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Extreme Fighting Association - 'Need Staff'

Org name: Extreme Fighting Association
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 220
Number of events: 80
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Wayne Bruce
Ranking (Global): 14
Ranking (City): 5
Satisfaction rating: 88% from 34 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Helsinki Xtreme Fightwear
About us: 300k ID Org. 315k for 135 and 265+. We are on the way to the top!
Latest News: EFA 74 Preview
  Welcome to the Extreme Fighting Association! We are here in the Wandalay Bay arena, in Las Vegas! You can feel the tension in the air as two champions defend their belts tonight. In our main event, Cedric Lancaster defends his 185 belt against Richard Nixon, a former EFA champion himself. Takeru Kubota also defends his belt tonight, and the 185 division gets tested.

185 lbs. (Champ) Cedric Lancaster vs #5 Richard Nixon
Cedric "Bomber" Lancaster defends his belt for the first time, tonight, against Richard "I'm Not A Crook" Nixon, a former EFA 185 lbs champion. Lancaster is a hard hitting, multiple org champion, and black belt in BJJ, with veteran experience inside the cage. Nixon is seasoned as well, with his most respected aspect being his skilled Muay Thai striking. Get ready for a strikefest or Lancaster absolutely dismantling Nixon on the ground!

185 lbs. Lew Rockwell vs #6 Liquid Voyage
Lew "The Rock" Rockwell made waves after submitting Nikki Sixx inside the first round of his debut fight at EFA 68. His great work earned him a top contender fight against Liquid Voyage, tonight. Voyage has turned himself around after a 3 loss stint in his early EFA career, he has been on a 3 win tear since his fight in EFA 49, against Alan Hansen. Rockwell brings the grappling advantage, while Voyage takes the striking by a long shot. Either way it goes, this is a high level bout you won't want to miss!

185 lbs. #4 Joao Pedro Mauricio DeSilva vs #2 Frank Murdock
Joao Pedro Mauricio DeSilva is a brown belt and he definitely uses it to his advantage. Two submission victories in EFA and a 4 win streak as of late can attest to that. His opponent, Frank Murdock has beaten the now champion of the division, Cedric Lancaster in his debut fight at EFA and hasn't lost since. This will be a title contention fight for sure, and if Murdock wins, it could make for an interesting fight between him and Lancaster.

135 lbs. (Champ) Takeru Kubota vs #2 Freddie Mercury
"Devilman" Takeru Kubota defends the 135 lbs belt against #2 ranked Freddie "Flash Gordon" Mercury. Kubota is undefeated in professional competition, and ever since Mercury jumped onboard the EFA, he hasn't lost. They are both very well rounded fighters, but the champ seems more skilled on paper. Mercury's biggest chance in this fight is a solid game plan. Can't wait for this one!

185 lbs. Nikki Sixx vs Ray Nathan
Nikki Sixx is coming off of a loss to newcomer Lew Rockwell, but his focus tonight is on his opponent, Ray "The Model" Nathan. Nathan is on a 4 fight win streak and looks to clean out the 185 division, with Sixx being the next target. Sixx will need to use his grappling advantage to defeat such a skilled striker in Nathan.

185 lbs. Rielly Adams vs Pat Yaj
"Rowdy" Rielly Adams faces off against Pat Yaj, an exceptional Muay Thai striker. This should be an exciting fight between these polar opposites. Adams has the ground advantage, but Yaj has the wrestling to keep it away from there. We may be witnessing boxing versus Muay Thai with this one.

265 lbs. Ryan Griffin vs Sylvain Rochette
Ryan Griffin debuts against Sylvain Rochette, a striker dominant fighter with a grappling background to back it up. Griffin will need a solid game plan to take the victory tonight against a powerful competitor.

155 lbs. Yuji Nagata vs Tiago Franco
Since his debut in EFC, Tiago Franco hasn't picked up a win. Now he faces, Yuji Nagata, an EFC native who has been on a rough patch as of late. With two losses recently, Nagata may have found the fight he needs to bring his ranking back up.

265+ lbs. #4 Hellas Pankratios vs #5 Dalip Singh
Hellas Pankratios defends his spot tonight against Dalip Singh, who sits just under him in the rankings. Pankratios is a superior striker and level with Singh's grappling ability. There isn't much hope for the #5 ranked contender, but that doesn't mean the turnout is decided just yet. Stay tuned.

170 lbs. Victor Mordino vs Cicero Dos Santos
This is a fight between two great grappling fighters. Mordino brings the slight striking and grappling advantage. Let's see if Dos Santos can overcome the odds!

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 15 22 323450 72 315k+ ID
145 33 25 312025 64 300k+ ID
155 20 24 314840 85 300k+ ID
170 38 24 313774 65 300k+ ID
185 35 25 316809 92 300k+ ID
205 35 24 314264 78 300k+ ID
265 34 24 315316 84 300k+ ID
265+ 10 26 323345 53 315k+ ID
Upcoming Events
EFA 76 Gigantus vs Figg 2018-06-20 St Petersburg
EFA 77 Stebson vs Kerr 2018-06-22 Los Angeles
EFA 78 2018-06-23 Sydney
EFA 79 2018-06-29 Los Angeles
EFA 80 2018-06-30 Rio de Janeiro
Today's Events / Recent Events
EFA 75 Vermeulen vs Hyang 2018-06-17 Tokyo
EFA 74 Lancaster vs Nixon 2018-06-16 Las Vegas
EFA 73 Vasilevskiy vs jurmu 2018-06-09 London
EFA 72 Turner vs Salieri 2018-06-08 Amsterdam
EFA 71 Samuals vs Greene 2018-06-03 Helsinki

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Cedric Lancaster 101
2 Hendrik Vermeulen 143
3 Stadin Kingi 193
4 Norman Stebson 199
5 Ephram Urani 243
6 Mick Murphy 259
7 Joao Pedro Mauricio DeSilva 281
8 Wesley Correira 368
9 Takeru Kubota 401
10 Elgin Turner 457
11 Mark Kerr 478
12 Qhorin Halfhand 550
13 Frank Murdock 556
14 Nikolaos Prouxontas 562
15 Derek Trucks 620
16 Geordie Power 634
17 Lincon Samuals 724
18 Galactor Gigantus 779
19 Philip Farmery 781
20 Joe Foreman 788
Weight Name Last Win
135 Takeru Kubota Freddie Mercury
145 Ephram Urani Do Ho Joy
155 Elgin Turner Antonio Salieri
170 Stadin Kingi Finn The Human
185 Cedric Lancaster Richard Nixon
205 Hendrik Vermeulen Yun Won Hyang
265 Norman Stebson Wesley Correira
265+ Galactor Gigantus Ivar The Viking

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Wayne Bruce
Writer: Garret Baraken
Recruiter: Jace Beleren
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