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GAMMA: Karol Mirowski HOF induction

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

  I would like to induct Karol "Bearded Midget Man" Mirowski (251500) to the GAMMA Hall of Fame!

  Managed by Alex K. (84400), this is his first fighter to make it to GAMMA's Hall of Fame. Karol was one of the best fighters to compete in the lower divisions winning titles at 145lbs and in our now defunct 135lbs divisions, making him a 2 division champion. In total, he competed in 12 title fights. 
  His highest in game rank was #5 and he also came 3rd in the 2018 GAMMA fighter of the year ratings. His 153 rating points rates him 43rd among GAMMA fighters of all time.  
His most significant wins were against Gareth Keenan (2x), Farboleous Ricard, Selfie Lord, Kira Miyata among others.

Bellicose - Mingdo vs Cervanka

Event Preview: Bellicose - Mingdo vs Cervanka
Bellicose (375+)
2021-10-08, New York, Paddy O'Malleys Bar - New York
Author:Maurice Simmons

 Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to another Bellicose Friday Night card. This one features a few debutants and some fighters looking to get their careers back on track. My name is Maurice Simmons and let's get into this preview!

Wingdo Mingdo vs Marek Cervenka
The main event of the evening has Wingdo "The Wind" Mingdo (0-1) taking on Marek Cervenka (1-2). Making his Bellicose debut is the 18 year old Irish fighter Wingdo Mingdo. With his professional career starting in a QFC loss, Mingdo will be looking to rectify his mistakes by winning his Bellicose debut. He is a good boxer and also has BJJ background as he has earned himself a blue belt. Marek Cervenka is also a fighter looking to write his wrongs. All three of his professional fights have been at Bellicose but he is on a 2 fight losing streak. His only win though, coming in his debut fight, was in spectacular fashion as he was able to TKO his opponent in the last second of the first round. Th

Newly Opened Gym

FIGHT FOUNDERS (CA), Gym, Montreal
Company profile by Bana Vhite


There's a new MMA gym opened in Montreal, opened by "teyoken". We have world class coaches and the finest equipment. Searching for hungry fighters to come and build this from the ground up, I assure you, you won't be disappointed! We at FF want to help the fighters we train reach their maximum potential, come and be the founder of what you fight for!


Position 5


KRAKEN Nutrition

KRAKEN Nutrition + Laundry, Nutrition Company, Los Angeles
Company profile by "Old Irish" Mickey Rafferty

There's a new supplement in town! KRAKEN Nutrition offers only 160q supplements for your training needs. Try our KRAKEN Nutrition Energy Drink, our Monster Stamina, or our BRAND NEW Beast Mode Muscle Bulk! All at a low price of $100 for a 2 week supply, you can be training at peak performance. Unleash your inner beast, Release the KRAKEN!


Position 6


Position 7



Urban Fighter in New York continues the tradition of providing stylish clothing for great prizes. Need to stand out on your way to the cage? Come and see what Urban Fighter has in store for you!

Contact: Alika Webb
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