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RISE Fight League - 'Need Staff'

Org name: RISE Fight League
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 141
Number of events: 56
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Daddy Winger
Ranking (Global): 53
Ranking (City): 5
Satisfaction rating: 87% from 29 ratings.
Website: RISE Website
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Kimura Klothing
About us: 325k+ MMA Fight Org. We want you to join us and rise to the top!
Latest News: Rankings 28/08/2018
  RISE Rankings

Bantamweight (135 lbs):

Champion: Glass Joe


Featherweight (145 lbs):

Champion: Andre 3000

1.Glass Joe
2.Mike Sadollah
3.Ronald Mateo Suarez
4.Sildosoves Bagueirau
5.Bubba Bizzle
Not Rated Yet: Akhmed Gasanov, Fransisco Gonzales

Lightweight (155 lbs):

Champion: Tud Stoddler

1.Nick Morris
2.Wale Ammond
3.Black Alligator
4.Connor McNugget
5.Niudu Kakka
Not Rated Yet: Scott Smith, Ernest Graves

Welterweight (170 lbs):

Champion: Boris Boulder

1.Jhin Markell
2.Suicide Bunny
3.Meatball Destroyer
4.Billy Batts
5.Darryl Taylor
Not Rated Yet: Lani Kirby, Timmy Thompson, Jalen Gregory, Lazar Markov

Middleweight (185 lbs):

Champion: Carmelo Anthony

1.Ion Pascu
2.Torcidall Sailcirc
3.Anthony Falcone
4.Nuno Pontes
5.Jim Sternz
Not Rated Yet: Von Kaiser, Chief Bear, Michael Under

Light-Heavyweight (205 lbs):

Champion: Daniel Orndorf

1.Henry Aron
2.Liam James
3.Georges Danton
4.Mike Quick
5.Antoine Pierre
Not Rated Yet: Bon Dones, Frederich Lawson, Chief Shadow, Chief Wolf

Heavyweight (265 lbs):

Champion: Rich Silva Jr.

1.Frank Granger
2.Benny Allison
3.Musa Kendali
4.Carver Frost
5.Thor Ragardo
Not Rated Yet: Pension Buckets, Chris Cornell

Super – Heavyweight (265+):

Champion: Carlos Silverio

1.Percy Watson
2.Cajun Puto
3.Jack Blood
4.Rutger Herman
5.Renilson Coelho
Not Rated Yet:

These are based on P4P and W/C rankings, past performance, and hype+pop. In order to be rated you must have fought at least once in this organization.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 7 22 332365 44 325K+ Now Recruiting. PM for a contract!
145 18 23 332140 46 325k+ PM for a contract!
155 22 24 329232 68 325k+ PM for a contract!
170 16 24 332438 41 325k+ PM for a contract!
185 19 23 332034 71 325k+ PM for a contract!
205 27 23 331847 50 325k+ PM for a contract!
265 19 23 331943 51 325k+ PM for a contract!
265+ 10 21 334325 25 330k+ Grappling Division. Now recruiting more fighters!
Upcoming Events
RFL - 44 A New Era 2018-09-22 Los Angeles
RFL44.5 Silva Jr vs Granger II 2018-09-26 Los Angeles
RFL - 45 Rise Up! 2018-09-29 Los Angeles
LACC - Conflict 2018-10-03 Los Angeles
RFL - 46 The New Generation 2018-10-06 Los Angeles
Today's Events / Recent Events
RISE 43 2018-08-25 Los Angeles
RISE 42 2018-08-18 Los Angeles
LACC 2 Finale 2018-08-15 Los Angeles
RISE 41: Venice Beach Massacre 2018-08-11 Los Angeles
RISE 40: Quick vs Orndorf 2018-08-04 Los Angeles

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (Kickboxing)
  Name Rank
1 Paul Malone 721
2 Billy Batts 643
3 Antonio Silvio 562
4 Niudu Kakka 754
5 Min Halloway 665
6 Richard Weed 705
7 Tomo Jr 739
8 Tupac Anderson 858
9 Tony Maa 978
10 Carlos Jimenez
11 Antoine Pierre
12 Bear Max
13 Joachim Murat
14 Nuno Pontes
15 Ernest Graves
16 Shannon White
17 Chris Omega
18 Mike Sadollah
19 Chris Cornell
20 Carmine Turturro
Weight Name Last Win
135 Glass Joe Mike Sadollah
145 André 3000 Ronald Mateo Suarez
155 Tud Stoddler Wale Ammond
185 Carmelo Anthony Ion Pascu
205 Daniel Orndorf Mike Quick
265 Rich Silva Jr Benny Alison
265+ Carlos Silverio Percy Watson

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Daddy Winger
Co-Owner: Brunno Falcone
Writer/Staff: Ray Vaughn
Merchandise Partner: Gut Punch
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