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GAMMA: The remarkable story of Ruslan Danilov

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, London
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

 Ruslan Danilov (334471) is currently competing in the GAMMA contenders. He is a 37y old veteran who spent the past 2 years competing in GAMMA with an overall 13-17 record. Now, at first sight, a fighter who had a 13-17 record would not particularly be a fighter of interest. He never competed for a title and spent most of his run at the lower to mid tier echelons of the organization. His highest rank to date was 334 p4p. 

  What stands out about Ruslan is the fact that he beat a total of 4 GAMMA champions during his reign! Most of those champions became champs after they lost to him! During the 2 years he had wins over Julio Regueiro (Twice) Patrick River, Kevin Daughtrey and Kebab Nurminen!    Ruslan hopes he can string some results in our GAMMA Contenders and move back up to compete for the GAMMA title, we wish him the best of luck! 

Third Time's the Charm

Fighter profile of Ryoto Takahashi by Papi Rojo

Ryoto "War Machine" Takahashi (15-6-0) conquered some MMA demons last weekend by defeating veteran featherweight rival Taylor Jack (33-19-2) with a second round submission by way of kimura. The Japanese product of Convicted Fight Club overcame his past failures by defeating the man who previously held bragging rights with 2 wins over him.


Takahashi, a BJJ black belt under Kazuka Fuujin, recorded his 5th submission of his career after he knocked Taylor Jack to the canvas with a massive right hand that had the British fighter rocked.


Ryoto, often critisized for his fight IQ and letting fighers he hurts off the hook, immediately followed his opponent to the ground and went to work, putting his slick jiujitsu skills on display. He worked for a kimura before threatening with an arm triangle. It looked tight but he released it and adjusted with a tight kimura that nearly ripped Taylor Jack's arm out of it's socket.


With that victory

Still in the spotlight - Jason Voorhees

Fighter profile of Jason Voorhees by Dale Saw

 "The Slasher" Jason Voorhees is the hottest thing in Hilo, HI right now as he tops the only org in the city.


On November 19th in Hilo Jason destroyed his feeble attempt of an opponent in only 21 seconds and looks to do the same next week on December 3rd at Hayashi's Lounge in Hilo, HI against King Captain Master Daddy "Stoned" High (389947). But that's not why we are here today... We talked about his last fight and what he will be doing next week... now let mention this week...

This week Jason will be giving back to the community by hosting the "Hack and Slash, bloody bash." We are told that it will be an event to die for. The event is going down at Camp Crystal Lake, Jason has sent out a formal invites. This is one event that I wouldn't be caught dead at. Haha


Early next week Jason has also invited MMA experts to watch him train. If you get down to Cobra Kai gym in Hilo HI any day except Sunday night hen you can watch our man

Position 5


Kamara Drops Bomb on Neighbor

Fighter profile of Tagnarach Kamara by Papi Rojo

Tagnarach Kamara is a stand up guy.

  We’ve all been there before: you’re walking your dog when suddenly it starts to handle its business on your neighbors lawn, and you’re unprepared for the moment. Well, the same thing recently happened to Kamara, who was caught off guard when his dog took a “sloppy s***” on a neighbor’s lawn during a nighttime stroll. Lacking the tools to clean up the mess, Kamara opted to ring the neighbor’s doorbell to resolve the situation, leading to a wholesome interaction between the two that was caught on the woman’s Ring camera, and made the rounds on social media this weekend.   “Hello, love. Me dog’s just had a sloppy s*** outside and I was just wondering if you’ve got some water,” Kamara said. “I don’t want to leave it outside.”   It’s at this point that Kamara’s neighbor recognizes the MMA star, asking, “Is that Tagnarach Kamara?” before telling Kamara not to worry and that she’ll take care of it.

Kahn defends Combate crown; calls out Island fighter

Fighter profile of Mohammed Kahn by Papi Rojo

Kahn-bate was in full effect in the Tokyo Bowl as top ranked world Light Heavyweight Mohammed Kahn nuked contender Joseph Stalinovich like the Soviets nuked Khazakistan in the USSR days. Mohammed Kahn dispatched his rival Light Heavyweight with TKO strikes in the 2nd round proving once again why he is COMBATE's greatest fighter of all time(s). Kahn took to the mic and surprised everybody when he made a call out, instead of announcing his anticipated retirement from the sport.


#7 P4P Mohammed Kahn (28-6-1) calls out #3 P4P Torhte "Gingy Bear" Finlayson (37-2-0) to settle the debate for 2022 Light Heavyweight Fighter of the Year. Kahn makes a compelling case that an Island fighter who can crushes competition with the talent equivalent of a Humors singing the national anthem should be disbarred from such talks, as one who doesn't compete in open ID or takes on the top ranked fighters, is merely sandbagging the division off a glitch in the matrix, a lack of foresight

Position 7



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