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Org name: ISLAND FC
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 161
Number of events: 27
Base: The Island
Owner: Jay Tycoon
Ranking (Global): 37
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 100% from 59 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: After School Syndicate
About us: IFC
Latest News: CEO SUMMARY
  Brief summary on things to come at IFC
Tonight event will host 2 title will be our first Monday night event and we expecting all fighters to make weight and put on a good performance....
#1 organization in the island
#1 P4P Fighter

135lbs - Division looks really solid and no one established themselves as a dominant force here, but lots of strong contenders...

145lbs - Our 18 year old division is slow going as expected, but the first round of fights coming up this Wednesday ....still recruiting and probably moving up the age cap to under 20's soon....

155lbs - Champion waiting for result of today's title eliminator between #1 and #2 ranked in the division....

170lbs - King will be crown this Wednesday in a fight for the vacant belt....

185lbs - Very strong contenders are charging for the champion

205lbs - Very dominant champion ,but hints of improvements from some contenders....

265lbs - The champion has hes hands full with any of the contenders he will have to face..

265lbs+ - Stacked division with lots of undefeated contenders, exiting times here...

Fighters fighting here and looking for the best possible training in the island contact Gizmo's Gym , you will need to book a place as its always full
I want to thank our staff for the brilliant job they have been doing, and i want to thank the fighters and managers for the excitement...Great previews been coming out ,all thanks to the magnificent writer Kalle Derlude
As most of you know we have a tournament coming up ,it is all set and done .....special thanks for our tournament manager Toth Bert
And of course the sponsors witch contributed with a reasonable amount of $$$ to make it a worthy contest
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 13 24 318040 57 PM me for A contract
145 16 18 318697 27 18 years old only PM me for A contract
155 23 24 318433 41 PM me for A contract
170 18 23 318470 47 PM me for A contract
185 18 24 318382 47 PM me for A contract
205 20 24 318558 49 PM me for A contract
265 28 25 318590 45 PM me for A contract
265+ 25 24 318585 42 PM me for A contract
Upcoming Events
IFC Wednesday Night Fights #6 2017-07-26 The Island
IFC9 - KING RETURN 2017-07-29 The Island
Mon Night Fights#2- Wickedness 2017-07-31 The Island
IFC Wednesday Night Fights #7 2017-08-02 The Island
IFC10 - INVASION 2017-08-05 The Island
Mon Night Fights#3- Notorious 2017-08-07 The Island
IFC11 - Tournament Rd 1.1 2017-08-09 The Island
IFC12 - Tournament Rd 1.2 2017-08-12 The Island
eeee 2017-08-16 The Island
iiiiiii 2017-08-19 The Island
oooo 2017-08-23 The Island
aaaaaa 2017-08-26 The Island
uuuuu 2017-08-30 The Island
Today's Events / Recent Events
IFC8 - GUNSHOT 2017-07-22 The Island
IFC Wednesday Night Fights #5 2017-07-19 The Island
IFC7 - WAR GAMES 2017-07-15 The Island
IFC Wednesday Night Fights #4 2017-07-12 The Island
Mon Night Fights#1- Evil Ways 2017-07-10 The Island

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Light Heavyweight 1091
2 Luther Jones 1234
3 Rokuya Date 1305
4 Grigori Rasputin 1386
5 Ben McHough 1696
6 Dominique Bell 1721
7 Mister Hankey 1793
8 Bear Hug 1802
9 Super Heavyweight 1942
10 Big Mike 2055
11 Clive Garret 2273
12 Heavy Weight 2318
13 Theodoros Demetriou 2352
14 George Baker 2489
15 Joseph Jacobs 2602
16 Robert Hurt 2644
17 Frank Turturro 2702
18 Khamed Al Khabbib 2863
19 Michal Biszpink 2963
20 Klaus Kinski 3070
Weight Name Last Win
135 Dominique Bell Ben McHough
155 Rokuya Date Michal Biszpink
170 Mister Hankey Joseph Ligambi
185 Luther Jones Iaman Asshole
205 Light Heavyweight Chung Lee
265 Grigori Rasputin Heavy Weight
265+ Super Heavyweight Jerome Jackson

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Jay Tycoon
CO.Owner/CEO: El Jarmas Rodrigues "AKA" Mamado
Facilities Director: Darren Trecki
media man: Hamish McTarvish
merchandize partner: Ibrahim Camara
Tournament manager: Toth Bert
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