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Aggressive Damage

Org name: Aggressive Damage
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 171
Number of events: 464
Base: Montreal
Owner: Mario Yaj
Ranking (Global): 6
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 97% from 46 ratings.
Website: Buzz
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Bullet Proof System
About us:

An organization built for the fighters, by the fighters with nothing more than Aggressive Damage...

Latest News: AD442: LightShot Preview
  AD442:LightShot Preview by Matej Rogina

This is new ADs event.This event will happening in Montreal Sports Complex(13,000).Ad is every day better and more popular fighting organization.

Main event(205lbs)Mike Tyson(46-25-1) vs Dasha Karimov(20-7-1)

Mike Tyson is the legend of this sport.This 38 years old American in AD has 8 wins(3 in a row) and 3 loses.Dasha Karimov is 29 years old fighter from Poland.This will be his debut in AD.

Dasha Karimov is young star,but can he win the legend of this sport Mike Tyson?

Co-main event:(205lbs)Trent Puchy(23-6) vs Roberto Seleznyov(28-14-1)

Trent Punchy is 33 years old fighter from Australia.He has in AD 4 fights,and 4 wins.Roberto Seleznyov is 37 years old fighter from Ukraine.In AD he has 11 wins(2 in a row) 7 loses and one draw.This fight can bring us the next contender.

Main card#1:(205lbs)Alvin Ray Dunkin(26-13-2) vs Alexei Chatzikomninos(24-16)

Alvin Ray Dunkin is 37 years old American.He is former ADs champion in light heavyweight division.In AD he has 11 wins,6 loses and one draw.Alexei is 35 years old fighter from Greece.This will be his debut in AD.This is a fight of two veterans in this sport.The one who will be more prepared for this fight will win.

Main card#2:(145lbs)Ein Stein(38-19-1) vs Incheol Wonha(23-12-3)

Ein Stein is 39 years old fighter from Austria.In AD he has 6 wins and 4 loses.Incheol Wonha is 35 years old fighter from North Korea.In AD he has 2 wins,one lose and 2 draws.Stein is much better in BJJ,but Wonha is more dangeours striker than Stein.

Main card#3:(205lbs)Zorba The Dancing Buddha(15-9) vs Lars Voller(36-23-1)

Zorba Buddha is 30 years old fighter from Seychelles.This will be his debut in AD.Lars Voller is 39 years old fighter from Philippines.In AD he has one win,and one draw.This is fight of two equal fighters.

Preliminary card:

(205lbs)Wampage Johnson(19-12) vs Don T. Bill(20-19)

(265lbs)Sonny Ray Razor(14-7) vs Terryn Dall(11-7)

(145lbs)Arjen Franck Robbery(30-20-2) vs Yong Wright(18-15-2)

(145lbs)Rune Banchamek(7-8-1) vs Renzo Alves(34-25)

(145lbs)Jaako Turkinen(7-3) vs Eliah Marshal(40-21)
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Not Active
145 28 35 210913 160 NA
155 0 0 0 0 Not Active
170 36 35 212805 149 NA
185 31 34 213698 166 NA
205 41 34 210946 140 NA
265 35 35 201098 161 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 Not Active
Upcoming Events
AD459: The great phenom 2017-06-28 Montreal
AD460: Mister Tibbs 2017-07-01 Montreal
AD461: Chewie 2017-07-05 Montreal
AD462: Montreal Chinatown 2017-07-08 Montreal
AD463: Kill The Beast 2017-07-12 Montreal
Today's Events / Recent Events
AD458: Blessed scarface 2017-06-24 Montreal
AD457: KOP 2017-06-21 Montreal
AD456: Fight junkies 2017-06-17 Montreal
AD455: Combat epidemic 2017-06-14 Montreal
AD454: Give him some Hell... 2017-06-10 Montreal

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 DJ Maximus 10
2 Nathan Silver 60
3 Zane Mason 61
4 Raise Hell 73
5 Itse Perkele 89
6 Brock Rumlow 116
7 Drake Dusk 138
8 Calvin King 160
9 Pat Garret 180
10 Kantaro Hoshino 186
11 Jericho Hill 189
12 Mike Tyson 204
13 Devin Skrumbellos 205
14 Henrique Ramos 213
15 Patrick Bateman 217
16 Sammy Sammich 236
17 Dasha Karimov 249
18 I Am 262
19 Samson Wade 290
20 Alexei Chatzikomninos 300
Weight Name Last Win
145 Nathan Silver Kantaro Hoshino
170 Zane Mason Liam Kelley
185 Raise Hell Pat Garret
205 Michael D Amato Mike Tyson
265 DJ Maximus Sammy Sammich

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Mario Yaj
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