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QFC Tournament 903 Round 1 PBP Commentary

Coming up we have a lightweight MMA rules bout between Murder Junkie (ranked 5597 p4p, 467 weight class) and David Fortner (ranked 5060 p4p, 0 weight class). Junkie comes to the cage accompanied by Google Murder Junkies and enjoy the full male nudity.. We have two fighters making their debuts here, so let's see who comes out of this one with their first professional victory.

178 cm
160 lbs
0 - 0 - 0
175 cm
135 lbs
0 - 0 - 0
BJJ Purple Belt
Solid Muay Thai
Granite chin
BJJ Blue Belt



Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the lightweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 0 wins, 0 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Sydney, Murder Junkie!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 0 wins, 0 losses and 0 draws, fighting out of Sydney, David Fortner!
The judges for this bout are Eliza Hachem, John Mangel and Donatello Bradman.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Junkie circles away from the clinch attempt.

Fortner closes the distance and clinches up, looking for a takedown. He shifts his weight and gets a nice trip into half guard.

Junkie looking to work for a kimura from the bottom.
Fortner is trying to get back to his feet now but his leg is trapped.
Fortner is a painfully thin specimen of a man. You do wonder whether a good body kick would snap him clean in two.

Junkie actively working from the bottom here.

Junkie looking for submissions off his back.
Junkie gets back to full guard.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Fortner stopping the sweep attempt from Junkie.

Junkie throws his legs up looking for a submission but Fortner uses it to pass to side control.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.
Junkie gets back to half guard.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Junkie manages to get to full guard.
Fortner really doesn't want to stay on the ground with Junkie. If he can't get it back to his feet, it's only a matter of time before he'll be tapping out.
Fortner slows down the pace of the fight for a moment. He'll need to remain active if he doesn't want to see the fight stood back up.
Junkie is working from a closed guard but he's struggling to control his opponent.

Junkie is looking for a triangle but Fortner pushes his legs off easily.
Fortner is stalling in the full guard.
Junkie trying to keep a closed guard but Fortner is proving a slippery customer.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
The crowd are starting to boo a lack of action.
Fortner sitting in guard, not really doing much.
Fortner is looking to work some ground and pound but Junkie has wrist control.
Fortner stopping the sweep attempt from Junkie.
Fortner trying to control the position from guard on top but Junkie is wriggling around, looking for whatever he can.

Junkie has a loose triangle. He'll be looking to tighten that up but Fortner can see exactly what he's planning and manages to posture up and free himself.
Fortner throwing elbows and punches but not connecting, as Junkie works some decent striking defense from the bottom.
Junkie manages to sweep nicely, so he's now on top. Fortner manages to get himself to full guard.

Junkie postures up as if he's going to throw some strikes but drops back for an ankle! Fortner is in big trouble! He looks ready to tap! But no, he's escaped and dives on top of Junkie, into his guard.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Fortner controls the pace of the fight for a moment.

Fortner avoids a guillotine attempt easily.
Junkie wants to sweep here but Fortner controlling him for the moment.

Junkie is looking for a triangle but Fortner pushes his legs off easily.
A big thud reverberates around the arena there as Fortner accidentally thumps the mat. Hopefully he's not broken his hand.

Junkie has his foot on Fortner's thigh. He's trying to push off and get in position for a triangle, I think. Fortner works his way back into a safe position though.
Fortner throws a big right hand that misses.

That's four minutes gone in the round.

Junkie has a loose triangle. He'll be looking to tighten that up but Fortner can see exactly what he's planning and manages to posture up and free himself.
Fortner must be cautious of submissions here, given that his opponent has the superior Jiu Jitsu.
Fortner tries to free his leg and advance position but Junkie is retaining full guard.

Junkie looking for a guillotine here but Fortner defends easily.
Fortner passes Junkie's left leg - he's now in half guard.
Fortner is looking to take a break and control but Junkie is keeping him honest, looking to work from the bottom.
The crowd thankful this round is nearly over.
Fortner working to pass to mount. He's got his hand pressing down on Junkie's thigh. Junkie counters though and makes it back to full guard.

Fortner got a little sloppy there for a moment and Junkie has worked his way into a loose triangle - can he finish it?! No, Fortner has managed to get both his arms back between Junkie's legs - danger averted.
And that’s the end of the round – the fighters go back to their corners.

Murder Junkie dominated that round.
OK. That's time! The bell goes and we're back to the action.

Junkie scores with a sloppy right hand. Fortner should have avoided that one.
Junkie lands a jab to the head.
David Fortner is looking to throw some combinations by the looks of things.
Junkie scores with a crisp jab that stopped Fortner in his tracks.

Fortner is rocked!
Murder Junkie seems to be the more aggressive standup fighter in this bout.
Fortner slips under a jab.
Fortner tries a counter takedown but it's more of a dummy move, and he uses it to push himself away.
Junkie misses with a body shot.
Junkie takes a step back and watches a body kick go sailing past his mid section.
Fortner moves out of range as Junkie strikes.
Fortner tries to move into range but Junkie moves to the side and lands with a nice right hand.
Fortner is still on wobbly legs! Can Junkie finish him?
Junkie throws a nice looking combination but Fortner bobs and weaves to avoid any damage.

Fortner moves into the clinch.
Junkie throws a punch but it's blocked by Fortner.
Junkie keeps control of Fortner as he tries to wriggle out of the double underhooks.
Fortner seems to have recovered his senses.
Junkie misses with a punch on the inside.
A short right from Junkie.
The fans in attendance giving it up for the two fighters, who have really let it all hang out in the last minute or so!
Junkie doesn't land with the attempted body shot.
Junkie lands a hook to the side of the head.

That's one minute gone in the round.
A quick uppercut on the inside from Junkie.
A short left from Junkie.
Fortner is trying to break free.
Fortner is looking for a takedown up against the cage. Junkie gets underhooks though and prevents the takedown attempt.
Junkie misses with some punches.
Junkie tries to work over Fortner's body with a swooping hook but it only glances the target.
With the fighters clinched against the cage, Junkie creates a bit of distance for himself and scores with a nice uppercut.
Junkie swings away with an uppercut that misses.
Junkie tries a body shot but Fortner blocks it.
Junkie wants to strike at distance but he can't break free of the clinch.
Junkie doesn't land with the attempted body shot.

Fortner gets the body lock takedown. After a quick scramble, Junkie regains guard.

Junkie looking for submissions from the bottom here. Moving his hips around, possibly looking for an armbar.

Fortner gets to his feet - Junkie follows without any prompting.
Junkie wants to clinch.

That's two minutes gone in the round.

Fortner takes the fight into the clinch.
Wooooo! Give it up for these two warriors! They are putting on a show!
An uppercut on the inside fails to land for Junkie.
Junkie misses with a punch on the inside.
Fortner blocks an uppercut.
Fortner prevents a body shot from Junkie.
Fortner blocks an uppercut.
Junkie swings wildly with an uppercut but Fortner uses good head movement to avoid it.
Fortner is looking to control Junkie's arms but Junkie gets an underhook and turns him. Now Fortner has his back to the cage.
Stalling in the clinch from Fortner.
Junkie is really dominating this fight. Is there anything that Fortner can do to turn this around?

Fortner manages to pull guard.
Junkie wanted to stand there but Fortner had control of the position.

That's three minutes gone in the round.

Junkie drops back looking for a leg! Fortner is in trouble here! The fighters roll with the hold and Fortner manages to kick Junkie off! Junkie jumps back into Fortner's guard.

Junkie avoids a guillotine attempt easily.

Junkie is trying to work a guillotine from the top, or something like that? Don't know how he thinks he's going to get a finish from there.
Fortner keeping full guard, as Junkie tries to pass.
Fortner keeping moving, preventing Junkie from controlling successfully.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
My god... these two guys really need to pick up the pace or everyone will leave to go get a beer.
Junkie looking to pass the guard.
Junkie trying to control but Fortner is working from the bottom.
Murder Junkie overall seems to be getting the better of the ground position in the fight so far.
Fortner is working the butterfly guard. He manages to land a nice scissor sweep and is now in half guard on the top. Nice move.

Junkie is looking to control Fortner's leg but it's slowly edging free. Can Junkie avoid being mounted?
Junkie is working for an escape here. He's hooked one of Fortner's legs and he's managed to sneak out and take Fortner's back!

Junkie working for a RNC but it's not happening just yet.

Junkie looking for the rear naked choke. And he's got it! Fortner taps!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:59 of round 2, we have a winner by way of Submission (RNC). Murder Junkie!
A victorious Murder Junkie thanked his army of followers in his post fight interview, telling people to make sure they follow him on Twitter.
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