commit to it.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
Fredriksson is the aggressor but that punch slipped nicely by Morgan.
Morgan keeping his hands up high there, blocking the jab from Fredriksson.
Morgan throws a big counter combination but Fredriksson scrambles out of danger and avoids any damage.
Morgan throws a wild combination but nothing lands.
Morgan keeping a good distance there, avoiding the body shot.
Morgan ducks under an overhand right and circles away with a smile on his face.
Fredriksson scores with a straight right hand, right through his opponent's guard.
Morgan throws a sloppy head kick
and Morgan takes a counter punch right on the button for his troubles.
Morgan throws a jab, cross combination which is slipped
and Morgan takes a counter punch right on the button for his troubles.

Morgan is rocked!
Morgan throws a head kick that misses.
Morgan lands a nice shot to the body.
Morgan swings for the body but Fredriksson moves out of range.
Morgan misses with a double jab.
Morgan throws a right and a left that Fredriksson avoids nicely.
Morgan throws an off balance right hand

and Fredriksson counters with a nice right hand that sends Morgan toppling to the canvas! Morgan scrambles and gets back to his feet - can Fredriksson finish him?!
Oh Morgan is still all over the place! His legs are completely gone! Will he be able to recover?!!
Fredriksson is using his reach advantage to land shots from outside his opponent's range.
Fredriksson flashes Morgan a smile before throwing a beast of a right hand, straight down the pipe. Morgan's eyes follow the hand right onto his nose, taking in it's full glory... and then darkness. Morgan crumples to the floor! He's out cold! Fredriksson punches the air and yells at the top of his lungs - yeeeeeeeeeeah!!!! This one is all over!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:58 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Fredrik Fredriksson!
Fredrik Fredriksson very nearly forgot to thank Sin City Allstars amongst all the excitement of his win but just as the interview came to a close, he screamed their name. Hopefully he'll get a few nice freebies in the mail as a thank you.
The defeated Simon Morgan had this to say: 'hell of a fight. experienced alot in mma but after my contract expired, i decided my fighting life is over'.
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