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GAMMA: Dustin Kruger HOF

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

 Managed by 3 managers while in GAMMA, his most successful run being under Bwang Jong Sr, where he was a multiple time 265+ champion, with a total of 10 title fights.

  Upon retirement he was ranked #37 among all GAMMA fighters with 152 points, which is the highest among all 265lbs or higher weight classes.   

A former #4 ranked fighter in the game, with an impressive win column, including top wins over former GAMMA champs or challengers such as Closet Case Conservative, Thorbjorn Heimendahl, Jason Steele, Bubba Gumption, Gerbert Bryant, Brandon Vee, Zdravko Saric.  

With this induction, Bwang moves up top 15th in the all time GAMMA manager list, this is his first fighter in our Hall of Fame. 

Sucker Punch Pro Series 57 - Event Preview

Event Preview: Sucker Punch Pro Series 57
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2021-05-01, Sydney, Bondi Outdoor Arena
Author:Hare Rumpler

Hello again Sucker Punch fans!  It feels like we were just chatting!  Oh wait, we were, because we’re doing back to back review and previews here today!  Well, let’s get going here then!  As always,  I’m Hare Rumpler and will be alongside my pal and analyst, Donkey “Dan” as we get ready for SPPS 57 over at the Bondi Outdoor Arena in Sydney this evening! 

We have a full card in action tonight unlike our earlier mi

Dick Caunt Wants To Become Historic

Fighter profile of Dick Caunt by Freako Wimp

Dick Caunt is one of the biggest head-scratchers in modern MMA.

Despite starting his career out 3-3-1, being underskilled against most of his opponents for the better part of his 47-fight career and seemingly having marshmellows in his gloves, Dick Caunt has made quite a career for himself.

The 34-year-old Brummie has won the prestigeous PULSE Featherweight title on two separate occasions. The first time, he upset long-reigning #1 featherweight and fellow Convicted representative Bobo Nielsen in one of his many, infamous split decision victories. The second time, almost exactly four years later, he once again upset the consensus #1 featherweight in the world by decision. Vadim Golovkin had no answers for Caunt's feather-fisted assault, and the Kazakhstani standout was visibly frustrated throughout the 25-minute contest.

What's even more impressive is that Caunt's current title run came after a 1-5 streak which threatened to end his career

Alpha-1: Super Series

Event Preview: ALPHA-1: Super Series I
ALPHA-1 Promotions
2021-05-08, Los Angeles, LA Memorial Colossuseum
Author:Hector Bautista

                                                                      Alpha-1: Super Series

Alpha-1 is back this Saturday night, live from Los Angeles’ Memorial Coliseum with over 90,000 expected to be in attendance and fights that are sure to shake up the rankings across the world and fighters who are bound to be future hall of farmers. Featherweight stars collide as the Gamma Champion takes on the Alpha Champion in what is surely being considered the fight for the best featherweight. There are heavyweights and super heavyweights and knockouts to be expected. Let's get into the Alpha-1 Super Series! My name is Tycoon Hec and I am thrilled to be with you guys I look forward to watching these fights unfold and wish the very best to all the fighters and managers, especially to Opie. Good luck Opie!


Bishop vs Southall
Heavyweight Match-up

Keth “The Hammer'' Bishop (28-1


Event Preview: DMMA 5: Nadadora vs Khufu
Dynasty MMA (365k+)
2021-05-01, London, Hard Knocks - London
Author:The Gunner

 Dynasty MMA (365k+) Presents...

DMMA 5: Nadadora vs Khufu

1st May 2021 | Hard Knocks - London


Drunken Pekka Toivonen Crashes Press Conference, Takes Dump

Editorial by Freako Wimp

The Wombley Arena press conference room in London was packed to capacity as noted con man Mentor Guruland announced the upcoming matchup between Synchronicity LHW champion Just Whymer and his own, second-rate champion Arthur MacRobertson the Younger. As the two fighters faced off, cameras flashed, and Guruland rubbed his greasy little palms together, however, a crash was heard. Seconds later, a clearly intoxicated Pekka Toivonen burst through the door like a paint-covered, mullet-clad, Soviet after-school special bootleg Kool Aid Man.


The obviously sloshed "Punchmaster General" started hurling what some interpreted to be obscenities, but due to his level of inebriation and thick accent the only words anyone could make out were 'reindeer testicle'. Security tried to contain the fu

The Movement

Blood Brothers Fighting Championship, Fight Organization, Rio de Janeiro
Company profile by Benjamin Halle


Hello my BloodBrothers,

President Halle checking in for the first time in a long time.  While I have been silent, the BBFC team has been working hard. Chris and Wes have done an amazing job with P4P rankings, awesome content on the forum and keeping this roster stacked with top talent.

It is time I address the movement.  Many managers have probably noticed but BBFC is shifting.  Yes, as was the plan, forged long ago by the President of HFC, J.W. Hardman.  BBFC will be in sync with HFC and help feed talent upwards.  For this to happen successfully BBFC will be making the move to 360+.  This is a big shift as we have some amazing talent from 355k-359k.  Trust me when I say both J.W. and Igor are very excited for this new influx of talen


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