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Pit Bull Development (5212)

Pit Bull Development
  Joe Snitsky
500 Weeks:   18 in 39 weeks
7 Day Sales:   10
Rank:   13
Gym Partner:
  The Coffee Shop
*****AXE PACK*****
Gym 412-RoaR sponsored training facility
Event Partner:   None
About Us:
  i only carry reputable brands that use the best diverse mix of herbal ingredients offering products from 160q energy reducer, 160q muscle bulk & +159q stamina enhancer. i also stand by all my products as i financed all of them & offer a snap shot challenge on buzz to any other nutri shop owner claimin' 160q anything...
Mailing List:  
News: Prices so low its CRAZY (Aug 01, 2017)
  160 energy supplement
159 stamina boost
Limited amount will be sold at these low prices and just so all are aware I placed the order moments. Ago so 3 days and its first come first. Serve

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Products on sale

PBD 160q Energy

Effects: Reduce energy loss
Cost: $ 200 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 508

Buy for:
Purchase Quantity:  

PBD 160q Muscle

Effects: Muscle bulk
Cost: $ 200 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 537

Buy for:
Purchase Quantity:  

PDB 159q Stamina

Effects: Increase stamina
Cost: $ 200 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 643

Buy for:
Purchase Quantity:  

Sponsored fighters

P4P / Record Name P4P / Record
Atreyu Nakamura 0 (2-2-0) Setsuno Hiradama 0 (4-3-0)
Murasaki Bara 7949 (4-2-0) Makonouchi Ippo 2412 (5-1-0)
Rizzo Young 2663 (2-0-0) Mickey Maia 3145 (8-7-0)
Tyrone The Crack Head 0 (13-10-0) Heng Jiang 0 (12-10-0)
Marv Miller 1877 (11-8-0) Atlas Metaxas 2098 (11-9-0)
Anton Altair 1671 (15-9-0) Hideki Fukunishi 20407 (2-0-0)
Yuki Sanada 0 (1-2-0) Andrew Ryan 1313 (23-16-0)
Doctor Slaughter 3421 (8-4-0) Justin Sane 7309 (6-9-0)
Daniel Gordon 24387 (4-1-0) Kayring Saiarr 349 (9-1-0)
Buzz Baxster 2618 (11-5-1)
OwnerJoe Snitsky
CEO :  Joe Snitsky

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