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Duel Fighting League

Org name: Duel Fighting League
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 119
Number of events: 180
Base: New York
Owner: Alexander Biro
Ranking (Global): 6
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 90% from 24 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Sin City Allstars
About us: Duel Fighting League is the #1 Fighting org in NY , we are always looking for more fighters. PM me now for a contract
Latest News: DFL Weekend Recap of DFL 143
  DFL 143 recap
Middleweight Title Fight
Eric Ashton Vs. Peter Parker

When I woke up this morning and made my cup of coffee. I sat there in peace knowing that some things never change, like my love of a early morning sunrise, a nice warm cup of folgers, and Peter Parker being the Middleweight champion of the DFL. Little did I know, my world will be flipped upside down when Eric Ashton TKO'd Peter Parker midway through the second round of the title fight. I could barely find my composure to sit here and write this review of DFL 143...

Anyways life goes on so here we go, the first round of the Middleweight title fight. There was much back and forth in the first round, nothing to really set the two apart until Ashton scored a takedown. The ground action didn't last more than ten seconds before Parker got back to his feet and the two went after it again. But I do believe that takedown went in favor of Ashtons points so it led him to win the first round. Then it came to the judgment round! A minute of back and forth striking until Ashton put Parker's back to the ground and won the fightbut with an onslaught of punches.

Eric Ashton Winner By TKO at 1:52 of Round 2!

Featherweight title fight
Barack Obama vs. Johnny Pearson

You know I did expect Obama to lose his title at some point but not to Pearson. Obama was the better fighter in almost every aspect except the clinch... which the two were even. So why did Obama decide to Clinch?!?! Both rounds of the fight were done almost completely in the clinch. Round one was dominated by Pearson clinch work and so was round two with Pearson landing almost 3 times the amount of strikes. But Instead of bashing Obama for a complete lack of game planning we should congratulate Pearson for dominating a fight
Against a much more experienced fighter.

Johnny Pearson Winner By TKO at 4:52 of Round 2

Middleweight Fight
Ravi Shankoli vs. Deez Nutzzzz

Well I think it's safe to say do not mess with Shankoli or at least don't be close enough for him to hit you with those hands. For the third fight in a row he has KO'd his opponents within the first round. And two of those have been in the DFL.

During the fight Nutzzzz was the most aggressive fighter but it didn't work out well for him. In the beginning he put up quite a fight and had way more energy than Shankoli who seemed to be very calm and collected. Shankoli who has so much experience such heavy hands knew he didn't have to do much at all to win this fight. Knocking Nutzzzz out midway of Round 1!

Winner Ravi Shankoli by KO at 3:13 of Round 1!

Bantamweight Bout
Eksem Von Ketler vs. BJ Penn

Unfortunately for Penn his second match in the DFL was a loss against the DFL veteran Von Ketler.

In this match we seen Von Ketler put on a grappling and GNP clinic for the newcomer BJ Penn. After dominating two rounds by a relentless Assualt of GNP he finally TKO'd Penn in the closing seconds of the third round. It was hard enough to watch it if you were a BJ Penn fan but he sure can take a beating!

Eksem Von Ketler winner by TKO at 4:21 of Round 3!

The rest of the fight card:

MW bout: Peyton Manning vs. Sam witcher
Peyton winner by Kimura at 2:58 of Round 1

SHW bout: Archie Trew vs. Milktoast Diddlybottom
Archie Trew winning by TKO (Knees) at 1:39 of Round 2

MW bout: Eric Staal vs. Lip Ton
Eric Staal winner by KO at 3:43 of Round 3

WW Bout: Lee Sin vs. Johnny Persecutioned
Lee Sin winner by TKO at 1:41 of Round 2

WW bout: Ray Bundles vs. Jay Turner
Ray Bundles winner by Decision

MW Bout: Alexander Potter vs. Vadim Nazarov
Alexander Potter winner by decision

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 7 29 256523 166 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
145 7 34 239620 146 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
155 19 32 264786 188 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
170 21 31 275433 176 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
185 22 32 265679 168 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
205 19 30 285512 180 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
265 15 33 234419 167 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
265+ 9 29 292744 153 Open ID Must be top 2000 PVP
Upcoming Events
DUEL#147 Vee vs Crushman 2018-04-21 New York
DUEL148 2018-04-21 New York
DUEL149 2018-04-28 New York
DUEL150 2018-04-28 New York
DUEL151 2018-05-05 New York
Today's Events / Recent Events
DUEL#145 Denke vs Sigit 2018-04-14 New York
DFN#33 Wrexham vs Lafayette 2018-04-14 New York
DUEL#144 Ajax vs Picker 2018-04-07 New York
DUEL#143 Parker vs Ashton 2018-04-07 New York
DUEL#142 Montezuma vs Vee 2018-03-31 New York

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Fredrik Stenberg 18
2 Rama Arjuna 53
3 Brandon Vee 55
4 Vicente Lafayette 64
5 Larson Picker 89
6 Mario Barrera 113
7 The Sigit 116
8 Eric Ashton 129
9 Dick Army 152
10 Kasey Scorpion 172
11 Marco Ajax 190
12 Peter Parker 204
13 Johnny Pearson 207
14 Shepherd Bushiri 211
15 Karl Denke 220
16 Frank Reilly 223
17 Benny Andersson 230
18 Cleon Wright 255
19 Miro Bang 268
20 Daniel Crushman 283
Weight Name Last Win
135 Johnny Pearson Barack Obama
145 Shepherd Bushiri Yaniv Schulmann
155 Fredrik Stenberg Larson Picker
170 The Sigit Karl Denke
185 Eric Ashton Peter Parker
205 Rama Arjuna Kevin Garbutt
265 Brandon Vee Quetzal Montezuma

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Alexander Biro
Writer: James Milner
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