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Extreme Fighting Association

Org name: Extreme Fighting Association
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 139
Number of events: 86
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Wayne Bruce
Ranking (Global): 8
Ranking (City): 4
Satisfaction rating: 70% from 15 ratings.
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Merch partner: Helsinki Xtreme Fightwear
About us: 300k ID Org. 315k for 135 and 265+. We are on the way to the top!
Latest News: EFA 84 Vermeulen vs Murphy
  Tonight, will be the biggest event to grace the Extreme Fighting Association, and it all takes place in the vastness of the Empire Indoor Arena in New York! 14,500 empty seats will be filled so quick, you would think they were giving away free life insurance, and these people might need it! You will taste the blood in the air, after 4 title fights and the 6 non-title fights being between top contenders and blood thirsty competitors. In the main card, we have: Jackson Bishop, the 145 lbs champion, defending his title against Kalevi Koski. Ephram Urani takes on Harry Baals. Derek Trucks defends his 185 lbs title against Arthur Pendragon. In the co-main event, Mark Kerr defends the 265 lbs title against Nikoloas Prouxontas, and the main event of the century, Hendrik Vermeulen, the reigning 205 lbs champion, defends against Mick “Money Weight” Murphy. You won’t want to miss the undercard! Kicking the night off with 205 lbs Asuh Duh taking on Rafael De Santos. Samuel Cooke fights Antonio Salieri, then #8 Haislan Garcia versus Do Ho Joy, topping the undercard off with 170 lbs #7 Conrad Calacon versus Roger De Santos, and 205’s #1 Geordie Power meeting #2 Yun Won Hyung in the cage.

205 lbs (Champ) Hendrik Vermeulen vs #3 Mick Murphy
The main event is here! Hendrik Vermeulen defends his belt for an impressive 6th time, tonight, against #3 ranked former 185 lbs champ, Mick “Money Weight” Murphy, who moved up in weight after losing his belt to Cedric Lancaster. He went on to face a top competitor in the division, Lincon Samuals, and take him out in the first round. Vermeulen likes to take his time in his fights, but with a former champ like Murphy standing hungrily across from him, can he take the chance. Besides, Murphy has 10 performance awards just to himself. There is definitely a reason as to why this is the main event of the biggest event in EFA history. Both of these men will lay their hearts on the line to be able to take each other’s head off and walk across that cage line, the 205 lbs champion!

265 lbs (Champ) Mark Kerr vs #4 Nikoloas Prouxantas
The co-main event features the 265 lbs champion, Mark “The Specimen” Kerr, defending his belt for the first time against #4 Nikoloas Prouxantas. Prouxantas debuted in EFA against Jack Coldbane, completely smashing him and earning a KO performance award. His debut launched him in the rankings and earned him this fight. Both of these men are fucking monsters, but Kerr outmatches Prouxantas. That being said, it won’t be any less exciting!

185 lbs (Champ) Derek Trucks vs #7 Arthur Pendragon
The two time EFA champion, Derek Trucks, defends his title for the first time tonight, against #7 ranked Arthur Pendragon. Pendragon has been facing some prominent competition as of late, proving himself worthy of championship contention after beating Publius Sestius. Trucks might have the skill advantage in total, however, so Pendragon will need a solid game plan in order to stay in this one.

145 lbs #1 Ephram Urani vs #3 Harry Baals
#1 contender, and former 145 lbs champion, Ephram Urani defends his spot against Harry Baals, the #3 ranked 145er. Urani just lost his title to Jackson Bishop in an intense 5 round battle. That being said Baals has maintained himself in the rankings even after losing against a newer guy in the EFA, now #2 contender Kalevi Koski. Whoever wins the match below might want to watch this one!

145 lbs (Champ) Jackson Bishop vs #2 Kalevi Koski
The main card is kicking off with the 145 lbs title being on the line against challenger, Kalevi Koski. The champion, Jackson “Nightmare” Bishop defends his title for the first time, after beating Ephram Urani at EFA 80. Koski beat Harry Baals for the opportunity to challenge the champion, and maybe just skilled enough to be a serious threat to the reigning champ’s belt. Bishop will definitely not go down without a fight.

205 lbs #1 Geordie Power vs #2 Yun Won Hyang
#1 contender in the 205 lbs division, “The Power” Geordie Power defends his spot against “The Triple Agent” Yun Won Hyang, the #2 ranked contender. Power hasn’t lost a fight since losing to Vermeulen on EFA 55. Hyang most recently lost to the same man, the champ. With 6 fight of the night awards between the two, this should make for the perfect fight to lead into the main card.

170 lbs #7 Conrad Calacon vs Roger De Santos
#7 Conrad Calacon has only arrived at EFA a couple fights ago, his debut fight against the now 170 lbs champ, Philip Farmery, was a humbling loss. His most recent fight was a KO finish late in the first round. Roger De Santos is a stud in the grappling department, a black belt in BJJ as proof. He has also been on a two fight tear since debuting his MMA professional career. Calacon will need to keep his hands on De Santos, and stay on his feet.

145 lbs #8 Haislan Garcia vs Do Ho Joy
#8 ranked 145er, Haislan Garcia, who’s 12-2 record is very impressive, faces off against Do Ho Joy. Both of these men have lost their most recent fights, and both men have lost to Elgin Turner, the former 145 champion. Joy’s wins have all been T/KO finishes which has earned him multiple performance awards. Both of these men are very well rounded and exciting fighters. Someone is going down!

155 lbs Samuel Cooke vs Antonio Salieri
Samuel “No Gods, No Masters” Cooke will be emphasizing on his nickname when he goes toes with “Super” Antonio Salieri. There are no Gods in this cage, just a monster with a vengeance standing across from you. Salieri might have to rely on his grappling prowess, or Cooke might eat him alive.

205 lbs Asuh Duh vs Rafael De Santos
The first fight of the night features Asuh Duh, the kickboxer turned MMA fighter, when arriving at EFA. He has definitely felt more success kickboxing, with an 0-3 record in MMA. This doesn’t mean he shies away from anything, fighting his last fight on EFA 83. Rafael De Santos, a powerful grappler, makes his professional debut in the organization against Duh. Can he break that streak?
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 10 23 323641 72 315k+ ID
145 25 25 312025 74 300k+ ID
155 13 26 309455 89 300k+ ID
170 31 25 313748 70 300k+ ID
185 15 25 316784 77 300k+ ID
205 20 25 314264 68 300k+ ID
265 22 25 313993 73 300k+ ID
265+ 3 27 320752 52 315k+ ID
Upcoming Events
EFA 85 Punisher vs Andrei 2 2018-08-18 London
EFA 86 2018-08-19 New York
Today's Events / Recent Events
EFA 84 Vermeulen Vs Murphy 2018-08-04 New York
EFA 83 2018-07-28 Las Vegas
EFA 82 Trucks vs De Silva 2018-07-07 New York
EFA 81 Halfhand vs Randleman 2018-07-06 Montreal
EFA 80 Murphy vs Samuals 2018-06-30 Rio de Janeiro

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Derek Trucks 237
2 Takeru Kubota 351
3 Mick Murphy 361
4 Jallu Pesonen 376
5 Kalevi Koski 380
6 Wilhelm Strauss 407
7 Harry Baals 470
8 Yun Won Hyang 506
9 Osiris Egyptian 609
10 Joe Foreman 686
11 Norman Stebson 692
12 Quinton Randleman 696
13 Jackson Bishop 702
14 Philip Farmery 706
15 Elgin Turner 799
16 Jarttu Jurmu 802
17 Nikolaos Prouxontas 838
18 Do Ho Joy 865
19 Jargon Gin 870
20 Ephram Urani 906
Weight Name Last Win
135 Takeru Kubota Yang Xinhai
145 Kalevi Koski Jackson Bishop
155 Jallu Pesonen Elgin Turner
170 Philip Farmery Ander Silva
185 Derek Trucks Arthur Pendragon
205 Hendrik Vermeulen Mick Murphy
265 Mark Kerr Nikolaos Prouxontas
265+ Hellas Pankratios Ivar The Viking

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Wayne Bruce
Recruiter: Lieutenant Columbo
Writer: Cypress Blue
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