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Highland Games

Org name: Highland Games
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 19
Number of events: 220
Base: London
Owner: Callum McGregor
Ranking (Global): 20
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 100% from 4 ratings.
Website: Highland Games Website
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: None
About us: Highland Games is a 257k ID restricted organisation for fighters aged 25 and over.
Latest News: Highland Games 183 Preview by Will Brawler
  This Thursday June 16th 2016, Highland Games in conjunction with The Highland Network & The Highland Way present Highland Games 183 comes to you live from The H20 Arena with a night full of action.

BJ Arnold Vs Jandre Vorster - Bantamweight Division
The Main Event of the evening puts 2x Former Highland Games Bantamweight Champion & The Island Season 3 Bantamweight winner “The Prodigy 2.0” BJ Arnold who holds a professional record of 24 Wins, 13 by way of Knockout with 5 Losses against TWGC 5 Featherweight Finalist Jandre “The Giant” Vorster who holds a professional record of 20 wins, 17 wins by way of submission with 5 losses in a Bantamweight clash. BJ Arnold is a veteran and former 2x Bantamweight champion of Highland Games coming in with 14 previous Highland Game appearances with only 1 loss in the last 10 fights. If BJ wants to walk out victorious with yet another win you can bet that he is going to try and go for his 14th Knockout of his career. BJ comes into this match up with significantly better standup than his opponent and has won the last 4 of his last 5 fights by Technical Knockouts. BJ has been on a roll lately ending his last 2 fights by TKO in the 2nd round after losing his belt to his nemesis Darth Vader. You can expect BJ to try and keep this fight standing and look for an early knockout as he tries to earn another shot at the Bantamweight Championship. Jandre Vorster is a veteran himself becoming a member of the Tradition Fight Club Hall of Fame and holding the TFC Bantamweight Championship himself as well as the Runner up in the TWGC 5 Featherweight tournament. You can bet although he has a respectable and proficient standup, Vorster is going to due everything within his power to get BJ to the ground and counter his standup. Vorster, a Black Belt in BJJ is hands down the dominant man if this fight hits the ground. In summary, The winner of this match will definitely put themselves in contention for the Bantamweight Championship.
Prediction: Jandre Vorster via submission. Fight of the Night

Kalle Kettu Vs Big Tow - Heavyweight
The Semi-Main Event of the evening will puts a knockout artist Kalle Kettu who holds a professional record of 15 wins all by way of Knockout with 7 losses against a ground master Big Tow who holds a professional record of 13 wins, 7 by way of knockout and 4 by way of submission with 6 losses in a heavyweight battle. Kalle Kettu is a former Island Season 4 Heavyweight Semi-Finalist and a relatively new heavyweight at Highland Games making his 3rd appearance. Kettu is 1-1 here in Highland and is trying to pick up his 3rd win. If Kettu is expected to win this fight he must remain standing and continue his streak of all wins coming by way of knockout. Kettu is one of the better heavyweights when it comes to Boxing but does he have the skill to stop Tow’s ground game? Big Tow will be making his fifth appearance for Highland Games and has made himself accustomed to the Highland fans. However Big Tow does hold a 2-2 record here in Highland. In this match up Big Tow has to take his opponent to the ground which is not going to be a very easy task as Kettu has some remarkable wrestling skills and is a knockout artist so Kettu has to watch those fists. If Big Tow can get Kettu on the ground it will be all over as long as Kettu goes for one of his strong submissions. Prediction: Kelle Kettu via Flash Knockout.

The Bishop of Bath and Wells Vs Oliver Dickens - Welterweight
In this Welterweight matchup pits Eleven wins against Eleven wins as we get to see another knockout artist, The Bishop of Bath and Wells who holds a professional record of 11 wins with all coming by way of knockout and 5 losses against 3x Highland Challenger Welterweight Champion Oliver “Smasher” Dickens who holds a professional record of 11 wins, 7 by way of knockout with 7 losses. This will be the 7th appearance for The Bishop and a chance to redeem the loss he suffered at 178. Dickens better hope The Bishop doesn’t repeat history as the last 8 fights for The Bishop has been 3 wins via knockout 1 loss followed by 3 wins and 1 loss, being his last fight. In another completely opposite matchup The Bishop is a wonderful boxer and is pretty proficient in wrestling. You can guarantee the The Bishop will try and use his 12cm height advantage to keep his opponent at a distance and pick away at the head of Oliver. Oliver Dickens on the other hand is also making his 7th appearance for Highland Games and is a former 3x Highland Challenger Welterweight Champion. Much like The Bishop, Dickens is also trying to redeem himself after suffering a submission loss also at 178. But for Dickens the stakes are more, He is only 3-3 here in Highland and needs a win if he wants to try and stay relevant in an ever growing field. Dickens being a former champion should be able to handle the pressure but if he plans on being successful he will have to be quick and get in close to The Bishop while at the same time avoiding the power of Bath and Wells. Dickens will only stand a chance if he can utilize his outstanding BJJ to get The Bishop to Tap.
Prediction: The Bishop of Bath and Wells via Knockout.

Buvaisar Hamidovich Saitiev Vs Razval Saraev - Welterweight
In this next Welterweight matchup it is the battle of the Ground N Pound. As we see Buvaisar Hamidovich Saitiev who holds a professional record of 12 wins all by way of Knockout with 7 losses go one on one against Former 2x Solitude Welterweight Champion Razval Saraev who holds a professional record of 15 wins with 11 by way of knockout and 5 losses. This is Saitiev’s 6th fight in the Highland Games cage coming off a loss but claiming the Fight of the Night for 179. Saitiev is the underdog in this fight with subpar skills compared to his opponent only matching Saraev in wrestling skill. If Saitiev has any chance of winning he will need to use his 12cm height advantage and keep Saraev at bay and hope for a judge's decision. Saraev who is making his 5th Highland Games fight and holding a 2-2 Highland record. Saraev has had some nice success prior to joining Highland Games by holding the Solitude Welterweight Championship on 2 different occasions, Being Runner up in the Island End of Season Tournament and being a Top 5 ranked fighter at the end of the Island Season 4 in the Welterweight division. Saraev who is hoping to turn a positive corner in his Highland Games career has the advantage on paper with superior Standup and BJJ skills. This fight is almost guaranteed to hit the ground early and stay on the ground majority of the fight. Saitiev may get lucky and lock in a submission early but the advantage goes to Saraev who will plan to Ground N pound his way to victory.
Prediction: Razval Saraev via TKO (Strikes).

Serge Ibaka Vs Dan Small - Bantamweight
In the Bantamweight division we see a Highland Games Veteran and Former Highland Games Bantamweight Champion Serge “Two Guns” Ibaka who holds a professional record of 23 wins, 20 wins by way of knockout with 7 losses goes up against another Highland Games Veteran Dan “3rd Form” Small who holds a professional fight record of 15 wins, 12 wins via submission with 11 losses. Serge Ibaka started his Highland Games Career back at Highland Games 25 winning the Bantamweight Championship in his very 1st Highland games Fight. He continued to defend the championship, even holding it while he became a runner up and Highest ranked fighter in The Island Season 3. Serge is on a 3 fight losing streak and is looking to start climbing the rankings once again. Serge has a 10cm height advantage as well as obviously better stand up. Dan Small is also a veteran of Highland games making his MMA career debut at Highland Games 10. Dan is no stranger to Serge as they met once before for the Welterweight championship back at HG 46 were Serge was victorious via TKO(Strikes). Dan is also trying to make his way back into title contention but is riding a 2 fight losing streak. Dan Small has the upper hand if the fight makes its way to the ground. For Dan to be successful he will need to get in close and find away to use his BJJ to his advantage.
Prediction: Serge Ibaka via KO

Kristian Michaels Vs Chris White - Welterweight
The next Welterweight division matchup puts Kristian Michaels with a professional record 14 wins with 9 losses against Chris White who has a professional record of 10 wins with 8 losses. This matchup will for sure be a hard hitting slugfest. White has remarkable boxing but Michaels has Wonderful Muay Thai. On the ground it’s anyones game but I have a feeling that we will not see much ground action. These two men will be slugging it out.
Prediction: Kristian Michaels via Knockout

Long Wang Vs Carlos Oliveira - Bantamweight
In a Bantamweight matchup we see to experienced Highland Games fighters with one a boxer the other a BJJ Brown Belt. Long Wang, who has a record of 12 wins with 4 losses started his career by winning QFC Tournament 517 before coming to Highland Games. Standing in the opposite corner is Former United Martial Arts Bantamweight Champion Carlos “Quesada” Oliveira who holds a professional record of 11 wins with 5 losses and making his debut under a new manager. Wang has the ground game and Oliveira has the Standup. In a perfectly opposite matchup both men have almost identical wrestling abilities so Oliveira will be trying to stuff the takedowns and keep Wang standing but Wang does have a very slight advantage in wrestling and hands down superior in BJJ.
Prediction: Long Wang via Submission

Riley Molovgomedov Vs Pluto Myles - Specialist Division
In a specialist matchup we see Riley “Hipster” Molovgomedov who has a professional record of 2 wins with 4 losses go against Pluto Myles who holds a professional record 7 wins with 5 losses. Both men are fighting for their 2nd win in Highland Games. Both of these fighters have been training for sometime but have both failed to gain any ground in recent fights but if Riley wants to walk out victorious he will have to hope to get a decision and prevent any ground n pound of submissions from Myles who is a black belt in BJJ.
Prediction: Pluto Myles via Submission

Alan Fadzaev Vs Brian Jones - Specialist Division
In the opening fight of the night we see a specialist matchup of project fighters as the 4-3 Alan Fadzaev who is making his Highland Games debut goes head to head with the 8-4 Former Bantamweight Champion Brian “B.J” Jones who is looking to pick up his very 1st win here in Highland Games. In a fairly even matchup we see a standup fighter with Exceptional wrestling going against a BJJ fighter who has Wonderful Muay Thai. By the end of this fight one man will have earned their very 1st win inside the Highland Games cage.
Prediction: Alan Fadzaev via Decision
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 1 33 271592 51 NA
145 2 31 271035 159 NA
155 1 31 279592 39 NA
170 4 32 275825 122 NA
185 6 32 278620 80 NA
205 1 32 278198 23 NA
265 4 32 279523 111 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 Currently building a division for 257k projects. The division will merge BW, FW and LW together.
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Patrick Seery 200
2 Alexander Stubb 257
3 Peper Panel 1278
4 Massa Hurmaaja 1660
5 Voljin Ulfzaar 1681
6 Itshak Rabinovitch 1986
7 Alonzo Harris 2209
8 Butch Larson 2311
9 Marcus Hand Grenade 2661
10 Punchers Chance 2923
11 Pyotr Korobeikin 3684
12 Ferris Bueller 4538
13 Cornelis Spilbergen 9856
Weight Name Last Win
135 Darth Vader Jandre Vorster
145 Patrick Seery Scott Keene
155 Cholo Van Gaal Papa Shango
170 Alexander Stubb The Bishop Of Bath And Wells
185 Arthur Schopenhauer Cyril Westlake
205 Jake Theodorou Unz Unz
265 John Machado Mase Force

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Owner:   Callum McGregor
CEO: Micheal Russell
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