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RISE Fight League

Org name: RISE Fight League
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 104
Number of events: 19
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Humble Greco
Ranking (Global): 32
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 92% from 19 ratings.
Website: RISE Website
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: RISE Nutrition
About us: 325k+ MMA Fight Org. We want you to join us and rise to the top!
Latest News: RISE 15 Preview
  RISE 15 - Alison vs Benson Preview

By: Virgilio Caylao


Main Event:
Alison Vs Benson

RISE Heavyweight Champion (#4 P4P): Benny ”Greatest” Alison and #1 Heavyweight (#5 P4P): Bennie “Double B” Benson both became (2-0) since their debut in RISE, with Alison becoming the first heavyweight champ for the organization since it’s founding. Alison came to RISE with an impressive (3-0) overall before signing to RISE and has been a terror in the stand-up getting every win just by striking. Benson came into RISE with a record of (2-1); just like Alison, Benson won all of his fights by strikes from the stand-up.


Alison has proven that he has a solid chin, by taking three brutal knees and that he has a solid striking defense during his title fight against Logan Mckibbon. The fight with Mckibbon showed that Alison why he has great KO power, knocking down Mckibbon twice before finishing him off with a big right hand within two minutes of the second round. In RISE 12 Alison was inside the clinch of McKibbon, however McKibbon was trying to strike more often than Alison and took control of the fight throughout the first round with very little resistance. Alison’s fight against Youo Ded, proved how much control Alison was in against an opponent with an equal skill in BJJ. Alison was able to stop Ded from advancing to side control from half-guard, manages to stop the submission attempt, and even quickly escape to start banging on Ded’s face cutting him in the process. Alison can win from the ground if he could control Benson with a little ground and pound, Alison would be able to control the fight and tip the scales to his favor in winning.


Benson is coming off a first round TKO by a huge superman punch within the first thirty seconds of the first round against Josh Heath, granting him the KO of the night in RISE 9 and had an even similar KO to his first ever fight against Tom LaFlare that ended in less than a minute in the first round. Benson does have a weakness, however; his chin was not able to save him during his second ever fight against Brenden Till, but he did take a lot of punches during his fight with Bobby Knuckles in RISE 3. During that same fight against Knuckles, he was able to control Knuckles and pin him against the fence while striking; If Benson can control the fight through the clinch and not get tagged by Alison’s big right hand, he should be able to control the fight within his own pace and possibly strip the belt from Alison. Benson does not have a fight where I could accurately gauge how well he can do in the ground game since all of his fights are spent on the feet.


Standup Advantage: Alison (KO Power + Solid Chin)

Clinch Advantage: Benson (Alison being pressured from the Clinch in RISE 12)

Ground Advantage: Alison (Proven ability to control the ground)

Prediction: Alison wins by KO (Strikes)

Co-Main Event:
Comeau vs McKibbon

Polar opposite from the main event; both #1 Light-Heavyweight (#10 P4P) Melvin “Grumpy” Comeau and #2 Light-Heavyweight: Logan “the Lo-Gangster” Mckibbon came from a loss in which the title belt was on the line. Now Comeau and Mckibbon are fighting each other for the possibility of a second chance into grabbing a title belt. Comeau debuted in RISE 7 with an impressive record of (5-1) winning all of his fights from the stand-up. McKibbon started RISE 6 with a record of (3-0) and won his RISE debut by a judge’s decision.


Comeau’s first four fights were wins from the stand-up and were within the first round of each fight, followed by another string of four wins all ended by his right hand. Almost half of Comeau’s wins were won within the the first minute of the first round just by a single lucky right hand that had enough power to knock his opponents out cold, like in his debut in RISE 7 where Comeau knocked out Pedro Changgg within 20 seconds of the fight. Comeau loves fighting from the clinch, where he could use his Muay Thai to control the fight his own way and where he usually throws that destructive right hand, like what happened in RISE 9 where Comeau’s opponent Quincy clinched him against the cage and took control until the last two minutes of the first round where Comeau started to become more aggressive. The one exploit about Comeau is that he is defenseless on the ground; suffering his first lost from a Kimura and even lost from being hammered from the ground in his latest fight in RISE 11.


Everyone that fought McKibbon and lost has been knocked out by knees. McKibbon fights by clinching onto his victims and that is where he starts executing them. The only time that McKibbon was not able to finish someone off is from his title fight in RISE 12 against the current Heavyweight champion, Benny Alison who is fighting in the main event, which showed that McKibbon’s chin might not be as strong as it was during RISE 6 as his opponent Tristan Farsight is a heavy hitter of a boxer. McKibbon hasn’t been on the ground aside from being knocked down by Alison twice during RISE 12, and he possibly does not have a decent BJJ skill.


Standup Advantage: Comeau (his KO power, McKibbon’s susceptible chin after RISE 12)

Clinch Advantage: McKibbon (total control of the clinch and devastating knees)

Ground Advantage: McKibbon? (Comeau being submitted and hammered on the ground)

Prediction: McKibbon wins by KO (Death by a thousand knees)

Fight 8
Lord vs Shield

Logan Lord (4-1), the first ever champion in RISE history; fell from his grace from being the RISE Lightweight Champion to being unranked after his first title defense against Nathan Shield (2-1). Both are looking for a bounce back win from their latest fight. Lord made his debut in the historic RISE 1 and won by TKO in the first round, followed by being the first ever RISE champion with a massive uppercut against Eddie Diaz in RISE 8 only to be submitted by a guillotine against Randy Kelly in RISE 10. Shield debuted in RISE 4 and won becoming (2-0) overall by decision. In Shield’s latest fight in RISE 9, he lived as a mantra of “With your shield or on it” by being KO'd against Alexis Anderson.


Lord has won all of his fights by TKO when he joined RISE, by destroying heavy handed Mathew Princiotta within the first two minutes of RISE 1. Lord’s KO power has been tested against Eddie Diaz in RISE 8; Diaz has a good chin and Lord still managed to turn the granite chin into glass in the last 2 minutes of round 1. The only time that Lord was comfortable in the clinch was against Matthew Princiotta in RISE 1 where he clinched his opponent against the cage and started hammering Princiotta for the Round 1 TKO. From his more recent fights, Lord seemed to not have that much control from fighting inside the clinch, It made sense in RISE 10 against Randy Kelly, a submission specialist who can pull guard for the ground game, but in RISE 8, against Diaz, the fight was mostly in the clinch with Lord trying to break it. Lord’s ground game seemed to be okay, but he was submitted by Kelly and his opponent will probably use that exploit since Lord was only able to defend himself against an equal in RISE 3 against Jack Mehoff.


When Shield fights while standing; it is usually only for clinching up, pulling guard, going for a shoot takedown, or getting knocked out by Alexis Anderson in RISE 9, not to mention that he tends to get cut. If Lord can keep the fight standing, Shield would have a bad time. Shield can demonstrate good clinch control against his opponents especially against someone with the same style as him in RISE 4 against Barry Rarden. Shields ground game is practically the key into winning against Lord, especially since Lord was submitted by a brown belt Randy Kelly; however, Shield has not won by submission yet.


Standup Advantage: Lord (might have enough KO power to destroy Shield)

Clinch Advantage: Shield (pulling guard to transition for ground game)

Ground Advantage: Shield (blue belt > white belt BJJ)

Prediction: Shield win by submission (Triangle Choke)

Fight 7
Diener vs Faze

Making his first RISE debut, Jorn “Killer” Diener (1-0) is fighting against an experienced Bruno “Brahma Bull” Faze (2-1). Not much is known about Jorn but his only fight was against Brock Bolt in SyFi 4 winning by TKO. Faze made his debut in RISE 4 against Roberto Sandri winning by submission, however his last fight was lost by submission against Tommy Tank in RISE 9.

Not much to say about Diener as his only fight against Brock Bolt, he demonstrated great stand-up against an opponent with KO power and controlling him in the stand up, he even managed to stun Bolt within the first minute of the fight. I can't really say anything about the clinch for Diener since he didn’t go into the clinch in his first fight. He does seem to struggle on the ground, turtling up against Bolt; while Faze can possibly submit him.


Faze has only fought in the stand-up to either setup a takedown or to make a takedown because of his speed. I am still unsure about how strong of a chin Faze has, but Diener could have the KO power to win. Nothing to say about his clinchwork since he has never fought in the clinch, but I can say that he can possibly have enough skill to pull guard and go for the submission, who knows, we could probably see a flying armbar! On the ground, there is no question that Faze can win this fight from there since he has won all his fights by submission, he only had a hard time against an equal status of a submission specialist against Tommy Tank in RISE 9.


Standup Advantage: Diener (ability to knock down opponents and stuff takedowns)

Clinch Advantage: Faze (from clinching, he can pull guard to his natural habitat)

Ground Advantage: Faze (a Purple belt in BJJ and can pull off submissions)

Prediction: Faze win by submission (Flying Armbar)


Fight 6
Andre 3000 vs Christian Cyborg

Fight 5
Cornelius Barnaby vs Roel Zuijderduijn

Fight 4
Alistar Ngannou vs Josh Heath

Fight 3
Charles Kenway vs Eta Knox

Fight 2
Christian Baier vs Carter Von Krokehaumer

Fight 1
Mario Farina vs Frank Greene
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135 0 0 0 0 Closed
145 18 19 327078 30 325k+ 20y old or younger
155 12 23 327500 51 325k+ PM for a contract!
170 20 23 327485 45 325k+ PM for a contract!
185 13 22 327022 53 325k+ PM for a contract!
205 15 23 326633 39 325k+ PM for a contract!
265 14 24 327234 50 325k+ PM for a contract!
265+ 12 18 330131 30 330k+ Grappling Division
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Wes Ray 1066
2 Randy Kelly 1286
3 Henry Aron 1390
4 Meatball Destroyer 1708
5 Benny Alison 1872
6 Max Slaughter 2031
7 Xavier Merlin 2264
8 Terrell Jones 2342
9 Bennie Benson 2438
10 Tim Slater 2626
11 Logan Lord 2857
12 Ricky Gracie 2867
13 Dante Fiaschi 2952
14 Athan Pallas 3083
15 Max Onera 3128
16 Tommy Tank 3242
17 Alex Jones 3247
18 Wade Rogers 3345
19 Bobby Knuckles 3348
20 Melvin Comeau 3352
Weight Name Last Win
155 Randy Kelly Logan Lord
170 Meatball Destroyer Alexis Anderson
185 Wes Ray Max Onera
205 Henry Aron Tristan Farsight
265 Benny Alison Logan McKibbon

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