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Proud Fighting Championships

Org name: Proud Fighting Championships
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 75
Number of events: 256
Base: Tokyo
Owner: Sonny Muchacho
Ranking (Global): 55 MMA (1 Kickboxing)
Ranking (City): 5 MMA (1 Kickboxing)
Satisfaction rating: 93% from 17 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: HELLBENT
About us: Proud Fighting Championships is the apex of the art of striking. The final product of the metamorphosis of previous incarnations, Eternity, Rio Heroes AKT, 8 Limbs, and Syn K-1. The premier kickboxing org in the world and we are the first full-time PPV level KT org. Experience the gold standard of kickboxing orgs
Latest News: Proud Ord Update and Heart to Heart ;)
  Jokes, I won't get emotional. I promise. Maybe...

I just want to check in with you all because frankly I've been doing a shit job at running this great KT org to it's capacity lately.

On this note - Bradly Burns has stepped up big time to set fights for the next while. Please be as gentle with him as possible as I put him is a catchup situation from the start so many fight offers will be considered short notice until we are caught up and back on track to pre-booked 1 month out.

I also want to put out there that this brazen experiment to save KT for Tycoon has gone awry. Like big time off the tracks. Long story short there is currently 0 way to pull a profit of KT as a whole so with many manager's support we have been able to keep open even if not financially viable. Again, no dramas, we're adjusting. PPV's are off the table until we won't lose 7 digits on those. If you are a manager with financial security (yeah all you old school ballers with millions in the bank) feel free to offer your fighter for a reduced or free contract. PM me of Burns.
NOT forced on anyone, just taking a different sort of community approach until KT coding is fixed.

That's about all I have for now. Thanks to the 2 of you managers who read this thing all the way through. Hit me up for a free avatar. Seriously.

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 5 28 350269 32 Now Open
145 7 32 326803 70 Open ID - Featherweight Division
155 18 32 328130 32 Open ID - Lightweight Division
170 17 34 325492 37 Open ID - Welterweight Division
185 6 39 301391 33 Open ID - Middleweight division
205 10 31 332434 29 Open ID - Light Heavyweight Division
265 12 32 298442 22 Open ID - Heavyweight Division
265+ 0 0 0 0 Open ID - Heavyweight Division - 205+ - No cap on maximum weight
Upcoming Events
Proud FC 21 Kickboxing Event 2022-01-21 Tokyo
Proud FC 22 Kickboxing Event 2022-01-28 Tokyo
Proud FC 23 Kickboxing Event 2022-02-04 Tokyo
Today's Events / Recent Events
Proud FC Eternally Grateful Kickboxing Event 2022-01-14 Tokyo
Proud FC 19 - Seppuku Kickboxing Event 2022-01-07 Tokyo
Proud FC 18 Tokyo Takeover Kickboxing Event 2021-12-31 Tokyo
Proud FC 17 Tradition Kickboxing Event 2021-12-31 Tokyo
Proud FC 16 Kickboxing Event 2021-12-24 Tokyo

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (Kickboxing)
  Name KT Rank
1 Hokuto Akira 1
2 Silva Scorpion 3
3 Butch Killstone 8
4 Melankomas Caria 11
5 Michał Kowalkiewicz 12
6 Camulius Talboteasar 15
7 Ronnie Dale Boudreaux 16
8 Patrick Jeudy 17
9 Tommy Lee 18
10 Marco Salamanca 19
11 Nero La Croix 20
12 Iaspero Yalixqua 21
13 Kyle Kovingten 23
14 Yasol Kim 32
15 Deer Hunter 33
16 Taine Raharuhi 34
17 Crass Baracuta 56
18 Bartholomäus Wolff 63
19 Rob $tone 57
20 Henrique Gusmao 59
Weight Name Last Win
135 Silva Scorpion Tang Maul
145 Silva Scorpion Renato Gracie
155 Silva Scorpion Taine Raharuhi
170 Hokuto Akira Bartholomäus Wolff
185 Butch Killstone Patrick Jeudy
205 Riley Knox Jayson Tatum
265 Draughn Diego Darnell Nurse
265+ Rick Piano Nero La Croix

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Sonny Muchacho
Ernest Hemingway: Tony Soprano
CEO: Bradley Burns
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