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Freedom Fighting Alliance (300k+)

Org name: Freedom Fighting Alliance (300k+)
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 111
Number of events: 47
Base: New York
Owner: Johnny Dangerous
Ranking (Global): 23
Ranking (City): 4
Satisfaction rating: 92% from 25 ratings.
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Merch partner: None
About us: Welcome To FFA
Latest News: FFA 37: Monstrosity Preview
  Annnnnnnnnnnd we're back with a quick preview of FFA 37: Monstrosity!!!

Brotha Gracie (9-7-1) vs Randy Miller (7-4-1) - Middleweight

Kicking off our main card, FFA newcomer Brotha Gracie will take on long time FFA man Randy Miller in another classic striker vs grappler showdown. Gracie is returning to the United States, after somewhat mixed results fighting in Sydney, and looking to make a statement in his FFA debut. Mostly known as a submission artist, Gracie has shown he can win fights multiple long as it's on the ground. The man standing across the cage from him is a true FFA original. Randy Miller has been pleasing FFA crowds since its inception and will look to add another Fight of the Night bonus to his name (he has four). Miller usually likes to grind his opponents down and slowly break their will, but does have some stopping power when needed. Can Miller keep this fight standing and pick apart his opponent or will Gracie score a quick takedown and finish this one early???

Donnie Brasco (4-0) vs Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen (5-5) - Welterweight

The highly touted prospect vs the wiley veteran, sort of. Oddly enough the prospect (Brasco) is actually a year older then the veteran (Smitty), but experience can be a factor. Inching closer to the top of the division, Brasco will be looking to break free of his prospect status and join the list of title contenders with another win. He seems to have a flair for the dramatic with two of his knockouts coming in the final round of his fights, but why not give the fans their money's worth. With potentially his career on the line, Smitty is in do or die mode for this fight. Having previously been a title contender, he has the clearly shown the ability to finish fights, but his magic has been lost as of late. All it takes is one mistake and Smitty can turn things around in a hurry. Does Brasco join the elite of FFA's welterweight division or can Smitty regain his submission magic???

Co-Main Event: Brisco County Jr (6-4) vs Tony Duff (6-1) - Welterweight

The judges can go ahead and take a break when these two step in the cage because this one will not go the distance. Go big or go home is clearly Brisco County Jr's motto. With none of his fights ever making it to the third round, a County Jr fight is about as close to a guaranteed knockout as you can get. He added another number to that list in his FFA debut, getting the finish 44 seconds into the second round. He unfortunately has been on the receiving end of his fair share as well, but hey, go big or go home! Not to be overshadowed by his opponent's finishes, Tony Duff has made a name for himself by making sure fights don't end up in the judges' hands. His only loss came by way of decision and that doesn't sit well with him at all. While he tends to favor submissions to finish his fights, Duff is far from a pure grappler and will keep you guessing all fight long. Just ask Kareem Dennis, who Duff knocked out with a head kick. The only question you have to ask yourself is who gets the finish???

Main Event: Max Hell (8-2) vs Vertti Ekstrovertti (6-2) - Middleweight

The winner of this one will be getting the next title shot and both of these guys are ready to show why. The future opponent of the winner remains undetermined (with the current champion on the verge of being stripped of the title), but Hell and Ekstrovertti know they are one raised hand away from having a shot at championship glory. Doom and Devestation are the nicknames of Max Hell's hands and they have left a trail of destruction in their wake. Knockouts are just a way of life for Hell. With all eight of his victories coming by way of said knockout, some even believe that Hell has the most pound for pound power in all of FFA. Looking to prove those believers horribly wrong is the man nicknamed the "Open Book". Ekstrovertti has the amazing ability to out strike you, put you on the canvas and before you can even process what just happened, you're tapping out. He's the epitome of the television show Survivor's motto, "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast". That's exactly what Ekstrovertti does. Will power once again reign supreme or will versatility truly be the key???
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 NA
145 19 22 308938 83 290k+ restricted
155 14 22 304167 70 290k+ restricted
170 18 22 304551 75 290k+ restricted
185 16 23 303899 67 290k+ restricted
205 26 24 303291 79 290k+ restricted
265 17 22 304659 69 290k+ restricted
265+ 0 0 0 0 NA
Upcoming Events
FFA 38: Annihilation 2017-09-29 New York
FFA 39: Psychosis 2017-10-06 New York
FFA 40: Tenacity 2017-10-13 New York
FFA 41: Wreckage 2017-10-27 New York
Today's Events / Recent Events
FFA 37: Monstrosity 2017-09-15 New York
FFA 36: Revolution 2017-09-08 New York
FFA 35: Pandemonium 2017-09-01 New York
FFA 34: Brutality 2017-08-25 New York
FFA 33: Desolation 2017-08-12 New York

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 James Jordon 305
2 Hiroshi Ekaku 425
3 Alexey Andreev 445
4 Daniel Dimitrov 476
5 Hero Galanos 755
6 Jeremy Heathen 764
7 Matt Del Rio 788
8 Aron Karlsson 836
9 Arjuna Ramadan 877
10 Markus Drotske 940
11 Chester Jones 1055
12 Tony Duff 1062
13 Chris Runt 1068
14 Jack Mills 1090
15 Max Hell 1159
16 Antonio Salieri 1204
17 Esteban San Pedro 1361
18 Curtis Lowe 1417
19 Ali Bagov 1469
20 Desmond Fairbanks 1510
Weight Name Last Win
145 Hiroshi Ekaku Chester Jones
155 Jeremy Heathen Jackson Bishop
170 Alexey Andreev Matt Del Rio
185 James Jordon Michael Jackson
205 James Jordon Hero Galanos
265 Daniel Dimitrov Arjuna Ramadan

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Johnny Dangerous
Co-Owner: Kurtis Hugs
President: Kc Cooper
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