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UnderGround Fight Club 340K+

Org name: UnderGround Fight Club 340K+
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 221
Number of events: 58
Base: Amsterdam
Owner: Tev Clark
Ranking (Global): 17
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 94% from 36 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: UnderGround Clothing Co.
About us: Looking for fighters 340k+ all weights competitive contracts dont be afraid to negotiate. Est.2/18/19 Journalists are 1.hoarse whisperer AKA the best journalist in the Tycoon Universe Posters Thanks to carlos castenada, Rodger kint, and Rei Design's and logos Thanks to carlos castenada
Latest News: A Few Helpful Tips from some of the best
1 Do not train if your fighter has less than 90% energy. Training will not be effective. Give him a few rest sessions to recover.
2 Keep his morale high, buy him new clothes and use the possessions page to activate them. If at 148 or 150 quality, the morale will increase.
3 Don't train at Cozad. Always go to any other gym except those - they suck big time.
4 Use supplements - stamina for conditioning training, muscle bulk for weights and energy loss reduction for all the others
5 Don't join crowded training sessions- more than 4 starts getting crowded.
6 Don't train with coaches which are not better at least 2 levels than the fighter. If your striking defence is at 12 then you should always train striking defence with a coach with 15 at boxing.

1 Make sure your fighter can make weight. If his energy is low then he won't be able to cut.
2 Go to the fight with energy at 100%. Energy is very important for the fight engine. If your guy is at 60 while his opponent at 100, then it's almost sure you will lose.

Flights and locations:
Back in the day, fighters has to book a flight to get to the fight location or else the fight would be a no-contest. This has been changed, but in a bit of a messy way. Because lots of NC were happening because of this, the owner of the game decided to add figher teleportation meaning that no matter where the fighter is, he will always be come fight time at the correct fight location. This means flying is useless!
There are howerver a couple of side-effects: If your fighter is not at at the fight location 2 or 3 days before the fight, you will get an message with a warning about this. Ignore this warning. On the next day, the game will automatically book him a 2nd class flight to the fight location. The cost of the flight will come from the fighters finances. You should always cancel this flight. You can do that on the Map page under schedule flights.

So, concluding:
1 - Ignore the warning message you get if the fighter is not at the fight location.
2 - Make sure there are enough funds on your fighter to cover the auto-booking. (if not, he'll be kicked out of his gym)
3 - Immediately cancel the auto-flight on the map page. 80% of the cost of the flight is refunded to the fighter.
4 - Just wait until the fight. No need to do anything.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 24 22 346290 54 Recruiting
145 27 22 346341 56 Recruiting
155 27 23 346421 62 Recruiting
170 38 23 346293 68 Recruiting
185 20 23 345047 63 Recruiting
205 47 23 346615 57 Recruiting
265 22 22 345604 60 Recruiting
265+ 15 23 345535 61 Recruiting
Upcoming Events
UnderGround FC 32 2019-08-21 Amsterdam
UnderGround FC 33 2019-08-23 St Petersburg
UnderGround FC 34 2019-08-24 Montreal
UnderGround FC 35 2019-08-28 Amsterdam
UnderGround FC (TBD) 2019-08-30 Helsinki
UnderGround FC 36 2019-08-31 St Petersburg
UnderGround FC 37 2019-09-06 Amsterdam
UnderGround FC 38 2019-09-07 Los Angeles
UnderGround FC 39 2019-09-11 Amsterdam
Today's Events / Recent Events
UnderGround FC 31 2019-08-17 Las Vegas
UnderGround FC 30 2019-08-16 Tokyo
UnderGround FC 29 2019-08-14 Amsterdam
UnderGround FC 28 2019-08-10 Los Angeles
UnderGround FC 27 2019-08-09 Rio de Janeiro

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Serhey Rishkinov 273
2 Liberal Stomper 274
3 Fray Tormenta 332
4 Guido Turturro 423
5 Barry Jones 525
6 Jimbo Cricky 546
7 Torq Bosley 794
8 Tyson James 894
9 Bung Popper 919
10 Marcus Yonic 972
11 Cross A Zoo 1001
12 Reginald Budgiehandler 1007
13 Juan Kemonito 1015
14 Stojan Kostic 1039
15 Colin Kaepernick 1078
16 Ralphie Maldonado 1090
17 Giuseppe Turturro 1096
18 Tohit Tohurt 1123
19 Robert Harper 1140
20 Sylvain Lievremont 1154
Weight Name Last Win
135 Tree Fortay UniConor Noble
145 Reginald Budgiehandler Shiro Tanaka
155 Liberal Stomper Pax Africa
170 Guido Turturro Bung Popper
185 Giuseppe Turturro Raiam Dos Santos
205 Jimbo Cricky Robert Harper
265 Fray Tormenta Tyson James
265+ Colin Kaepernick Datu Rizalia

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Tev Clark
Recruiter: Pajkatt Lille
Journalist/Recruiter: Hoarse Whisperer
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