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Karter believes Kilo going to 'retire soon, while on top'

Fighter profile of Kilo Maluga by Chris Karter

Kilo Maluga is still on top of the MMA world — but for how long?

  The heavyweight champion put on a vintage performance at SYN 962 and defended the SYN heavyweight title with a dominant stoppage victory over Clarence Hoost. Altogether, it was one of the finest performances of Maluga's decorated career, and at age 37, Maluga has plenty of time left to put together another lengthy title reign. But is Kilo interested in sticking around at his weight class for the long haul?     His longtime manager Chris Karter appeared on The MMA Wire and hinted that MMA fans should probably enjoy the all-timer while they still can.     “I don’t know, I’ll leave that up to Kilo,” Karter said when asked about Kilo's future. “I think physically and mentally he can go a long way. And we’ve seen so many great heavyweights have incredible performances throughout their career. But I think Kilo’s going to be one of those athletes that walks away early. He’s going t


Editorial by Tycoon Judas

 The War has begun.


Yesterday in London DMMA Heavyweight champion Jason Hightower beat Vunipola Veainu which was just the beginning of what is to come in the Co-Promotion showdown between #3 ranked Organization World Vale Tudo Fight League and the #6 ranked Dynasty MMA. With the Win Hightower is thirsty for more Blood as he no

Andrei vs Tali WVT 80

Fighter profile of Andrei Kersikov by Don Frye

 The stage has been set now since Andrei's highly impressive debut against long time WVT gatekeeper Motts. Much like Anderson Silva's debut in the UFC - Andrei barely missed and did not get hit before knocking Motts out in under two minutes. The domination shown in that fight gave Alfred Winterbottom not choice but to set up a mouthwatering clash between Andrei and long time WVT champion Tali Ihantala. Tali has been on a path of destruction - with only one loss in his previous twenty fights which has been brutally avenged twice now. WVT set the occasion as WVT 80 in the world famous Tokyo Bowl. 

The lights go down as the main event of the evening is upon us. The music of Andrei Kersikov blares around the stadium as the fans jump to their fee

Elite Island Training Now Open

Elite Island Training, Gym, The Island
Company profile by Jungle Lord

A new gym has just opened on the Island.  Right now it has 4 ELITE level conditioning coaches, but as more people join the gym more coaches wil be hired to provide the best possible training on the ISLAND!


GAMMA: Roar Horse HOF induction

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, London
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

 Roar Horse (300196) was managed by Managed by Bear Stevenson. At his peak he reached #2 ranking in game and in 2020 was voted as the 265lbs+ fighter of the year. 

  He originally started out as a kickboxing fighter but converted to MMA. After a short stint on the indy scene, he joined our GAMMA contenders where he had a dominant run, going 5-1 and earning himself a promotion to the main roster.  
Eventually he ended up with a 18-8-0 record in GAMMA, with a total of 7 title fights. His total of 198 ranking points ranks him as the 26th greatest fighter of all time in GAMMA. He probably would of ranked higher, but Bear Stevenson went inactive at the time and Roar was eventually released.   
He had several major wins, his most notable ones were probably those over Sunray Spike, Evaristo Jesus, Thierry Paulin, Gorgon Zola, Andy Grabber, Hiro Manowaru, Franck Kodjia among others.  
This induction is the first for Bear Stevenson, moving him into the 44th all

'Cheating steroid rat' - Barron White burns Kilo Maluga

Fighter profile of Barron White by Chris Karter

Most fans and fellow competitors will have some respect for Kilo Maluga (53-12-0), the fighter. Especially after defending his heavyweight championship at SYN 962 and how he got the job done, “Bloodbath” has solidified his status for many observers as possibly one of the best to ever do it.

    His legacy, however, is a different story, one that will forever be tainted by his past transgressions. For Maluga, his mistakes make him “human” and “relatable” to people. But Combate Heavyweight champion Barron White doesn’t see it that way.     Barron White shared this post on social media after Maluga's heavyweight title defense against Clarence Hoost (19-7-0), and he didn’t hold back.     "The SYN heavyweight champion of the world ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, a cheating steroid rat who runs into pregnant women and runs off, a rat that hides under the octagon for 10 hours hiding from being tested for drugs, this is your SYN heavyweight champi

‘We Have Same Drug Dealer’: Puno confirms Kilo takes PED

Fighter profile of Adan Puno by Chris Karter

‘We Have Same Drug Dealer’: Puno confirms Kilo takes PEDs     Kilo Maluga (54-12-0, #1 P4P) has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs by former SYN title contender and self-confessed steroid user Adan Puno (13-3-0, #20 P4P), who claims he and Kilo even have the same “drug dealer”.
  “Other mma fighters and professional athletes will hear about what Kilo Maluga does and go, ‘That doesn’t matter.’ If you knew what these performance enhancers did, you’d know it does matter,” Puno said in a new episode of the Flagrant podcast.     “We have same drug dealer, I know exactly what he’s doing,” Puno claimed. “EPO [Erythropoietin] matters, it’s the reason Kilo takes it. It matters. EPO increases your red blood cells, which gives you the endurance to fight and (expletive) all night long… It’s the king of performance enhancers. EPO is king to everything. That’s why cyclists do it.”     Puno’s comments appear at the 4 min


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