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Revolution XC

Org name: Revolution XC
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 148
Number of events: 37
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Roco Milstown
Ranking (Global): 12
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 92% from 24 ratings.
Website: Revolution XC News Network
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Fanatic Inc.
About us: The Revolution is here! Revolution XC will offer fair fights and will become your fighters new fav org! Revolution XC 285k id +
Latest News: ICON Fight Night 4 Preview
  Gone is Revolution XC 7 and now we go on to ICON Fight NIGHT 4. This October Night will feature 3 Championship Fights, including one Welterweight Superfight, Another appearance by Welterweight contender Jake Belcher, and an important Lightweight Fight between unexpected contenders Kevin Kilpatrick and Noam Nystrom.

Josh Gates vs Jake “The Protagonist” Tyler
Welterweight Contest
It’s hard not to feel for Tyler. His record doesn’t seem to be a reflection of his skills, as he’s 1-4, though his current 3 fight losing streak was a result of fighting some stiff competition. Gates is also an underrated commodity at 2-2, but he’s another product of the Michio Kaku restoration, and his debut saw him win Knockout of the Night against Igz Kincaid. Tyler has the edge in standup, but Gates can get this to the ground. However, that doesn’t seem like a smart choice given that Tyler owns a Purple Belt. This fight could go either way, but I think Tyler might just get back on track tonight.
Tyler via KO (Punch), round 2

Jordan Dahl vs Alex “The Lumberjack” Miller
Lightweight Contest
Proficient in both boxing and Muay Thai, Miller will actually be making his professional debut at this event. Dahl is also making his debut, but he has more experience at 3-1. His best skill coming in is his BJJ, where he has a Purple Belt. His wrestling is mediocre, but it’s better than Miller’s abysmal wrestling. Ultimately, I see Miller Dominating in the clinch and going the distance in what can hopefully be a long career.
Miller via Unanimous Decision

Xi “BoxeR” Lim vs Alberto “Rocha Rocha” Silva
Featherweight Contest
His record might seem mediocre, but Xi Lim might be one of the best young prospects in MMA today. Every skill he has is top notch, capped off with Exceptional Muay Thai. Silva lost his debut at ICON Fight NIGHT 2 via TKO, and he really didn’t show anything special in that fight. This is the 99% guaranteed pick of the night.
Lim via TKO (Strikes), round 1

D’Wayne “Crips” Williams vs “Little” Joe Bailey
Lightweight Contest
Williams has slowly made his way up the ranks in Revolution XC, winning both of his fights since coming here. Bailey surprised everyone in his Debut when he was TKO’d by Noam Nystrom in the third round. Stand up seems to be William’s bread and butter, as shown in his RXC fights, but his Muay Thai might be his best skill. However, standing and trading with Bailey is bound to be a mistake, as Bailey has Exceptional Boxing at his disposal. If these two start to bang it out, then expect “Little” Joe to get a Big Knockout.
Bailey via KO (Punch), round 1

Vincent DeFarina vs Antonio Silva
Light-Heavyweight Contest
DeFarina’s previous two RXC encounters both saw him dominate, but ended in wildly different fashion. First, He beat the crap out of Bill Brown before getting submitted in the second round, then he beat Anthony Johnson so badly that he felt the need to retire. Silva is making his RXC debut after going 6-3 on three different circuits. Vincent is at his best when he mixes up his two best skills, stand up and clinch work. He also lands an absurd amount of strikes, and while it’s not a finishing kind of style, the sheer pressure can really mentally ruin guys. Silva won Knockout of the Night in his previous encounter with a brutal head kick, and his Muay Thai is top notch (seems to be a theme tonight). However, I see DeFarina getting the decision win with his mind breaking strategy.
DeFarina via Unanimous Decision

“Doctor” Kevin Kilpatrick vs Noam Nystrom
Lightweight Contest
Nate Gonzalez and Joe Bailey were big favorites at ICON Fight NIGHT 3, but these two rose to the occasion. Kilpatrick went the distance to score the decision against the former champion and Nysrtom wilted Bailey in the clinch until he got the finish late into the third round. “Doctor” looked good at every position of the fight with Nate, showing a very well rounded style. He seems like a jack of all trades and a master of maybe a few. Nystrom’s best skill is his wrestling, and as shown in his fight with Bailey, he can control people in the clinch as well. I see Noam finishing Kilpatrick within the distance
Nystrom via TKO (Punches), round 3

Jake “The Talent” Belcher vs Joakin Bordado
Welterweight Contest
Coming off another beating courtesy of Peter Potter, Belcher looks to get back on track against the debuting Bordado. Undefeated at 4-0, nothing about the Philippines native really stands out. Longtime viewers of RXC will recognize Belcher and what his style is, which is go to the ground and pound out a victory, and I don’t see this fight being any different.
Belcher via TKO (Punches), round 1

Michael “Hurricane” Carter vs Pyry Kontio
Featherweight Championship Contest
“The Hurricane” made a huge statement in just his second RXC fight when he dismantled Issumater Tariaksuq via Unanimous decision to win the Featherweight Championship. He should great striking and wrestling on his way to Championship Gold, but now he’s got a target on his back, and Finland’s Favorite Featherweight is looking for a bullseye. For Kontio, this is his third attempt at the Title, having previously lost to both Issumater and Alexander Vermeer in the past, so this fight will determine whether Kontio is RXC’s Urijah Faber. Kontio’s strategy is simple, get to the ground and either beats the opponent with punches or submit them. This strategy will be difficult against Carter, as his wrestling is top notch, and if he can outstrike Tariaksuq, then he can outstrike Pyry. As much as I like Kontio, I don’t think he’ll survive this Hurricane.
Carter via TKO (Punches), round 1

Don Julio Cesar Chavez vs Rocco Antonio “Italian Stallion” Siffredi
Welterweight Championship Contest
Jeez that’s a mouthful. Chavez has stated that he wants super fights more than anything, and he’s got one in the form of former Middleweight Champion RAS. The most likely place this fight will finish is on the feet, as these two love to hit and hit hard. Chavez has won Bonuses in all three of his previous fights, including submitting Peter Potter and murdering Fernando Luiz via Superman Punch. Siffredi lost his Middleweight championship when he got decisioned by Andy Fitzgerald, but he also won Fight of the Night. “Italian Stallion” has never been finished in a fight before, but I think that might change when he fights the human highlight reel that is Don Julio Cesar Chavez.
Chavez via KO (Punch), round 1

Alexander Vermeer vs Royal Pain “In the Ass”
Lightweight Championship Contest
After losing twice to Nate Gonzalez, Pain came back with two big wins over Royce Disgracie and Hop Sing Jung. He now finds himself face to face with one of the best strikers in the game today, Alexander Vermeer, and the Lightweight Title is on the line. Vermeer also defeated Jung in his previous fight, Knocking out the 5 ft supernova with two seconds left in the round, very similar to his spinning backfist knockout of Pyry Kontio with only one second left. This is a great example of why every second in the cage with Vermeer is one second too many. Pain will need to get close and hug the #$^& out of Vermeer in order to avoid the lethal striking game he possesses. Personally, I think this fight could go either way, so this will be my coin pick of the night. Tails, Pain wins the belt again.
Pain via Submission (RNC), round 5
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 14 23 303896 43 ID 300k +
145 22 25 292677 104 ID 285k + Looking for fighters
155 20 24 292567 96 ID 285k + Looking for fighters
170 25 26 295183 109 ID 285k + Looking for fighters
185 17 25 293155 105 ID 285k + Looking for fighters
205 15 25 290861 95 ID 285k + Looking for fighters
265 22 25 292363 79 ID 285k + Looking for fighters
265+ 12 24 304362 51 ID 300k +
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Ukko Metso 111
2 Noam Nystrom 157
3 Dmitri Zaitsev 173
4 Kame Sennin 199
5 Don Julio Cesar Chavez 209
6 Andy Fitzgerald 214
7 James Adams 351
8 Ed Driver 414
9 Michael Carter 450
10 Pave Hunt 504
11 Jed Knight 580
12 Royal Pain 695
13 Nik Snow 704
14 Xi Lim 723
15 Alessandro Orsini 783
16 Vladimir Tarlac 808
17 Andrey Lobtov 817
18 Lamar Allen 981
19 Theodore Thundercunt 1102
20 Tweedle Dum 1106
Weight Name Last Win
135 Chester Jones Reece Mclaren
145 Kame Sennin Hop Sing Jung
155 Noam Nystrom Royal Pain
170 Don Julio Cesar Chavez Rick James
185 Ukko Metso Don Julio Cesar Chavez
205 Ed Driver Dwayne James
265 Dmitri Zaitsev Carlos Calabara
265+ Matt Williams Turk Turkleton

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Owner:   Roco Milstown
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