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Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)

Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 348
Number of events: 66
Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
Ranking (Global): 25
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 94% from 59 ratings.
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Merch partner: Forge Clothing Co.
About us: SFC is a Org in Sydney, we offer valuable fighting experience and chance for glory at 322k+, we really would like to move to the Top. Consider us a Member of the Evil Empire, and be sure to check out Premium Gym Doherty's, which can be offered as a training facility, if you move to Sydney(not necessary, as locations are off)
Latest News: SyFi 44 - Preview
  SyFi 44
Apr 29/18
Brought to you by Forge Clothing Co.

Main Event of the Evening
(C) Mike Johnson (4-0) vs. #2 Kevin Daughtrey (7-0)

In our main event we have fireworks as number one contender Kevin Daughtrey challenges Mike Johnson for the 170 lb. title. Johnson has been on a tear, three fights in Sydney, all stoppages. His first title defense took less than 2 minutes. Showing he has the power to finish with strikes and the technique to finish by submission, the champ is still young, and very dangerous. He is extremely well rounded, an exceptional wrestler with a purple belt in jiujitsu. He is very powerful and knows how to strike as well. He can approach this fight with a few different strategies, it will be really interesting to see how this one pans out. The challenger, Kevin Daughtrey, has proved he is quite dangerous as well. He has 3 fights in Sydney and combined he still has not fought a full round. His last opponent Akira Harada fell to his fists by way of tko near the second minute mark of the first round. He is a thai fighter with some wrestling skill at his disposal and he is also currently undefeated. Yet still, he will have his hands full in this explosive main event!

#7 Chris Snoky (7-1-1) vs. #8 Gideon Navarro (5-1)

Chris 'Smokey' Snoky has had a very good run through the amateur leagues, and a good show in his debut against Tori Kankunnen. A thai fighter with some wrestling to back it up, he's looking to put another notch on the belt against twenty-year old 'The Unbreakable' Gideon Navarro. Navarro has been quite successul outside of Sydney, and in his debut walked through Jackson Finnegan. He's an exceptional thai fighter with a purple belt in jiujitsu, wherever this fight takes place he will be comfortable. Snoky may seem outgunned but I wouldn't count him out of his fight.

#6 Bruno Javier Jimenez (5-3) vs. #10 Pahani Julmu (3-0)

Bruni Javier 'Bjj' Jimenez is a superb boxer with a purple belt in jiujitsu. He's returning for his sixth fight and looking to pick up his fourth victory in Sydney. Coming off of a first round tko loss to Mike Johnson, he will no doubt be aggressive and bring the fight to undefeated submission fighter Pahani Julmu. Apparently a fan of armbars, he has three first-round victories by armbar outside of Sydney, an early stoppage in his debut would certainly put him on the map in the 170 lb. division.

Putem The Nightmare (1-1) vs. Luke Melendez (2-1)

Twenty-six year old Putem 'Tobed' The Nightmare is a grappler with a brown belt in jiujitsu, he's making his debut here in Sydney. Luke Melendez is welcoming him to the party, all of his three fights taking place with us, and all ending in the first round. He's a highly active striker who sets a fast pace. He's going to have to display some takedown defense in this bout. If The Nightmare cannot bring him to the ground it's going to be an early night for him.

Zedidiah Goldberg (2-0) vs. Russell Westbrook (2-1)

Both of his opponents thus far have suffered knockouts, the recent of the two in only twenty-four seconds. If heavy-handed Zedidiah 'Zed' Goldberg touches you, it hurts. He's wonderful in muay thai, but not many other skills to speak of, there's not much left to the imagination when it comes to his strategy. His opponent, exceptional thai fighter Russell Westbrook, put away Gabriel Melo in the second round by way of tko in his Sydney debut, now he's back for more. The question is, can he take the power of Goldberg?

Jackson Finnegan (2-2) vs. Ulysses Klaw (2-0)

Jackson 'Filet' Finnegan is back in his fourth Sydney appearance. A balanced mixed martial artist, he was put away in the first round of his last bout, clinched up by Gideon Navarro. Will he redeem himself against young upstart Ulysses 'Panther Killer' Klaw? Also with a balanced style, perhaps leaning more towards grappling, Klaw is undefeated thus far in his two Sydney fights, coming off of a decision victory over Johnny Boy Morissey. This is a hard bout to call, I believe just about anything could happen.

Roy Jones Gracie (2-2) vs. Thor Odinson (1-1-1)

It took him only thirty seconds to tko Tulio Souza in his Sydney debut, Roy Jones Gracie has power in his fists and granite in his chin. A remarkable boxer with a purple belt in jiuitsu, he's going to war with Thor 'The Hammer' Odinson. Coming off of a knockout loss to Akira Harada in the second round, this muay thai fighter will look to bounce back with a clever performance. He may need to tie Gracie up early and do some damage to him to slow him down in order to avoid an early stoppage.

Tori Kankunnen (3-3) vs. Ariel At Night (1-1)

Tori 'Ice' Kankunnen is back for his fifth bout in Sydney. He has one win out of them, a decision over Conor Henderson. However with an ochre of success in the amateur leagues, this hopeful wrestler looks to grind out a second win over 'Daytime Bob' Ariel At Night. This young grappler has had two fights in Sydney, winning one of them by way of knocking out Buddy Quincy from half guard with deadly elbows and strikes. Kankunnen may want to keep this fight standing, but even that may be a dangerous endeavor for him.

Hosep Grigorian (2-0) vs. Damian Lillard (1-2)

After dispatching Jack Baker in his Sydney debut, Hosep Grigorian is back to take on his next foe. He's a wonderful boxer, but has the skills to hold his own in a grappling situation. His opponent, making his debut following a rough start in the amateur leagues, Damian Lillard. An exceptional muay thai fighter, Lillard is going to look to keep this fight standing and possibly seek out a clinch, however I think Grigorian would be fine with that.

Brandon Bragg (2-1) vs. Stor Bang

Brandon 'Light Mayo' Bragg is a young wrestler, coming off of the first loss of his three-fight career outside of Sydney. He's here tonight to make his debut against another new fighter, Stor Bang. No tests for this young prospect, he's taking his very first fight here with us. A jiujitsu fighter with respectable wrestling skills, I think we can expect this bout to take place on the ground.

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 30 22 325981 47 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
145 31 21 326134 43 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
155 47 22 325896 52 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
170 50 22 325742 45 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
185 47 22 325882 50 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
205 65 22 325868 49 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
265 49 22 326860 50 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
265+ 28 23 327021 49 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Mister McNasty 715
2 Rick Piano 755
3 Akimbo Spice 816
4 Sergei Geng 895
5 Santu Avisu Kona 936
6 Big Asznee 1041
7 Melvin Comeau 1081
8 Ross Barkley 1180
9 Damatang Camara 1204
10 Mike Johnson 1213
11 Mauro Carnera 1216
12 Daichi Kishimoto 1217
13 Arn Anderson 1237
14 Kevin Daughtrey 1256
15 Joey Hatton 1277
16 Justin Sane 1393
17 Jason Harris 1416
18 Murphy Brown 1453
19 Jim Bob McDonald 1568
20 Victor Creed 1614
Weight Name Last Win
135 Daichi Kishimoto Glass Joe
145 Sergei Geng Илья Муромец
155 Akimbo Spice Gennady Golovkin
170 Mike Johnson Bruno Javier Jimenez
185 Big Asznee Sergei Bumanov
205 Mister McNasty Cornelius Albatross
265 Rick Piano Gyukosho Fujimoto
265+ Arn Anderson Voshon Daniels

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Owner:   Boble Lineman
Private Trainer: Vincent Valenzio
Chief Designer: Steven Hanks
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