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OG Cardinals Fighting Org

Org name: OG Cardinals Fighting Org
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 356
Number of events: 22
Base: Helsinki
Owner: Osinho Garcia
Ranking (Global): 44
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 68% from 13 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: The Forge
About us: Angry Birds Wars... Want to join? Contact me I will offer fights due to similar age and ID
Latest News: Title Tournaments Fighters
  A little bit later than i announced, but here it is candidates who will take part in Championship Tournaments winner will become first champions of OGCFO. It wasn't easy task, because in some categories i don't have as many fighters as i wish. That's why in 135lb, 205lb and 265lb i won't be looking on first bouts scores. In 185 and +265lb there are many pre-elimination fights in other categories there are few. All the fighters not mentioned on this list are grouped to some kind of leagues considered by age, ID and in some cases rating stars. I know the will be unsatisfied that they won't get the chance now just win fights and you become challengers. Maybe somebody won't be happy his fighter is there if you decline fight that's your decision but i will think twice to give challenger status (but you may got it), if you accept and your fighter will lose fight then he immediately join league and will fight similar opponents. This list is final, no matter who will join the Org in few days. First tournaments will take place in first week of May. There will be 4 quarterfinal tournaments (2 divisions each), 2 semifinal nights (4 divisions each) and 1 Championship Night with finals in each division. After that one event one title fight. If you have any question just ask i will answer. So good luck.
And i'm sorry if i made an error with fighter name, i have typed all with my fingers none is copied and pasted.


Twinkle Four
Josh Wolf
Kieran Macgregor/Mariusz Boruch
James Hetfield
Demetrious Johnson
Jack Jason
Forrest Gump
Anthony Birchack

res. Mariusz Boruch/Kieran Mcgregor
res. Alexandre Silva


Phad Mendes
Taylor Raymond
Kaziro Satomi
Kang Gary
Michael Kimura
Tyler Stevens
Jimmy Dickinson/Lenny Douglas
Blake Caffey

res. Chris Chandler
res. Jimmy Dickinson/Lenny Douglas


Bubba Blue
Ahmad Doni
John Niel
Nevil Rayne
Joe Ryzon
Brusko Ramero Genimer
Tyler Sharp/Arnold Grant
Martin Anvil

res. Brandon Jackson/John Bonjovi
res. Mansour Barnaoui/James Barr


Tyson Colemen/Rex Madson
Raquel Juarez
Bashad Al Hammad
Tuomas Lampinen
Cicero Santos/Jack Lewis
Lucas Browne
Takeda Shingen
Jere Ikonen/Gilbert Hobbes

res. Rex Madson/Tyson Colemen
res. Cicero Santos/Jack Lewis


Thai Boxer
Lavonde Tyrone
Johhny Blue/Test Two
Bryn Sotiropoulos/Stone Cold Killa
Yurochka Shibakov/Raymond Gazelle
Dane Valente/Ray Nathan
Sven Ludwig/Fist Mcgruff
Joe Vena/Michael Scott

reserve depends on fights' scores


Jon Bones
Hemfsford Jowars
Rupert Whiston
Phil High
Nathan Fisher
Joshua Jackson
Sharky Shark
Norman Cleveland/Marquan Wheatherspoon

reserve who will be active


Quinton Randleman
Yoshi Takano
Ackroyd Bloggs
Doctor Bootyopolis
Amir Aklaban
Mehdi Rouhani
Jack Zack
Duke Freeling/Brock Mir

res. Trevor Jones
res. Duke Freeling/Brock Mir
res. Rocky Maivia/Bruce Biante


Ajax Bushiri
John Omalley/Ma Bones
Kent Conner/Steve King
Samuel Morris/John Riverson
Doctor Shakalu/George Bush
Floyd Mayweather/Pedro Henrique
Tom Tomson/Jared Williams
Mariusz Pazdowski/John Miskie

reserve depends on fights' scores

if one of those fight won't take place 8th spot will be decided Fedor Emelianenko/Gabriel Skrarski

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 43 22 309682 28 want contract mail me
145 33 21 308967 28 want contract mail me
155 37 21 307385 33 want contract mail me
170 53 21 309582 31 want contract mail me
185 53 21 307526 33 want contract mail me
205 59 24 254778 34 want contract mail me, this is division also for fighters being longer in the game
265 47 21 308632 36 want contract mail me
265+ 30 22 309050 36 want contract mail me
Upcoming Events
Angry Birds War 13 2017-04-29 Helsinki
ABW Title Tour. QF 170 & +265 2017-05-03 Helsinki
ABW Title Tour. QF 155 & 265 2017-05-04 Helsinki
ABW Title Tour. QF 145 & 205 2017-05-05 Helsinki
ABW Title Tour. QF 135 & 185 2017-05-06 Helsinki
Angry Birds War 18 2017-05-12 Helsinki
Angry Birds War 19 2017-05-12 Helsinki
ABW Title Tournament SF 1 2017-05-21 Helsinki
ABW Title Tournament SF 2 2017-05-22 Helsinki
ABW Championship Night 2017-06-07 Helsinki
Today's Events / Recent Events
Angry Birds War 12 2017-04-26 Helsinki
Angry Birds War 11 2017-04-25 Helsinki
Angry Birds War 10 2017-04-23 Helsinki
Angry Birds War 9 2017-04-22 Helsinki
Angry Birds War 8 2017-04-21 Helsinki

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Kron Vieira 1592
2 Quinton Randleman 1646
3 Ajax Athanas 1857
4 Jon Bones 2306
5 Eddie Gelfen 2307
6 Yoshi Takano 2532
7 Test Two 2631
8 Travis Randy 2793
9 Wade Wallace 2813
10 Raquel Juarez 2833
11 Harold Shermann 2919
12 Trogdor The Burninator 2927
13 Dagur Odinsson 2959
14 Rustam Khabilov 3075
15 Bubba Blue 3454
16 John Niel 3505
17 Nevil Rayne 3596
18 Michael Scott 3660
19 Fausto Carsara 3724
20 John Omalley 3762
Weight Name Last Win
No champions crowned.

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Osinho Garcia
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