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Steel Penn - ICON 2.0 (300K ID)

Org name: Steel Penn - ICON 2.0 (300K ID)
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 74
Number of events: 360
Base: Hilo
Owner: Chael Mir
Ranking (Global): 38
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 88% from 13 ratings.
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About us: Aiming to bring the very best of MMA back to HILO!
Latest News: Rankings Ė March 2017
Hey guys! So I thought it was about time to update our rankings for March, now that we have had 2 events this month and everything has shaken itself up a bit. It will also be good to get a view of all the divisions before PINNACLE goes down on 25th and potentially turns the entire landscape of certain divisions on their head. So; as I did last month I will be giving the top 5 fighters in each division whilst ranking the divisions from worst to best. I will give a summary of what has changed in each division and will also be doing a focus on one fighter from each division, somebody who I think is at a pivotal moment at this time.

Division 5: Heavyweight
#1. Otto Dahl ©
#2. Heavy Rain
#3. Brutus Leagatius
#4. Jarome Patches
#5. Ury Dikunov
Summary: Heavyweight remains the least exciting division; mostly due to inactivity, there are not enough fighters of consistent quality to produce good matchups, which is why the rankings are almost exactly the same as last month. We are still looking to strengthen the roster, and we have a couple of new additions, but there is work still to be done.
Fighter in Focus: Jarome Patches (307435)
We will be focusing on Jarome Patches as our fighter in this division; mainly because he could be some of the new blood this division badly needs. He is a little younger than the 3 top guys; but he has a unique style that could make him a threat, as he is a wrestler with a very potent clinch game and power in his hands. He displaced Billy Hope Jr from these rankings with relative ease, and has made himself relevant. The main problem for him is that he wonít really get any litmus tests, he is likely to be fighting the sharks of the division soon as the division is so thin that there is nobody between him and them. It will be interesting to monitor his progress over the next couple of months, hopefully we can bring in some new names for him to actually fight!

Division 4: Middleweight
#1. Oscar Stolt ©
#2. Archibald Knox
#3. John Chester
#4. Aaron Ward
#5. Devon King

Summary: Another division in desperate need of some new faces; the only reason this is now ranked ahead of heavyweight is because their title fight is likely to be the main event of PINNACLE and it is an incredibly interesting fight. In fact if the fight is even slightly competitive; there will likely be a rematch, due to the fact that after Stolt and Knox, nobody else is that close to them. Aaron Ward is looking good recently; but he must get past John Chester, who has already beaten him to be taken seriously in the division. All in all; excellent top 2, but more bodies needed.
Fighter in Focus: Archibald Knox (303869)
Archibold Knox is at an important moment. He won the middleweight Rumble on The Rocks Tournament; starching all his opponents in the first round. He has never really been to deep waters; but the odds are he will end up there on March 25th, when he takes on the Middleweight Champion Oscar Stolt. The two appear to be evenly matched in most areas; and the key will lie in whether Knox can impose his signature clinch game. If he loses though; it puts him in an awkward situation from a matchmaking standpoint, having run through all the other contenders already. It will be interesting to see how the fascinating matchup unfolds.

Division 3: Lightweight
#1. Grogory Damkratov ©
#2. Froyo Hoyo
#3. Mnajdra Sheze
#4. Mateusz Biernat
#5. Ephram Urani
Summary: This division is gaining some serious steam at the moment; with multiple contenders rising up and a champion who is pretty dominant at the moment. But there are many skilled contenders coming up that are ready to take the belt. The level of skill in the division has been improving drastically; with a top 5 who can all feasibly beat each other on any given day.
Fighter in Focus: Grogory Damkratov (303845)
The champ is a very interesting case. He is out-skilled by many of the contenders in his division; but what sets him apart is his intangibles, he has an iron chin; excellent determination and a lot of power in his hands. He was dominated in his last fight by Milorad Djapic; a fighter who on paper is better than him in every area of MMA. However; he found it within himself to plant a huge shot on the challengerís jaw just 7 minutes before the fight would have ended. Eventually it is likely that his lack of skill will catch up with him; especially if somebody wants to take him down and submit him i.e. Mnajdra Sheze. There are certainly threats to his belt; and heís gonna have to work hard to keep it, starting with his next defence against the always formidable Froyo Hoyo.

Division 2: Welterweight
#1. Vinku Intianni ©
#2. Settakian Fett
#3. Wally Markberg
#4. Alonzo Trotter
#5. Trevor Lawson
Summary: This division continues to get more exciting all the time; with more quality added, and surprising results happening all the time. The champion has only had 3 professional fights; but he has still shown to be an extremely skilled fighter, and has starched his opponents. So with a compelling title matchup at PINNACLE; a super skilled top 5, and a couple of prospects in Kyle Robson and Austin Spies looking to get themselves into the mix. The thing that stands out about this division though is the quality of wrestling; there are many good wrestlers, including arguably the best wrestler in the org, Alonzo Trotter. This division is only getting better; donít be surprised to see it ranked as the top division before too long.
Fighter in Focus: Wally Markberg (303318)
Wally Markberg is in a precarious position at this point; he is still putting slid wins together; but he lost his belt getting absolutely starched by the current champ. He is in a limbo of sorts now; waiting to fight Trevor Lawson, a tough unorthodox fighter, but nevertheless a fighter Markberg would enter as the favourite against. Markbergís gift and his curse is his style; he has won by exciting knockouts, using his physical ability and knockout power to overwhelm his opponents. However; his most prominent technical advantage lies in his wrestling ability; and he has used this to dominate and beat opponents up in the clinch before, but he has not been able to implement takedowns and top control since his very first MMA fight, where he wound up getting submitted. His division is expanding and there are a lot of good fighters coming through; he will need to go back to his roots of takedowns and GNP if he wishes to stay at the top.

Division 1: Light Heavyweight
#1. Jonas Lofmark ©
#2. Jimmy Ryan
#3. Pollo Tropical
#4. Joao Pedro De Silva
#5. Anthony Johnson
Summary: The marquee division of the org remains in the top spot and deservedly so. The division is simply the most developed division in the org. It has a dominant champion with Jonas Lofmark; some really credible challengers with the likes of Tropical and Ryan vying for a rematch with Lofmark. Thatís not to count out Joao Pedro De Silva; who is very capable of causing problems for Lofmark at PINNACLE. Also check out the young blood looking to take over the division; with Charley Hanagan and Albert Pulkinnen not names anybody will be wanting to draw in the near future.
Fighter in Focus: Pollo Tropical (301419)
Pollo Tropical suffered a loss to the champ just a month ago; however, he has been training well and his skills seem to be drastically improving. He was able to hold Quintus Octavian against the cage for 15 minutes. A fight which was supposed to be a war ended up being relatively one sided; and it was clear that Tropical was making huge improvements. He and Jimmy Ryan battle for the opportunity to fight for the title again; in a pivotal battle in which will ultimately decide who is the second best in the division. Ryan has big power and will be a big test for Tropical. The winner will fight for a title where the loser will face an uncertain future; it is one of the most important fights in the division right now.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Division Disbanded
145 2 25 314365 39 Division Disbanded
155 14 22 303985 50 Need fighters
170 16 22 304406 53 Need fighters
185 15 21 304179 54 Need fighters
205 15 21 303185 60 Need fighters
265 11 22 306162 48 Need fighters
265+ 1 38 193054 136 Legends Division 35+, fair fights with similar weights, super fights if they arise
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SP ICON: HILO'S FINEST 2017-05-06 Hilo
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Jonas Lofmark 716
2 Neyman Gariniho 987
3 Settakian Fett 1024
4 Oscar Stolt 1114
5 Mnajdra Sheze 1150
6 Kordell Bailey Sr. 1250
7 Otto Dahl 1418
8 Jimmy Ryan 1618
9 Froyo Hoyo 2101
10 Brutus Leagatius 2123
11 John Chester 2191
12 Wally Markberg 2473
13 Anthony Johnson 2520
14 Archibald Knox 2628
15 Vinku Intiaani 2780
16 Jallu Pesonen 3010
17 Grogory Damkratov 3143
18 Alonzo Trotter 3149
19 Joe Derby 3216
20 Charley Hanagan 3314
Weight Name Last Win
155 Mnajdra Sheze Froyo Hoyo
170 Settakian Fett Wally Markberg
185 Oscar Stolt Archibald Knox
205 Jonas Lofmark Joao Pedro Mauricio DeSilva
265 Otto Dahl Heavy Rain

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