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Iron Wolf Discount Supplements (Q159/$200, Laundry (5812)

Iron Wolf Discount Supplements (Q159/$200, Laundry
  New York
  Mattias Lundgren
500 Weeks:   1 in 8 weeks
7 Day Sales:   1
Rank:   15
Gym Partner:
  Desert Fitness & Training (12 Elites and Growing)
HARDCORE MMA (Elite Training)
Core Academy
Event Partner:   Striking Masters
About Us:
  Iron Wolf Discount Supplements is the newest Nutrition Company taking the MMA world by storm. Our refined formulas provided initial offerings between Q111-150 and our quality will continue to grow, but unlike the other guys we wont charge an arm and a leg. Feel the iron, Become the Wolf!
Mailing List:  
News: Iron Wolf Golden Claws Competition (Jan 21, 2020)
  Iron Wolf Discount Supplements the most exciting and electrifying supplement company to market is very excited to announce the first Golden Claws Competition!

What are the Golden Claws you ask? Over the next 6 weeks we will take on up to 12 fighters to find out who is the fiercest wolf of all! The competition will run from February 1st to March 17th, the first fighter in 6 weeks to win 3 fights and mention Iron Wolf in their post fight speech will win the grand prize! But there are also generous Runner Up Prizes listed below-

Golden Alpha Grand Prize-
Iron Wolf Supplements Sponsorship - 3 Month/$50,000
Manager Bonus- $25,000
Iron Wolf Supplement Package - Full Force Package (5X Each Supplement)

Silver Beta 1st Runner Up Prize-
Iron Wolf Supplements Sponsorship - 2 Month/$10,000
Manager Bonus- $5,000
Iron Wolf Supplement Package - Light Duty (1X) Each Supplement)

Bronze Omega 2nd Runner Up Prize-
Iron Wolf Supplements Sponsorship - 1 Month/$2,000
Manager Bonus- $1,000
1 Iron Wolf Supplement of your choosing

First Fighter to win 3 consecutive fights- $5,000

So how do you get in on it? Simply message and request a sponsorship with Iron Wolf, All fighters are guaranteed an Entry Level Rate IWS Sponsorship (45 days/$2350) for the duration of the competition. Purchase any Iron Wolf Supplement, Be the first to win and mention us and it's as simple as that! At the end one wolf will be given the Golden Claws, will it be you?

Iron Wolf! Feel the Iron! Become the Wolf!
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Total Legal Mexican Supplements V3.0 (Q159)

Effects: Muscle bulk
Cost: $ 300 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 49

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Sponsored fighters

P4P / Record Name P4P / Record
Bjorn Ragnarsson 443 (26-12-1) Kassim Magufuli I V 14 (26-13-0)
Kvame Zulu 260 (24-8-0) Ulysses Blazkov 846 (13-5-0)
Papa Moosh Dambullah 460 (13-4-0) Rigel Ko Nachi 1659 (2-3-0)
Manny Johnson 457 (8-1-0) Kaiji Inoue 676 (8-1-0)
Hamza Demirovic 1899 (3-0-0) Juodasis Vaiduoklis 6177 (0-1-0)
Amadou Poussin 3635 (7-2-0) Bruno Neves 1224 (15-6-0)
Chuy Bacca 881 (3-0-0) Brett Johnson 22785 (1-0-0)
Rahim Shabazz 474 (7-0-0) Vladimir Tomcic 703 (7-1-0)
OwnerMattias Lundgren

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