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Thibodeaux's Rogues

Org name: Thibodeaux's Rogues
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 174
Number of events: 93
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Dakota Thibodeaux
Ranking (Global): 9
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 97% from 28 ratings.
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Merch partner: BE Younick
About us: Are you the lion's bite or the wolf's jaws?
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Oysten Arseth defeats Tapio Tapsanen via KO (Punches)

The first fight of the night turned out to be a decent encounter between Oysten Arseth and Tapio Tapsanen. Arseth was dominating the stand up action and Tapio also could not find a way to finish him on the ground. One minute into the second round Arseth dropped Tapsanen with a monstrous combination before jumping into his guard. He then realized how bad of a choice that was and stood up again forcing his opponent to do the same and that's when he caught him with another combination that had Tapsanen out cold inside the octagon.

Andre Mith defeats Artur Vasiliauskas via TKO (Strikes)

It's hard to say if Mith had a strategy at all going into this fight because he was just doing anything that he could think of. He attempted twenty six head punches but only landed six, one of which got the job done. Vasiliauskas on the other hand was just unlucky because he was more efficient, it's a shame he has a terrible chin. It was in the third round when Mith landed a hail Mary shot that had Vasiliauskas tumbling to the canvas and followed it up with more punches to get the stoppage. Overall an average fight but it was honestly exciting to see Mith swinging and missing so much.

Robbie Hall defeats Sam Hiro Iwaga Genochin via Submission (Triangle Armbar)

I know Genochin is probably disappointed by his performance and also very mad he didn't get a chance to do anything because his opponent just kept coming at him but this is MMA and inside that octagon you have to do stuff before your opponent gets the jump on you. With that being said it was a nice night for Hall who, after one failed takedown in the clinch, managed to pull guard on his second try and locking in a submission took him no time at all. I believe this puts him back in a position to challenge for the title once again.

Texas Poontapa defeats Nicholas McDonald via Decision (Unanimous)

After getting caught by McDonald's counter left hand Poontapa decided he didn't want any more smoke on the outside so he pushed his opponent against the cage. The fight remained in the clinch for three more minutes before Poontapa broke away for a moment to catch his breath before hugging McDonald yet again. The rest of the round concluded with the fighters hugging each other and probably everyone had Poontapa winning that one. The second and third rounds were pretty much the same thing, Poontapa clinching very early on and dominating the clinch. McDonald did put up quite a fight though but Poontapa was just too much and so he got the decision dub that way.

Dokuro Kunimatsu defeats Nobu Yoshioka via Submission (Armbar)

Considering his KO Power and his opponent's tendency to get cut I pretty much expected Yoshioka to walk away with a TKO victory, but the Japanese man was fed up with losing and so proved me wrong. Kunimatsu clinched early on but in the process of trying to pull guard he was taking a lot of punishment from Yoshioka inside the clinch. He finally got the takedown but couldn't do anything with it and so the referee was forced to stand the guys up. Yoshioka was caught lacking once again and pushed against the cage, this time he couldn't dish out the same punishment as last time he was in the clinch because Kunimatsu pulled guard almost immediately. It took Kunimatsu two sub attempts to finally lock in an armbar and get Yoshioka to tap, what an upset!


Stanislav Shusharin defeats John Dory via TKO (Punches)

I told you so! I fucking did! I told Dory he wasn't going to get lucky again and win a fight when he's just 50% motivated, and the Russian proved me right. Haha I'm just kidding, I do hope Dory bounces back up because I believe he really is a good fighter, but let's get on with the review. This was an exciting fight, which is pretty unexpected since these guys weren't fully motivated for the fight. They cut each other in the opening seconds and then Shusharin's aggression came into play as he swung on Dory quite a few times but had a bad accuracy %. He managed to drop Dory twice, rocking him the second time before ending the fight by TKO shortly after.

Landau Aisland defeats Skritskrat Songsiskrat via Submission (Kimura)

This was a great example of a good striker with no takedown defense versus a good wrestler with no striking defense, the wrestler will always prevail. After taking a few shots Aisland found the perfect opportunity to shoot for a takedown and he got it with ease and landed into half guard. From there it took no time at all for him to isolate an arm and lock in a Kimura that had Songsiskrat screaming in pain and tapping out.

Darren Frost defeats Hemmo Partanen via Submission (Strikes)

Wow, great performance by Frost I gotta say. He finished off Partanen, who was on a two fight streak, without taking a single strike. Partanen didn't know what hit him, he probably still doesn't. Now Frost extends his streak to three fights with this dominant performance.

Dragutin Bjelica defeats Zakaria Burch via TKO (Punches)

How many times should I warn these guys not to let Bjelica get ahold of them? Because nah, this is not it. He is really steamrolling through the whole division with a single strategy: Hug 'n kill. This fight wasn't different from any of his previous fights (except his loss of course), he clinched with his opponent's very early on and from there the he was giving same kind of punishment he normally does and of course Burch couldn't last very long. Redbeard strikes again! Give this man a title shot.


Durans Helmsfrid Jr defeats Frankie Venegas via Submission (Armbar)

While many may consider this an upset, I kinda expected it to happen since Helmsfrid Jr has the superior BJJ. What I DID NOT expect though is for the Bantamweight champ to be tapped out in twenty four seconds, I believe everyone was surprised by that. After being tackled against the cage, Venegas utilized his wrestling and scored a takedown into Helmsfrid's guard. Big mistake. You don't dive into a BJJ Brown Belt's guard. Helmsfrid Jr didn't need much time to grab an arm and lock in an armbar forcing the champ to tap and end his five fight winning streak. I gotta say, it was a little too early for Frankie to be hunting belts in other divisions Noel Diaz style, he still needs to improve a bit more.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 8 27 383940 52 NA
145 25 26 384768 97 NA
155 22 26 384709 111 NA
170 21 26 384746 82 NA
185 21 26 384524 73 NA
205 27 27 384450 97 NA
265 40 27 384708 88 NA
265+ 10 27 383903 51 NA
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TR81 2022-08-20 London
TR82: Thibby’s Birthday 2022-08-22 London
TR83: New Addition 2022-08-28 London
TR84: Labor Day Bonanza 2022-09-03 New York
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Karockas Thibodeaux 57
2 Jack Black 77
3 Robbie Hall 94
4 Albert Einstein 107
5 Richard Hall 111
6 Isaac Newton 184
7 Antti Finn 194
8 Jonny Bar 246
9 Bradley Lemons 257
10 Kodiyak Redd 315
11 Old Leg Tartakov 316
12 Kil Bon Hwa 368
13 Shinichiro Tomonaga 375
14 Vladimir Plusnin 417
15 Lesley Dancer 441
16 Milan Jovovic 443
17 Darren Frost 449
18 Qing Wu 470
19 George Walker 501
20 Justin Case 521
Weight Name Last Win
135 Robbie Hall Sam Hiro Iwaga Genochin
145 Robbie Hall Sam Hiro Iwaga Genochin
155 Albert Einstein Gillechriosd McCoy
170 Jack Black John Archibald Wheeler
185 Antti Finn Morton Masters
205 Karockas Thibodeaux Arniquez Montgomery
265 Havardr Vollan Tony Luciano
265+ Justin Case Erwin Schrodinger

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Owner:   Dakota Thibodeaux
Recruiter: Mike Orl
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