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28 Sep 17 - (11/14/17) Rankings
MMA Tycoon Official Rankings (AS OF 11-14-17)

145 lbs Featherweight Division
1- Mark Tyme (6-1)
2- Edgy Brah (5-2)
3- Hud Vash (4-0)
4- Thomas Kortez (4-2)
5- Klay Dee (4-0)

155 lbs Lightweight Division
1-Miki Viki (6-3)
2-James Winkle (6-2)
3-Thybault Paredes (4-0)
4-Joe Shahen (5-2)
5-Lalama Amana (4-1)

170 lbs Welterweight Division
1-Joseph Murray (5-1)
2-Dan Tasker (4-2)
3-Yoel Romero (4-1)
4-Master Oogway (1-1)
5-Kristoph Gavin (1-1)

185 lbs Middleweight Division
1-Tony Fry (5-2)
2-Martin Taylor (5-2)
3-Aloysius Savage (3-0)
4-Mark Anderson (4-0)
5-Adolf Schwarzenegger (4-1)

205 lbs Light-heavyweight Division
1-Arany Dali (4-1)
2-Midnight Rider (5-2)
3-Stefano Magaddino (4-3)
4-RJ Barakus (3-3)
5-Ivan Wolfe (2-1)

265 lbs Heavyweight Division
1-Roy Roy (4-1)
2-Angel Soriano (4-2)
3-Maikel Fortuyn (4-0)
4-Bartholomaus Wolff (4-0)
5-Queen Elsa (3-1)
17 Jun 17 - Contracts
This is a beginner Organization aimed to help everyone make money. We want fighters to stick around for the long haul and grow with us. Below I have listed contracts and future contracts so you know what to expect.

Everyone will start off with the following first 4 fight contract:
$1000-Signing Bonus
$1000-Base Pay
$2000-Win Bonus

From here, your next contract depends on your previous first 3 fight results.
For each win, add $500 to all 3 categories. For example, a fighter that wins 3 out of 3 fights in their previous contract will receive the following renegotiation before their 4th fight:

$2500-Signing Bonus
$2500-Base Pay
$3500-Win Bonus

On the contrary, for each loss, you will lose $250 in each category. BUT YOU CAN NOT EARN LESS THAN THE ORIGINAL 1st CONTRACT. For example, a fighter that won 2 and lost 1 fight in their last 3 fights will receive the following renegotiation before their 4th fight:

$1750-Signing Bonus
$1750-Base Pay
$2750-Win Bonus

This will go on for as long as you are a member of this org. So as you can see... a 10 fight win streak in this org can have you making a decent amount of money.

Should you choose to not want to continue in this org, simply decline our renegotiation and finish your last fight.

Please note: Champions will be significantly compensated. Your championship contract will be worth a lot more than this and will depend on success as well as performance. I hope this clears things up for you all and you appreciate the business plan here at The Beatdown. It is meant to show that hard work pays off, don't be afraid to take the time to train. Once you get a few wins under your belt, you will have funds to train and make even more, so keep that in mind and enjoy THE BEATDOWN!

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