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The Zoo - 4032 - 'Company for sale', Hilo

Basic MMA Gym Info

Gym Name :   The Zoo
Gym fees :   $1000 a week (paid Thursdays).
Location :   Hilo
Current Cleanliness :   Pristine
Equipment Condition :   Brand new
Invite only :   Yes
Capacity :   50
Current # of fighters :   0
Current # of coaches :   0
Fighters per coach :   no coaches
Sauna :   Yes
Website :   None
Company owner :   Sean Loucks
Sparring Schedule :   Click here
Gym Champions:   Click here
Nutrition Partner :   -
Join Fighter[s] :  
The Zoo - Mixed Martial Arts Gym, Hilo
Latest News: Coach Sessions (Aug 30, 2017)
  Hey everyone, I have made this gym private so we can all ensure we get the most out of training. At one point we had 35 members in here, but training was too slow. I would like to see everyone trying to keep the coaching sessions to no more than 2 per session. 3 is acceptable, but 2 would be ideal. There are ways to work around having 3 sessions, usually if you just flip your AM and PM sessions you can lowers your counts alone. I have set this gym up to just about hit EVERY fighters trait possible so there is no excuse or reason to have more than 3 fighters per session TOPS.

Thank you all.
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Staff for The Zoo - MMA Gym, Hilo

OwnerSean Loucks

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