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Sucker Punch Pro Series

Org name: Sucker Punch Pro Series
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 185
Number of events: 215
Base: Sydney
Owner: Hare Rumpler
Ranking (Global): 5
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 97% from 74 ratings.
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Merch partner: Shadow Warrior Nutrition
About us: SPPS now enters a new phase as we move to Unrestricted ID org status! We intend to continue doing all the things that got us voted 'Best ID Restricted Org of 2020'! We love to keep our managers engaged and having a blast! Come join us, we'll find fair fights if you're 355k+ or even unrestricted now! Everybody is a target for those kicks to the dingle-dangles, SPPS style!
  Hey Sucker Punch family and those future members of our fun, interactive, cheap shot loving crew!!!  Big announcement here that has been several months in the making…We are now officially open for recruiting as we transition over the next 4-6 months.  Read on for more details on the information we’ve already provided our current managers and fighters for feedback as well as how we envision things going forward and the effects or lack thereof that it might have on the different level fighters in our org!

And while you're thinking about things, please remember that I truly, honestly, have always wanted the best for the managers in this org.  I hope I've left no doubt in everybody's mind over the past year and a half plus that that is the case and, above all, I hope that you guys trust me to do things in a way that respects you and won't put you in bad positions.
I very much anticipated a slow, gradual migration over the course of many, many months as we continue to grow into the unrestricted space.  So think of what I had in mind as more of a "hybrid" model.  We have a target in mind of Sucker Punch's second birthday in April before we’re fully into unrestricted mode and even then I still anticipate it’ll be a while that we operate in a “hybrid” scenario.  By “hybrid” scenario I mean where I still heavily take into consideration skill levels, age, ID, strength of recent opposition, etc. more so than hype+pop.

This is why we've been doing PPV's in an attempt to start bolstering our org hype, etc. and we've been bringing in the occasional one-off fight between a couple of open ID fighters here and there.

With all of that put out there as an intro (yeah, I know, I can talk eh?), let me lay out what I envision going forward. And how it would affect each subset of our current population and those who might come to us.  Hopefully this will all make sense and you can have confidence that I will continue to run the org in a way that benefits all of our managers and fighters.  And that I would continue to know our fighters, know where each are, and continue matchmaking in a manner that you guys have come to expect from me.

Over the course of the next 4-5 months we’ll actively be opening up the org to sub-355k, unrestricted ID fighters in our divisions.  That starts NOW, so come on over if you’re interested!  However, that would come with caveats.  The first would be that nobody who is here in the 355k+ range will be required to fight sub-355k guys initially.  The option will be there for those who desire the step up in competition, or a change of faces in who they are facing, additional hype+pop influx, etc.  But certainly everybody here can be confident that I still will not be taking a 359k guy, or a 362k guy, etc. and tossing them up against a 320-340k guy or something like that without it being requested by the younger fighter.  The new incoming unrestricted ID guys would not be eligible for title contention during that transition period before April 2022 and no champ or top contender would be forced to take them on unless they requested or wanted the fight.  It will simply be a period allowing us to start our transition and slowly ease into things.  The following is how I view the effect this would have on each tier or category of fighter:

** New Incoming Unrestricted Fighters to the Org **

This is probably the piece that is going to require the most flexibility, both from me and the fighters/managers.  There is no way for me to say how quickly or slowly we'll be able to start acquiring open ID, unrestricted fighters in the org.  There are NOT a ton of free agent fighters out there at this time.  The open ID orgs that already exist know this.  Everybody does.  So it's not like we could expect 10-20 new guys in each division within a month or two.  However, I would like to believe that the way we've run this org, the way we've tried to cultivate manager and fighter involvement, and given back to them over the run we've had at 355k has made this org something to look forward to being a part of.  So I do believe that over time we'll be successful in bringing in decent numbers.  But in the short term, this may mean some gaps between fights for these guys if none of our existing 355k+ guys are ready to fight them and our options for them are limited.  Obviously I'd be scouring constantly for guys who might want to come in even for a one-fight deal to supplement and help us keep guys active as we slowly transition.  I'll be as open as possible to allowing these unrestricted guys freedom of movement to get fights where possible and to keep them as busy as we can as we build up.  While I can't give definitive info on how all of this would progress, once again I go back to hoping that the managers out there who know me would trust that I'll give this the best, most honest effort I can give it!

** Upper Tier, Top Contender Fighters **

Frankly, the best our divisions have to offer are already at or ahead in skill compared to fighters who might come in to us as unrestricted at the start.  I have spoken with quite a few of these fighters' managers and I know that many of them are already eager for a few new faces to fight.  As a new org moving into the open, unrestricted ID range it is highly unlikely that we'd have the likes of Arundel and company coming on board, guys who are the absolute cream of the crop in the food chain of MMAT!  I have zero doubt that our guys in the Top 5 of our divisions can compete with the unrestricted, sub-355k guys that might come to us, but still, they would not be required to fight them in any way in the short term.  That would be by choice over the transition period of 4-6 months.  After that, rest assured, my matchmaking honestly wouldn't change much.  I'd still be taking hard looks at relative skills, ages, ID's, recent records and trends, etc.  How you see me match up fights today is pretty much what you could continue to expect.  Hopefully I've given you that confidence over the past two years.

** Mid Tier or Lower Tier Fighters **

The first two concerns I would expect our lower tier, younger, or less experienced fighters to have would be a) being unfairly matched up against fighters outside their skill/age/experience level and b) that an influx of unrestricted fighters would make it harder for them to work up the ladder.  My thoughts on these two concerns are very clear and hopefully you'll agree with me.  For the first concern, I wouldn't do that.  How do you know?  Well, the same as I said at the end of the above paragraph.  Hopefully I've earned your trust in that.  These fighters would see very little change. They'd continue to fight the same level fighters they've been up against this entire time until they develop up and are ready for bigger challenges.  Most of you already in the org know that I speak with our managers on a fairly regular basis.  When I'm unsure where a guy stands or where his manager sees him going in short order, what he might be up for, I speak with the manager and discuss. I feel like these conversations are almost always positive and beneficial for everybody and keeps me on the right path with their fighter and keeps the manager confident that I've thought things through well for them.  All of that would continue unchanged.  For the second concern, hindering the climb up the ladder...frankly I see it this way:  If you weren't ready to take on the Top 2-4 guys in the division currently or make a run at the title, the incoming unrestricted fighters wouldn't change that.  Our top guys already in the org in each division are at least as good as these guys already.  You'd be no further away.  But eventually, when you're ready, you'd have a wider variety of options for fight matchmaking.

So there we have it folks.  That's how I envision us moving forward.  Not an all-at-once leap into the deep end, but a slow transition and migration into something different.  As I said, I have a hybrid model in mind.  And I could foresee that hybrid model existing for quite some time, even as much as 6 months to a year.  Hell, knowing the way I matchmake, it wouldn't be a surprise if really the way I do things never really changes from the way I do the matchmaking choices now.  That might be eventually what really separates us from other unrestricted orgs, as I've always valued relative skills, quality of opponents, age and ID over hype+pop as a strict way to rank guys.  I don't know that I'd ever fully abandon that approach, but certainly a year from now some level of concern for hype+pop ranking and would be expected as an unrestricted org. 

I apologize for how long this was. I know I can be brutal at times but I wanted to get this clearly detailed out so that anybody who is considering coming to Sucker Punch knows exactly where I stand, what we have planned and how I intend to get there!
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Not recruiting.
145 27 28 327142 125 Min. 140 lbs uncut.
155 33 27 342548 121 Min. 150 lbs uncut.
170 34 28 324047 128 Min. 165 lbs uncut.
185 35 27 345862 118 Min. 180 lbs uncut.
205 28 26 344638 124 Min. 200 lbs uncut.
265 28 27 324864 107 Min. 225 lbs uncut.
265+ 0 0 0 0 Openweight Test Card Fights Only.
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Hero Shima 36
2 Evan Duvernay 38
3 Demetrius Jackson 42
4 Petsuwan Sitsongrit 43
5 Dempsey ONeill 56
6 Wanderson Machado 68
7 Konrad Wagner 113
8 Sean Harrison 141
9 Kiryu Kazuma 177
10 Darry Curtis 181
11 Greg Connor 182
12 Leroy Jinx 186
13 Eemeli Lampi 213
14 Brady Jean Baptiste 242
15 Keisuke Matsuzaka 251
16 Red Crow 263
17 John Fury 276
18 Magnificent Chulalongkorn 298
19 Ryoto Takahashi 333
20 Jihadi Joseph 337
Weight Name Last Win
145 Petsuwan Sitsongrit Brady Jean Baptiste
155 Frankie Logan Ziggy Ozbourne
170 Demetrius Jackson Konrad Wagner
185 Wanderson Machado Joseph DeAngelo
205 Dempsey ONeill Eemeli Lampi
265 Hero Shima Sean Harrison

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Owner:   Hare Rumpler
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