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Frank Hernandez Unleashed Tirade

Fighter profile of Frank Hernandez by Antonio Hernandez

Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady recently took part in the Netflix roast, The Roast of Tom Brady, where he was on the receiving end of a number of jokes from former teammates and comedians. But since then, he has expressed regret about taking part in the event. And one MMA fighter is not all that pleased about Brady’s regret after the fact.

Brady shared that he would not take part in this kind of event again due to how some of the jokes, specifically about his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, affected his kids. This type of public regret has received a lot of backlash, especially from real alpha males from the MMA community.
Carnival Combat lightweight champion Frank "Grabass" Hernandez (16-2-0), who has a fight scheduled against Paul "Tempest" Eclaro (18-5-0), took exception to how Brady has handled the situation after the fact, going on an expletive-filled rant again

GAMMA: Pablo Spezziale HOF Induction

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, London
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

 GAMMA is proud to announce that legendary GAMMA and MMA Tycoon manager, Pablo Spezziale (16996) has now been inducted into the GAMMA Hall of Fame!

After the latest update, Pablo is at 99 total fights inside the GAMMA cage, with a total record standing at 51-46-2. His total of 99 is ranked 32 in GAMMA history.
He has a total of 20 title fights, which is 25th all time. 
His all time highest in game ranking is #2, which left him just short of being inducted to both the GAMMA and Tycoon Hall of fame. 
With this induction, we now have a total of 47 managers in our Hall of Fame and Pablo is ranked 42nd among all managers with a total of 334 points.


Event Review: HFA 2
Honu Fight Arts (404k+)
2024-06-01, Hilo, Hayashi's Lounge - Hilo
Attendance:2,000, Event Rating:57
Author:Da Jumba

HFA 2 Review is out now.

LINK TO FORUM THREAD: https://forums.mmatycoon.com/index.php?/topic/80305-honu-fight-arts-official-smack-talk-thread/#comment-1023498


 Eli Beehi Def. Danny Hall via TKO (Strikes) RD 1 3:23 - Light Heavyweight Bout

This main event was a special one with both men being undefeated heading into this one, and neither letting a fight go without a finish. You could only imagine this one would mimic the past, and it did just that. Danny Hall acknowledged the crowd's support when entering the cage. He has a fairly sized reach advantage, and Beehi did not entertain that by closing the distance and clinching immediately. Hall tried to break free, but Beehi kept Hall from escaping and unloaded on him with a mix of punches. Uppercuts, hooks, body shots, and even shoulder strikes. After 3 minutes, Hall got dazed with an u

Scott Dalton: The Man, The Myth, The Mustache

Fighter profile of Scott Dolton by Chris Karter

Toledo, Ohio's own Scott "Houdini" Dolton has carved out a niche for himself as a mixed martial artist, where his persona is as memorable as his performance. With a professional record of 15 wins and 11 losses, Dalton has experienced the highs and lows of the sport, showcasing resilience and a fighting spirit that refuses to be extinguished.

Dalton's fighting style is heavily influenced by his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Known for his ground game, he often uses his imposing physique to dominate opponents on the mat, employing a smothering technique that has earned him the nickname "Houdini." However, it's not just his grappling prowess that makes him stand out; it's his unique ability to integrate his "chest pubes" into his fighting style, adding an unorthodox and humorous element to his matches that keeps fans entertained and oppone

The Inept Manager Who Runs Tycoon Times Without Reading It

Profile of Not Skenoj by James McCarthy

In the world of MMA Tycoon, where success is often dictated by strategic brilliance and meticulous planning, Not Skenoj (116348) has carved out a reputation for all the wrong reasons. Known for his dismal management record and his role as the head of Tycoon Times, Not Skenoj’s biggest failing might be his blatant disregard for the very articles he’s supposed to oversee. With a historic MMA record of 301 wins, 261 losses, and 13 no-contests, Not Skenoj's career is a testament to mismanagement and missed opportunities.

A Record of Mediocrity

Not Skenoj's record reflects his struggles as a manager. With 92 wins by TKO/KO, 23 wins by submission, and 186 wins by decision, his fighters have managed some success. However, the staggering number of losses—131 by TKO/KO, 45 by submission, and 85 by decision—reveals a consistent pattern of failure. This record suggests a manager who is either unwilling or unable to adapt and improve.

The Tycoo

Hans Peter Baxxter: The Issue of a "Glass Chin"

Fighter profile of Hans Peter Baxxter by James McCarthy

Hans Peter Baxxter, an experienced competitor in both MMA and kickboxing, has faced significant challenges in his career, notably being knocked out nine times. This recurring issue has led to discussions about whether Baxxter's has a "glass chin," a term used to describe fighters who are particularly susceptible to being knocked out.

Understanding the "Glass Chin" Phenomenon

Physiological Factors: A "glass chin" can be attributed to several physiological factors. Some fighters may have a less resilient jaw structure or weaker neck muscles, which can affect their ability to

Higly Awaited Debut Of Jake Paul In Banzai Cobat 6/12/24

Editorial by Aus Jones

 Jake Paul makes highly anticipated debut at Banzai Combats OPG 2 170lb Gran Prix. The Event takes place in Los Angeles California in front of a eager crowd to say the least.

Jake Paul has only had one fight but comes from a social media background so you can see where his popularity is drawn from he may be at the bottom of the card now but fans expect Jake "The Problem Child" Paul to be a real "Problem".

The Event takes place 6/12/24 Be There or miss out on the big fights!!!



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