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Douche T McBaggins

Fighter profile of Douche T McBaggins by Tycoon Judas

"Fighter Spotlight"

With Host Cash Cockett

From MMA Drunkard Analyst to MMA Drunkard Fighter! Douche T McBaggins has recently set down the Mic, and picked up the gloves as he pursues his MMA Dream. Douche Recently signed with Big Wave MMA for an upcoming Bantamweight Tournament. Where 16 of the top 135 pound prospects will battle for a nice Cash prize. With one eye on the prize and the other eye on his next dirty drunken bender, Douche looks to erase all his recent overdue bar tabs with the winnings from this Tournament.

It's not so sure if McBaggins plans to continue his MMA career after this tournament. He recently stated while drunk as F$$k at a Local London pub that he is just doing t

Moustaffa wins IFC 155lb title and calls out Gervonta Davis

Fighter profile of Aahad Moustaffa by Crazy Horse


After a patient fight ending in a great knockout to win the 155lb IFC belt, Aahad "Robot Stop" Moustaffa to give him Gervonta Davis next. Davis stems from the notorious Money Promotions organisation and is their current 155lb champion but has a dual org deal with IFC.

"Rumours have it, that although he made a big deal about signing this dual organisation deal to take on all comers but has rejected any opportunities, supposedly saying he'll only accept fights for a belt. Well now I have the belt, so no excuses. Come and try get it so I can take your soul and your undefeated record. Then I'll come for your Money belt too."

When pressed about how he thinks the fight will go, Moustaffa responded:

"He likes to stand and bang, but so do I. l actually see it to be an exciting fight if it happens.

I'm far more well rounded though, as my wrestling is far superior. So far all hes fought are people who can't punch back or wrestle or both. Hav

Sucker Punch Pro Series 157 - Event Preview

Event Preview: Sucker Punch Pro Series 157
Sucker Punch Pro Series
2022-06-29, London, Wombley Arena
Author:Hare Rumpler

Hello Sucker Punch faithful!  Hare Rumpler here and I’ll be joined as usual by our very own Donkey “Dan” for some in depth analysis and picks as we head full steam towards SPPS 157 this evening.  And, surprise, surprise, it may be a mid-week card here at Sucker Punch…but that doesn’t mean we’re in Tokyo for a change!  Instead, we’ve slipped back on over to the Wombley in London for a rare showing over on that side of the pond!


Luka Doncic Interview

Fighter profile of Luka Doncic by Wayne Kerr

Interview with Luka Doncic


Imagine winning seven fights in a row, and then finding yourself manager-less.  It is exactly what happened to the German Super-Heavyweight Luka Doncic.  After a turbulent few months, he agreed to sit down and chat with the Tycoon Times


“So Luka, how are doing?”
“Fine, fine.  I

Heartless FC: Summer of Death

Heartless Fighting Championship, Fight Organization, Montreal
Company profile by Rush Grayson


Heartless FC held a private conference between President Rush Grayson and management representatives of contracted fighters with the topic focusing on a big announcement for the future of the organization.


“I wanted to gather everyone here today to personally explain my short term plans for them to lay out to the fighters immediately afterwards. I wanted this to be the metaphorical dinner bell for the warriors I employ.” -Rush


And the bell rang in the form of a new bout format, scoring system, and title implications for the roster. Named: 


The Canadian Deathmatch



The Growth of Iron Fist

Iron Fist Championship, Fight Organization, St Petersburg
Company profile by Wayne Kerr

Iron Fist Championship began in March this year, before changing hands and rebranding itself as Iron Fist.  As a stalwart of MMA in St Petersburg, Iron Fist moved quickly to become the number one fight organisation in Russia.  


Led by Damian White, he quickly enacted his vision of a global fight organisation by holding cards on a number of different continents.  Hosting a Featherweight, Lightweight, Middleweight, Light-Heavyweight and Heavyweight division, the full roster now includes 71 fighters, mostly developmental, gaining experience as they begin their journey in the fight game.

Recruitment is hand


Editorial by Teyo Ken

Hello fine members of the Tycoon community, many of you might know who Frank Costello is and we all most likely know him for the same thing. A multi abusing cheater, he has tried to cover up and has deleted manyous of his multi accounts in result of people hounding him for obvious and blatant acts of cheating. He has harassed and threatened death and mutilation to GOOD people in this community over disagreements and being called out for his fuckery. Freedom of speech is allowed of course, but how can we let him get away with dragging down manyous of peoples game experience and the blatant cheating he's known for. It's time to make change and get this scum off of our platform. If you go to his organization and check the early events that took place and click the fighters that competed many of them belonged to new managers made exactly the time he made his org and all have the same type of generic name and now they are deleted accounts... He's tried to cover his tracks and the only ma


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The Silent Assassins

Bujinkan Ninja Dojo, Gym, Tokyo
Company profile by Wayne Kerr

Just over a month ago a new dojo opened in Tokyo, aiming to cater for those fighters that are on the road to greatness.  There was a clear gap in the market between the $50 Cozad Gym and the $1000 elite gyms that so many fighters frequent.  It was an easy decision to focus on those in-between, that are perhaps not five figure contracts in an effort to help fighters in Japan move to the next level without them becoming destitute.


The Bujinkan Ninja Dojo was created with the idea of reintroducing the idea of discipline, self-control, and technical excellence to the modern warrior.  The philosophy of the ninja is so

The Art of War

Editorial by Wayne Kerr


Mixed Martial Arts has been one of the fastest growing sports in the last decade.  The amateur has grown ten fold, fight organisations have launched, some crashing and burning along the way, in every continent.  As its legitimacy has grown, the call for MMA to join the Olympics has gotten louder, it is only a matter of time before we gain our next Olympic Champion.


Notice I said next, and not first.  A form of MMA existed hundreds of years ago in the Ancient Olympics in Gre

Editorial Staff
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