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Org name: Synchronicity
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 83
Number of events: 578
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Dale Mac
Ranking (Global): 2
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 90% from 34 ratings.
Website: Syn News
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Reaper Combatwear
About us: One of the oldest and most recognizable orgs in mmatycoon history.
Latest News: Syn Supernova Event Preview
  Event Preview prepared by Dag Pruego

Welcome to the marque event of the evening and in all of MMA! Synchronicity has always been to give quality events year and year out over the years, and Supernova VII will be no different. Known to have the brightest budding stars duking it out or the veterans settling their rivalries over title matches, to be on this stage is a great honor for every fighter within the organization. There will be five fights on the main card with five fights on the preliminary card and I will cover the main card for the most part. There are two title fights and plenty experience across the board, so expect every match to be a delight for Mixed Martial Art purists!

Main Event: Steven Rutherford vs George Pedro (185lbs Title Match)

There is history between these two folks! Steven Rutherford had his start in MMA back in the Legacy! Organization, going undefeated in all of his fights and leaving only one to a decision. However, he was a dominant force long before then when he conquered the 185lbs division in NACF and held on to the title for four defenses. His final match before moving on from Legacy! to Synchronicity was against George “Santos” Pedro where he won by TKO in the second round. Now with a record of 18-4-1 in MMA, he is looking to defend his title for a fifth time but now against a rival. George “Santos” Pedro has a record of 34-9-2, with most of his wins being finishes however he has showcased the intellect to a dominate match through getting points. The Brazillian import has the 205lbs title and has cut weight in order to propel himself in the history books to become a two division champion. With three title defenses and one of the most dominant winning streaks ever seen in the organization, this will be a tough test for Rutherford. Both boasting impressive stand-up and a grappling pedigree few can match, Pedros has the advantage with his blackbelt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. How Rutherford responds on the ground will determine the outcome of this match, so make sure to tune in!

Co-Main Event: Gymer Alexandersson vs Robbie Luatua (265lbs+ Division)
The second match of the night is going to be a great one, between Alexandersson and Luatua. Gymer is a winner, showcased by his record of 35-11. 31 of his fights have been decided by a finish, showing how powerful he is. Bulldozing through his division with 5 successful title defenses, he is looking to prove himself once more to management once again after losing the title to Mellow Mood. In order to show he is a top contender, Gymer will go from beginning to end with an aggressive assault so that he can get the finish we are accustomed to as fans. With an elite all-around game, Gymer will be hard to stop with his ambitions and drive. In the other corner is Robbie Luatua, the New Zealand sensation that swept all of the competition in the Ascension organization as their champion. After seven successful title defenses, Luatua and his coaches had made the decision to make the jump to Synchronicity. The pundits have been debating for weeks about whether it was a smart move for his career, but Luatua is no stranger to adversity and he is motivated to test himself against the best of the best. With a 20-10 record, his resume will not impress the average viewer. Upon further inspection, Luatua is currently on a nine fight winning streak that shows the results of his hardwork and dedication to evolving his game. His only weakness is his ground game, as Alexandersson is an accomplished black-belt. Both fighters have a chip on their shoulder so expect a lot of emotion in the press conference before the hands fly!

Main Card #1: Kantaro Hoshino vs Underestimated Dillashaw Junior

Now we are on to the main card which is as exciting as the top matches of the evening! Hoshino, the 36 year old veteran from Japan is currently on a 12 fight winning streak that spans multiple organizations. With a record of 37-8-1, 24 of those wins being finishes, the man has enough strength to move mountains. Extensively expanding his own game and tirelessly looking for weaknesses to exploit in his opponents, Hoshino’s preparation is second to none. Looking to continue his dominance, Dillashaw Junior is standing in his way to accomplishing just that. An absolute underdog, the record of 29-20-2 has not done him any favors among the populace. 18 decision wins and only 10 finishes does not improve the appearance of Dillashaw as a winner. Mostly competing in the GAMMA organization, his die-hard fans will have other things to say. With sensational skills in every aspect of MMA, the versatility he possesses is rarely seen. The ability to use his grappling to dominate the space within the cage is not the most exciting strategy, but most fans can appreciate the approach. Looking to slow down the pace and really breakdown Hoshino, Dillashaw will not be afraid to prove everyone wrong.

Main Card #2: Jong Un Kim vs Tuomari Hurmio (135lbs Division)

Most likely the most popular athlete and celebrity in all of South Korea, Jong Un is looking to solidify his claim to the global hall of fame. The 31 year old has a record of 32-8-1 with all of his wins being spread out nicely. Not known to stick to a single plan, Kim is an expert at adjusting to complications on the fly. His intelligence allows him to fight like it was a chess board, strategizing even three or four moves ahead in the heat of exchanges. A previous title holder, his short run brought upon questions of his consistency against the better opposition in the organization. Fans are hoping to see the Kim that thrashed the Imperial organization on the 21st, with the roadblock known as Tuomari Hurmio in the way of his goals. Born in Finland, Hurmio is no slouch. With a record of 27-5-1, Hurmio is almost the same type of fighter that Kim is. Plenty of decision wins and submissions shows that he knows how to gain favor with the judges, while still being capable of finishing early .With the clinch being his only weakness, it will be interesting to whether it will go directly to the ground or turn into a stand-up slug match. Also a previous title holder, the journey to redemption begins now.
Main Card #3: Title Match – Abraham Donowitz vs Joaquim Rapture (145lbs Division)
Onto the final match of the main card, it will be a title match between two premier fighters in there weightclass ; Abraham Donowitz and Joaquim Rapture. Donowitz is one of the very few Jewish fighters in the world, much less one of the very most dominating forces in MMA. 36-14-1 is his record, however most of his losses are due to decisions. Having never been knocked out, his chin is made out of steel. Boasting a repertoire of world class wrestling and Brazillian Jiu Jiutsu, there are questions of concern about his ability to handle the stand-up game. With three title defenses that were all too close for comfort, the legitimacy of his reign as the best 145lb fighter in the organization is in jeopardy. With a convincing showing at Supernova, the critics should be silenced. In the other corner, “Destino” is at the ripe age of 33. One of the greatest to come out of Portugal, his resume includes being the title holder in the Havoc Fighting league and a record of 29-13-0. Finishing about 40% of his fights and sneaking in submissions when the enemy least expects it, the slick moves by Destino are spectacular to watch. He can crack you with an uppercut or smother the opponent until they are gassed out and primed for a submission. Both fighters have their weaknesses and are working hard with their respective camps to come up with an effective gameplan to dominate the other. This title match will be for the ages, so don’t miss it!

Undercard includes the following fights

265+lbs: Diego Bustamante vs Samson Goldstein
155lbs: Helix Cabrera vs Chad Murray
145lbs: Liam Donnelly vs Pablo Alvado
135lbs: Takeshi Yuudai vs Lil Wayne
205lbs: Jacks Sole vs Constantine Kermit
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 13 33 245595 273 NA
145 10 34 236126 202 NA
155 12 32 244390 247 NA
170 15 33 219080 233 NA
185 7 33 242763 253 NA
205 10 32 236140 272 NA
265 6 30 263799 184 NA
265+ 9 30 259259 269 NA
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Viktor Tsoi 2
2 Kalervo Kaunismieli 3
3 Orlando Diggs 9
4 Evil Nixon 18
5 Mordecai Sackett 19
6 Robbie Luatua 22
7 Obelix De Gaul 29
8 Jack Douglas 30
9 Gauthier St. Georges 32
10 Archie Moore 34
11 Sotiris Kakoullis 57
12 Bull Hurley 62
13 Da Skrumbo 63
14 Moe Lester 68
15 Jong Un Kim 70
16 Joao De Santo Cristo 77
17 Aslak Aas 88
18 Eliitti Paavo 94
19 Mack Branco 105
20 Kim Jong Guk 108
Weight Name Last Win
135 Mordecai Sackett Vincent Oketch
145 Viktor Tsoi Abraham Donowitz
170 Orlando Diggs Kim Jong Guk
185 Kalervo Kaunismieli Chris Coath
205 Evil Nixon George Pedro
265 Kajun Puno Monte Zuma
265+ Robbie Luatua Bull Hurley

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Owner:   Dale Mac
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