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Savage Kartel MMA Tokyo - 3876, Tokyo

Basic MMA Gym Info

Gym Name :   Savage Kartel MMA Tokyo
Gym fees :   $250 a week (paid Thursdays).
Location :   Tokyo
Current Cleanliness :   Pristine
Equipment Condition :   Brand new
Invite only :   No
Capacity :   35
Current # of fighters :   21
Current # of coaches :   2
Fighters per coach :   10.50
Sauna :   Yes
Website :   None
Company owner :   Antonio Savage
Sparring Schedule :   Click here
Gym Champions:   Click here
Nutrition Partner :   -
Join Fighter[s] :  
Savage Kartel MMA Tokyo - Mixed Martial Arts Gym, Tokyo
Latest News: Welcome to Savage Kartel MMA (Jan 17, 2017)
  Welcome to Savage Kartel MMA Tokyo
Ask yourself is my fighter FiT enough to be a SaVaGe.
1. To last in any fight one must have Cardio.
2.To strike in any manner successfully one must have perfect mixture of Speed and Agility.
3. To inflict damage one must have Strength
4.To remain upright on must have Balance
5.To effectively move on the feet and on the ground one must always be Flexible.
These Aspect of a fighter we must train first before any strike,takedown is landed or submission is put in.
You must LAST to land you be QUICK to land and you must be STRONG when you land.
FiTness is the bedrock in any great fighter but Savages know that and HERE We Turn normal fighters into SaVaGes


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Fighters training here

Trainers / Schedule


Charles Minkowitz (27 fighter sessions)


Conditioning :   Elite Mon AM :   Takedown Defense (3) Tues AM :   Takedowns (2) Weds AM :   Takedown Defense (2)
BJJ :   Useless Mon PM :   Takedowns (3) Tues PM :   Takedown Defense (3) Weds PM :   Takedowns (2)
Wrestling :   Elite                  
Boxing :   Useless Thurs AM :   Takedown Defense (1) Fri AM :   Takedowns (2) Sat AM :   Takedown Defense (2)
Muay Thai :   Useless Thurs PM :   Takedowns (2) Fri PM :   Takedown Defense (3) Sat PM :   Takedowns (2)


Garrett Olson (42 fighter sessions)


Conditioning :   Elite Mon AM :   Circuit Training (General) (4) Tues AM :   Circuit Training (General) (3) Weds AM :   Circuit Training (General) (4)
BJJ :   Useless Mon PM :   Circuit Training (General) (4) Tues PM :   Circuit Training (General) (5) Weds PM :   Circuit Training (General) (5)
Wrestling :   Useless                  
Boxing :   Useless Thurs AM :   Circuit Training (General) (3) Fri AM :   Circuit Training (General) (3) Sat AM :   Circuit Training (General) (3)
Muay Thai :   Useless Thurs PM :   Circuit Training (General) (2) Fri PM :   Circuit Training (General) (3) Sat PM :   Circuit Training (General) (3)

Your fighters - Training

You don't have any fighters training here.

Staff for Savage Kartel MMA Tokyo - MMA Gym, Tokyo

OwnerAntonio Savage

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