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News from the top 20 fight organizations
  GAMMA: Joy Rones (305095) HOF Induction
The GAMMA organization is proud to induct Joy Rones (305095) into it's Hall of Fame!

Joy competed in GAMMA under 4 different managers but without any doubt his success was under Legendary GAMMA Hall of Fame manager Grumpy Bastard (102643).

He competed in the org from 2019-07-20 until his retirement in 2021-06-05. His overall record was 13-12-2, which may not look impressive but that is mainly because he went 2-9 in his last 11 fights.

He is a 2 time 1 ...[cont]

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  Dynasty Contenders Dec23 Rankings
135 lbs:

C: Zafir Farman (12-2)
1- Frank Dux (17-5-1)
2- Zigor Azarola (10-7)
3- Jay Reepo (16-6)
4- Bryant Davis (10-3)
5- Rufino Gracie (9-1)

145 lbs:

C: Kaengsaklek Sitsongrit (14-4)

1- Kano Sicarius (8-2)
2- Ulises Battleby (15-7)
3- Arturo Ellacuria (16-11-1)
4- Sime Soldic (9-2)
5- Bishop Bonesteel (21-8)

Rising star: Miyata San (15-6)

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  400K opens ENIGMA sending out contracts!
ENIGMA is looking to add 18-year-old 400K creations to its newly reformed org. Check out our forum page.

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  League Standings - End of November
Lightweight Standings

#1 [1] Ryoto Takahashi (Chris Karter) 6f 33pts (6w, 6tfw, 3otn)
#2 [2] DaMatti Matikainen (Marky Mark) 8f 28pts (6w, 2tfw, 2tf, 4otn)
#3 [8] Zabit Hussein (Antonio Herro) 6f 25pts (6w, 2tfw, 3otn) ▲ 5
#4 [4] Marek Cervenka (J Thorgrin) 8f 24pts (6w, 6otn)
#5 [3] Svalbard Haudegen (Tomasz Pudz) 7f 23pts (6w, 1tf, 4otn) ▼ 2
#6 [13] Maurits Assndrop (Squirrely Dan) 8f 23pts (6w, 1tf, 4otn) ▲ 7
#7 [5] Magnus Lars ...[cont]

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  265+/OPEN ID
All fighters under 399k will be signed to the 265+ Division. There will be a belt and it should help us bring in more fans(money) for all of us.

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  GAMMA: Hans Hermann Hoppe (309294) HOF Induction
I am proud to announce the induction of Hans Hermann Hoppe (309294) to the GAMMA Hall of fame!

Hans competed in GAMMA from 2019-02-09 until 2022-04-16 and was managed by GAMMA HoF manager Rodrigo Rojas (101547). He had a total of 47 fights with a total record of 26-20-1.

He had a total of 11 finishes and 17 FON awards. He also competed in 13 title fights in total. He is one of very few fighters to win 2 division titles at 145lbs and 155lbs. At 155lbs he won the tit ...[cont]

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We will be using our 265+ as an open weight/open ID WC. Chmapionship belts coming for all WC soon!

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  GAMMA: New merch partnership!
I would like to announce that we now have a new merch partnership with 30th Century Beer Store (7128). Jay Stoner is a long term GAMMA manager and currently owns multiple companies. 30th Century Beer Store (7128) is currently ranked #2 in the world and it was only natural to consider them. They will be sending sponsorship deals to anyone currently available inside the organization and are currenly offering highly competitive sponsorship deals for whoever is interested. Here is a link to their st ...[cont]

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  League Standings - End of October
Lightweight Standings

#1 [1] Ryoto Takahashi (Chris Karter) 6f 33pts (6w, 6tfw, 3otn)
#2 [10] DaMatti Matikainen (Marky Mark) 6f 23pts (5w, 2tfw, 1tf, 3otn) ▲ 8
#3 [2] Svalbard Haudegen (Tomasz Pudz) 6f 20pts (5w, 1tf, 4otn) ▼ 1
#4 [4] Marek Cervenka (J Thorgrin) 7f 20pts (5w, 5otn)
#5 [5] Magnus Larsen (Malikoy Muza) 7f 19pts (6w, 1d)
#6 [3] Dylan Elkins (Gunnar Pleysa) 5f 17pts (5w, 2otn) ▼ 3
#7 [7] Eero Jukola (Trippin Balls) 5f ...[cont]

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  Sucker Punch Pro Series: Evolution!
The org you all knew and loved is set for a rebirth...and the next step in down-unda, cheap shot Evolution!

For more information, please see our new forum topic here with lots of detailed information!

SPPS, the org that was voted 'Best ID Restricted Org of 2020' will return to RESTRICTED ORG status...but with a new format and a new purpose. ...[cont]

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Next 20 events (non QFC)
C257: Lehto vs Inhanamoto II - 10 Dec 23 - Rio de Janeiro
C258: Albatross vs Gebhardt II - 10 Dec 23 - Los Angeles
DMMA 271 Martin vs McKane - 10 Dec 23 - New York
Bots de Garra 106 - 10 Dec 23 - Rio de Janeiro
MMAH 96 - 10 Dec 23 - Helsinki
Kickboxing Event H32 - 10 Dec 23 - Rio de Janeiro
HRL42 - 10 Dec 23 - Montreal
TOF 60 - 10 Dec 23 - Montreal
DC 113: Bong Sik v Beliveau - 10 Dec 23 - Helsinki
SSD 6: Russian Gangster - 10 Dec 23 - New York
DC 114: Sitsongrit v Battleby - 10 Dec 23 - London
HFC 112: Godwin vs Cango - 10 Dec 23 - New York
SSG 238 Berendas vs De Rossi - 10 Dec 23 - Montreal
SSG 239 Kersikov vs Philbert - 10 Dec 23 - Los Angeles
SSG 240 Ozymandias vs Pushkin - 10 Dec 23 - Las Vegas
SYN 1040 Diggs vs Ginger - 10 Dec 23 - London
OFK 358 - Johnson Vs Highwind - 10 Dec 23 - Amsterdam
QFC Tournament 1176 Round 3 - 10 Dec 23 - Rio de Janeiro
Kickboxing Event SSKT VIII - 11 Dec 23 - New York
CDM Round 6 - 11 Dec 23 - London
MMAH 97 - 11 Dec 23 - Helsinki
Smaller fight org news
We’re coming up on 6 months of Nonstop KT action and have grown to a rather respectable size. Given that the end of the year is on the horizon and we have an event scheduled for that night, I’d like to introduce the FINAL BATTLE concept. Basically one last event where we have as many title contests as possible between the best fighters HEROES has to offer. All of our champs that currently have fights either have them this weekend or next so I’m hoping most of their availability will line u ...[cont]

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SCF Rankings | 12/06/23
Rank - Fighter - SCF Rec.

CH - Vacant
1 - Quintin Mullen (0-0)
2 - Floyd Sayweather (1-0)
3 - Ezequiel Ferguson (1-0)
4 - Will Trapp (1-0)
5 - Black Darius (0-0)

CH - Vacant
1 - Melvin Ibarra (1-0)
2 - Gregor McConor (1-0)
3 - Amari Howell (0-0)
4 - Renato Primeiro (0-0)
5 - Silviu Alexandrescu (0-0)

CH - Vacant
1 - ...[cont]

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Exciting possibilities are on the horizon as Supreme Combat Federation announces a new deal with up-and-coming company Black Lab Clothing!

Black Lab Clothing will be sponsoring SCF fighters as they see fit and will be sponsoring our events. Its a fitting partnership for 2 companies looking to make some noise on their respective fields.

The partnership will begin as early as the next event: SCF 2 on December 16, 2023.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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How we work
No longer 390k ID, we're moving on up to 380k-389k and will be looking for all fighters who want a chance to be apart of one of the most legendary orgs this game has ever seen, weight classes we'll be starting off with will be 135,145,155,170,185,205,and 265.

We'll offer fights every 3 to 4 weeks depending on fighter development/skill and how much the manager wants to fight.

We don't hold grudges, you don't like me or my staff that doesn't matter to me, your fighte ...[cont]

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Our Openweight division has been gaining ground as of late, signing numerous talents on the 390k+ ID range. If you have a fighter you would like to fight in our Openweight (200lb.+) division, then kindly send me a mail and we’ll talk details.

On other news, as usual, the rest of our divisions are still recruiting 399k+ fighters as well. Kindly check our organization profile for further details on our divisions, thank you. (Willing to slide down a bit to 397k-398k range, if reaso ...[cont]

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No longer 390k ID, we're moving on up to 380k-386k and will be looking for all fighters who want a chance to be apart of one of the most legendary orgs this game has ever seen, weight classes we'll be starting off with will be 145, 155, 170, 185, 205, and 265.

Message me in game for a contract, ALL managers are welcome, no enemies here, we don't hold grudges and everyone gets a fair shot.

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SCF Welterweight Division
Due to scarcity of fighters, the promotion has decided to merge its 155 and 170 weight classes into one Welterweight Division (146-170 lbs.)

All 399k+ fighters are welcome, cheers!

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Supreme Combat Federation: Begins (11/13/23)
Supreme Combat Federation is currently in the recruiting stage.

Looking for 399k and above fighters for the following divisions:

145 lbs. and under

146 - 155 lbs.

156 - 170 lbs.

171 - 185 lbs.

Light Heavyweight
186 - 205 lbs.

206 - 265 lbs.

And this specific division with a ...[cont]

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MMA Fans Get Ready for VF4
VF4 is an upcoming mixed martial arts (MMA) event held on November 10, 2023, at the Micro Arena in Montreal. The event will feature a main card of 6 fights, including a Light-Heavyweight title fight between the current champion Reed Jack and Adolis Perez challenger.
VF4 is one of the most anticipated MMA events of the year, and it is sure to be a night of exciting action make sure to get your tickets early!!

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$1 show
$1 win
1 day inactive clause so leave when you want
50 fights so stay until I close this

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
GAMMA#1085 - 14 Sep 24 - Los Angeles
GAMMA#1084 - 14 Sep 24 - London
WP 67 - 30 Dec 23 - London
WP 66 - 27 Dec 23 - London
WP 65 - 23 Dec 23 - London
WP 64 - 20 Dec 23 - London
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 8 - 03 Mar 24 - Tokyo
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 7 - 25 Feb 24 - Tokyo
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 6 - 18 Feb 24 - Tokyo
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 5 - 11 Feb 24 - Tokyo
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 4 - 04 Feb 24 - Tokyo
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 3 - 28 Jan 24 - Tokyo
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 2 - 21 Jan 24 - Tokyo
Summit Series - Grappling Rd 1 - 14 Jan 24 - Tokyo
GFY 6 - Humphrey's Last Dance - 17 Dec 23 - Las Vegas
NYF 48 - 06 Jan 24 - New York
SPPS Evolution 10 - 12 Jan 24 - Sydney
SPPS Evolution 9 - 05 Jan 24 - Sydney
MMAH 105 - 07 Jan 24 - Helsinki
Thibby Testers 02 - 14 Dec 23 - London
Other companies
Winter Time!
Sorry guys and gals, but it's that cold time of the year! With that, we're putting our T-shirts on sale for $30. Why!? Well, why not we say, why not. Maybe it's for those of us training in the winter outside, and our shirts get all sweaty and nasty underneath our sweatshirts as our body heats up. Maybe that's why.
Anyway, thanks for shopping at Honest Apparel!

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SPARRING - 3 Stars or More
Boxing - Monday AM

Muay Thai - Wendsday AM

Wrestling - Friday PM

BJJ - Saturday PM

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More to come
Just wait...

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New coaches
I'll set up some proper coaches before next week start, 11th of December

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Grand Opening
"Combat Core Nutrition: Fueling MMA Greatness in Paradise!"

Calling all MMA fighters seeking peak performance! Combat Core Nutrition, nestled in Hilo, Hawaii, offers the ultimate edge in your fighting journey. Our organic, island-sourced supplements are meticulously crafted to elevate your training, enhance endurance, and optimize recovery.

Here's why Combat Core Nutrition stands out:

Island-sourced Potency: Harness the power of Hawaii's nat ...[cont]

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Tea Time Takedown is open !
London Welcomes "Team Time Takedowns" – A Premier MMA Sparring Gym

LONDON, [30/11/2023] — London's dynamic sports scene is about to witness a groundbreaking addition with the grand opening of "Team Time Takedowns," a state-of-the-art MMA sparring gym situated in the heart of the city.

Nestled among the iconic landmarks, "Team Time Takedowns" is poised to redefine the training experience for aspiring fighters and fitness enthusiasts ...[cont]

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Sparring Schedule
MON am: Boxing
TUE am: Muay Thai
THU am Wrestling

WED am Boxing
SAT am Muay Thai
SAT pm Wrestling

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Ironbound MMA
Ironbound MMA, based out of the East Ward of Newark, NJ, is here to provide the highest levels of training to professional combat sports athletes. As they say, iron sharpens iron. We are committed to building warriors.

Current nutrition partner: Hell's Balls Recovery
Current # of sparring partners*: 6
Sparring schedule**:

Boxing: Every Session
Muay Thai: Every AM
Wrestling: Every PM
BJJ: Every PM


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Laundry available
Laundry Available - PM before making a purchase of Laundry
30% inclusive of transfer fee.

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Laundry available
Laundry Available - PM before making a purchase of Laundry 30% inclusive of transfer fee.

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We do laundry. 25% + transfer fee.

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Monday - Wendsday AM - Boxing

Tuesday - Thursday AM - Muay Thai

Friday PM - Wrestling

Saturday PM - BJJ

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Why go Pulling Guard?
Are you a fighter looking to enhance your performance in the ring or gym, while also making a statement with your style? Look no further than Pulling Guard, where high-quality clothing meets the warrior spirit! We've created a line of premium activewear designed specifically for fighters like you, and here's why you should make it an essential part of your training and lifestyle:

Unmatched Durability: Pulling Guard is crafted from the finest materials to withstand the most rigorou ...[cont]

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Most recent events
DMMA 270 Tyler vs Zhdanov - 10 Dec - Tokyo
SMASH: Bainbridge vs Thai - 10 Dec - Sydney
TL Fight Night 32 - 09 Dec - Hilo
ICF 11 - 09 Dec - Hilo
SYN 1039 Kamara vs McCarthy - 09 Dec - Las Vegas
GAMMA#1030 Danny v Surianglek - 09 Dec - Los Angeles
Tancred vs Borisov - SPFT #8 - 09 Dec - New York
TOF 59 - 09 Dec - Montreal
HRL41 - 09 Dec - Montreal
Nfld live 54 - 09 Dec - Montreal
SMASH: Kowalkiewicz vs Khan - 09 Dec - Montreal
SUF 14: IsMore vs Laake - 09 Dec - Rio de Janeiro
Kickboxing EventH31 - 09 Dec - Rio de Janeiro
WP 61 - 09 Dec - London
CDM Round 5 - 09 Dec - London
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